Federal Judge Doesn’t Know Difference Between Constitution and Declaration of Independence

In an important decision striking down the votes of the people of Virginia, a Federal Judge proved she didn’t known the difference between the Constitution of the United States and the Declaration of Independence. Thank you liberal educational establishment.

When U.S. District Judge Arenda L. Wright Allen issued her ruling taking away the vote of the people of Virginia and maintaining that the state’s affirmation of traditional, one man-one woman marriage was unconstitutional, she insisted that it was because the U.S. Constitution said that all men were created equal.

Of course, anyone with a fourth grade education knows that it is the not the U.S. Constitution that makes this declaration but is instead the more aptly named Declaration of Independence.

Here is how this “educated” judge began her cliché-laden opinion.

“A spirited and controversial debate is underway regarding who may enjoy the right to marry un the United States of America, America has pursued a journey to make and keep our citizens free, This journey has never been easy, and at times has been painful and poignant, The ultimate exercise of our freedom is choice. Our Constitution declares that “all men” are created equal. Surely this means all of us.”

Well, this might have meant all of us if it was the Constitution that did say that “all men are created equal.”

But, as I noted above, everyone–expect perhaps Judge Allen–knows that the Constitution isn’t where that famous American philosophy is found. It’s the Declaration, not the Constitution.

So, we have a judge responsible for making law based on our system, our history, and our founding documents and this moron doesn’t know one document from the next.

Yep. Thanks liberal educational establishment.

Of course, hours after the judge’s decision was released she hastily put out another one to correct her idiotic error. But the Internet is forever.

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  • 914

    What is it with these judges, teachers and presidents? No matter how stupid they are they never get fired?

  • jim_m

    The constitution declares that all men are created equal? She must have skimmed over the 3/5ths of a person part.

  • LiberalNightmare

    Probably a graduate of Obama’s constitutional law courses.

  • GarandFan

    Well at least she didn’t base her ruling on “penumbras and emanations” as Justice Douglas did.

  • Par4Course

    While Judge Allen was obviously confused, she may have been thinking of the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment, which provides: “No State shall … deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” To reframe the debate over same-sex marriage, its proponents have dubbed it “marriage equality.” While many states have voted to retain one man-one woman unions, in states that have adopted same-sex marriage by statute or court decision, there has been very little effort to repeal it. Agree or not, same-sex marriage is likely to become universally recognized in the U.S. within the next 10 years or less.

    • Hawk_TX

      I have never understood the “marriage equality” argument. Sure a homosexual can’t marry somebody of the same sex, but neither can a heterosexual. Where is the inequality?

      In reality they are attempting to redefine what marriage is but they are to dishonest and cowardly to admit it.

    • warnertoddhuston

      Since she changed her decision later to say “Declaration” instead of “Constitution” I’d suggest your excuse making for her is WRONG.

      • Par4Course

        I was trying to explain – not excuse – her error. While I might excuse a layman for this error, as a federal judge, Arenda L. Wright Allen ought to know what’s in both the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, and not confuse their contents.

  • NoFear1210

    Interesting article but the writer has a few grammatical errors and uses “that” too much. Your article sounds sloppy and angry. Anyway, you should fine-tune your paragraphs before showing them to the world. Articles written in a high school format lacks substance.