California has a water problem – Democrats are hoarding!

California has a huge problem with drought. It hasn’t rained and the snow pack is down and their water supplies are at all time lows. The most interesting part the story is that there’s a water bank called the Kern Water Bank. It’s a huge reservoir that sits under Paramount Farms, a huge agribusiness that controls the pistachio market in the US, was – and likely still is – the largest Sunkist grower, among other things. Turns out Paramount Farms and another big agribusiness bought the water bank from the state and they control it.

Bottom line, while crops are dying all over California, Paramount Farms has a banner harvest coming up. Here’s the story.

For the rest of the story, and this is where it gets interesting, the owners of Paramount Farms happen to be Hollywood, far-left Democrats. We know them personally, and they are huge Obama/Jerry Brown supporters.

We find great humor in the far-left financiers of Democratic campaigns being attacked by the far-left environmentalists. Can’t wait for this to play out. It’s shaping up to be a classic fight over property rights. Hopefully, it will be really ugly because we love to see liberals spending tons of money fighting each other.

We stand with Paramount Farms. Not because we know the owners, but because we know the Constitution.


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  • jim_m

    Don’t worry. The enviro nuts won’t complain much. This is the end game of the dems dividing of America. If you divide people enough then the ultimate impact is that no one group has any influence over the government and every group feels that they have nowhere else to turn because in the act of dividing everyone the opposition has been so demonized that it is unthinkable to go to the other side.

    The enviros will fall in line and keep on supporting the dems. They have no other choice.

    • SteveCrickmore075

      They certainly won’t support the crazies of the GOP, who hardly recognize the term environmment exists. While 2013 was the driest on record in California’s 119 year formal record, the UK Met Office’s chief scientist, Dame Julia Slingo said on Sunday that the U.K. had seen the “most exceptional period of rainfall in 248 years”. The UK Tory government is bringing in Dutch experts for consultation on building dykes because of the issue. Of course, climate change for American conservatives, in particular, is nothing but a total laughable fiction or a religion for delusional liberals and scientists, and hence, can not be anticipated or predicted. Better use of any advisors heads’ on this subject would be to just put their heads in the sand or water.

      • jim_m

        Steve chimes in to prove my point.

        Thanks for playing dumbass.

      • M_Becker

        What does bringing in lesbians have to do with water problems?

        • jim_m

          It’s to distract you from the fact that Steve claims that rainy weather in the UK is a direct evidence of AGW just like dry weather in California is similar evidence. So we see that Steve is still struggling to set up AGW as a non-falsifiable theory and attempts to do so here by claiming that totally opposite effects are proof of the same force while offering zero proof of any connection and condemning anyone who would ask for such proof as a heretic.

          In so doing Steve demonstrates that his beliefs are indeed a laughable fiction and/or false religion.

          • M_Becker

            Oh. Of course. I thought maybe he was going to say that rubbing lesbians together caused global warming. I’m passing on commentary about the little fellow and his thumb…

          • jim_m

            It’s a closely guarded secret on the left that homosexuality causes global warming.

            Why else would Putin want to keep gays away from the winter Olympics? He was worried that they would melt all the snow!

          • M_Becker

            Homosexuality aside, this Lebanese skier is a definite threat to the snow pack:

          • jim_m

            Nice moguls!

  • So, private parties in California own a private water reservoir, and it is used to grow food for human consumption. The problem is … ?

    • LazyWRanch

      because David this is a taxpayer resource and is paid for by us. Now
      the Resnicks who own Paramount Farms will be selling water back to the
      state at a premium and make millions upon millions of tax dollars on us,
      money that California does not have. Arnold Schwarzenegger made this
      deal for two farms that grow almonds and pistachios only which they
      export to other countries. This company is also running up prices of
      farm land so that small farmers (who aren’t on the Forbes list of
      Billionaires) cannot compete with the price of ground. They want the
      land for more almonds farms. There is land that is leasing and selling
      for $1500 an acre because Paramount farms is going in and offering very
      high prices forcing out tomato, hay and vegetable farmers off the land.
      Those are the primary crops that US citizens eat or are used to raise
      beef/dairy that WE eat. This means higher taxes and higher food prices.

      When you know the whole story and the truth about how it came about, it is not such a small deal anymore is it?

  • Isn’t Nancy Pelosi in CA? There is your answer, she has dried up in looks and brains she never had to begin with.. This has nothing to do with the water, but thought it was fitting.

  • LazyWRanch

    There is nothing worse than someone who writes and blogs WRONG INFORMATION!!!

    The Resnicks are not registered Democrats. They in fact give handsomely to both the Dem and Repub party candidates. This is all FOIA (public) information. I seriously doubt that you know them personally, because if you did you would know that Arnold Schwarzenegger procured this water deal for them. And BTW Arnold is a Republican.

    Arnold was also the politicain that was trying to get all of California aerial sprayed for the light brown apple moth so that Paramount Farms could claim that their almonds were “light brown apple moth free” and corner the foreign market for bug free almonds. Fortunately, CA residents complained, UC Davis testified that the spray was ineffective and people testified to sickenss and dead animals after being sprayed. Arnold was getting the taxpayers to pay for the spraying and the chemicals. BTW, the pesticide was owned and patented by the very same Resnick company .

    I am so sick of misinformed people trying to vilify one party or the other with wrong information. The Resnicks stand behind any candidate who will make them money. They are equal party opportunists.

    Get your facts straight and use your own videos.