Obama Imports ‘Advisor’ From Socialist Europe to Push Obamacare

Now Obama is importing big government advocates from Europe to help him push Obamacare on Americans.

Obama is importing Germany’s former health minister, Daniel Bahr, to help push the President’s failed Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare. He is also joining the extremist, left-wing think tank, the Center for American Progress (CAP).

Bahr lost his government job in Germany last September when his party couldn’t muster enough votes to stay in power. He was quoted as telling his fellow Germans that he’d “find something” to do.

Apparently pushing big government boondoggles on Americans was the “something.”

“It’s unbelievably exciting to follow the American discussion on President Obama’s health reforms. Although as a free-market liberalist, I had to chuckle when I was labeled a ‘socialist’ in a discussion, because I asserted that every citizen should have health insurance,” Bahr said to the German media.

No matter what Bahr thinks he is, his ideas are socialist in the American scheme of things. Anyone that pushes big government at the expense of freedom and personal liberty is little else but a socialist as far as our system is concerned.

It is no surprise that Obama is importing a failed German bureaucrat to push socialist, anti-American policies on us.

Finally, anyone who would join the Center for American Progress is no free marketer.

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  • Lawrence Westlake

    In a sick way this makes sense. We’re devolving even more rapidly by the day into Europe West, but with higher crime rates and more overt racial strife. Bringing in the Eurotrash to help further Eurotrash us is par for the course. Keep all this mind when Nov. 2016 rolls around. And try to keep your head out of your arse when you’re in that ballot booth.

    • 914

      Not “Were” I am the same as always.

  • LiberalNightmare

    For a failed German bureaucrat, this is probably a dream job. Its not like he’s gonna get fired.

    • 914

      Right! How could anyone screw it up anymore then it already is.

    • Vagabond661

      Surprised Obama hasn’t tapped Piers Morgan.

  • stan25

    They can’t get an American to run ObamaCare so they have to import an Euroweenie to do the heavy lifting. I wonder who will the little Tin God will get to replace Joe Biden? Putin?

  • ackwired

    In my Political Philosophy course I was taught that Socialism is government ownership of capital. I guess if you are going to use the word as a pejorative you have to change it’s meaning.

    • jim_m

      No I think that many people would object to government ownership of all capital.

      • ackwired

        Indeed, and government ownership of ALL capital has become quite rare. My point is that words have meanings, and to re-define them for use as a pejorative is a less than honorable action.

        • jim_m

          I’m sorry. I believe that if we define Socialism as the belief that government should own all capital, then we have correctly identified obama as a socialist.

          • ackwired

            I am not surprised that you believe that. I must point out that Socialism is government ownership of capital. The word, “all” is entirely yours.

          • kazzer66

            I think you are defining what you have learned about socialism in ‘theory’ (it tends to sound good on paper)…the ‘redefinition’ comes from how socialism has actually been implemented and practiced, throughout history.

            It’s also interesting to note, that the Progressives of today, who call for more redistribution of wealth, never seem to offer up their own wealth to be redistributed. Why is that, I wonder?

          • ackwired

            Well, the theory was practiced fairly extensively after WWII. When the problems showed up, they were properly linked to Socialism. But Socialism is what it is. It is not “big government”. Some of the problems associated with Socialism are caused by the “big government” necessary to implement and administer it. But it is just sloppy thinking to confuse one for the other.

          • A distinction without a difference if ever there was one.

            Socialism cannot work absent big government.

          • ackwired

            But big government can exist without Socialism. It is sloppy thinking to confuse one with the other.

    • jim_m

      Just for you. Why socialism is the worst idea in the world.

      In his classic work Socialism, Mises explained that the attempt to replace the market system with central economic planning could not succeed, because the planners could not possibly have the information necessary to make all the decisions which, in a market economy, are made by individuals whose needs and desires are reflected in prices: “The problem of economic calculation is the fundamental problem of Socialism.”

      The article goes on to draw examples of the leftist “Marxism hasn’t ever been tried” bs that useful idiots like Bruce argue has never been claimed.

      Go ahead and think that socialism and it’s brother, communism, are OK. The evidence says otherwise. The millions murdered in pursuit of those ideologies says otherwise.

      • Brucehenry

        You are truly dishonest.

        I never said that the claim “Marxism hasn’t ever been tried” has never been made. I said, on a weeks-ago thread, that it isn’t nearly as ubiquitous as YOU claimed it was when you said, “Ask a lefty and he’ll tell you yada yada…” For evidence, you cited conversations you have allegedly had with unnamed acquaintances lol.

        Similarly, Ackwired is not claiming on this thread that “socialism and its brother communism are OK.” There is no honest way to interpret his words here in that way. It’s typical Jimspeak in which you twist and stretch another’s argument into the one you wish to refute. It’s nonsense, it’s transparent, and you should be ashamed of repeatedly doing it. But of course you’re not.

        • jim_m

          OK. Fair enough. We will disagree on the frequency of how often leftists claim that marxism has never been tried.

          The fact that people on the left seek excuses for the most murderous ideology ever should embarrass you.

  • All this SH$$$ costs money, ads, advisors, Hollywood, you name it! Wonder where Obama gets all that dough to push the Affordable Care Act Ponzi scheme?
    Three guesses.

    • stan25

      George Soros and other anti-American groups around the world.