Groupon Celebrates ‘President Alexander Hamilton’ For Presidents Day

It’s Presidents Day and Chicago-based Groupon has some celebrating to do. In fact, this year they are celebrating that well-known president Alexander Hamilton.

Groupon made the announcement of their Presidents Day honoree in a February 14 press release.

“Starting tomorrow, Groupon will be kicking off Presidents Day weekend by giving customers 10 dollars off 40 dollars when they purchase a deal for any local business. The $10 bill, as everyone knows, features President Alexander Hamilton–undeniably one of our greatest presidents and most widely recognized for establishing the country’s financial system.”

Of course, anyone with a fifth grade education knows that Alexander Hamilton was never elected to the Presidency. He wanted to be, no doubt, but he ran into a smear campaign over a sexual indiscretion he engaged in that became a major embarrassment to him.

Ultimately he got shot by Vice President Aaron Burr in a duel over a slight.

But he was never a president quite despite what Groupon thought.

Once again we can thank our liberal education establishment for educating America.

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  • jim_m

    President Hamilton’s administration was certainly remarkable and would have been more notable had he not been assassinated by Raymond Burr.

    • Brucehenry

      I thought that was George Hamilton.

      • jim_m

        He died on Hamilton Beach.

        • Brucehenry

          Of sun poisoning.

          • jim_m

            He died after Raymond Burr ran him over with a pick up… it was a dually.

          • jim_m

            You see. Public schools still teach history!

          • Paul Hooson

            You guys talking about Mark Hamilton from STAR WARS? I heard that Darth Vader was his father. But, that happened in a galaxy many years ago….

          • jim_m

            I think Alexander Hamilton was his father.

          • Paul Hooson

            Yeah, but related to him is that sun tan lotion magnate, George Hamilton, who is sometimes mistaken for country western star George Hamilton. – Sometimes a guy needs a scorecard to keep his Hamiltons straight around these parts it seems. – I blame the public schools. But, then again I’m a product of private schools, so I’m not an objective observer here…

  • stan25

    You can thank Alexander Hamilton for the Bank of the United States, the grandfather of the current insidious Federal Reserve System. The only good thing Andrew Jackson did was get rid of the Bank Of The United States over the wailing cries of the big bankers.

    • jim_m

      Yeah that horrible Andrew Jackson! He retired all federal debt in 1835 (the last President to operate for even a day debt free) and worked to eliminate political patronage in the federal bureaucracy.

      Yep. He didn’t do anything good.

  • GarandFan

    Let me know when they start handing out Franklin’s in honor of that other President.

  • ackwired

    I had to click on this one to see how this could possibly be the fault of the liberals. I’m still wondering how everyone with a fifth grade education could know that Hamilton was not a president if the liberal education system keeps them from knowing about it. By the way, you forgot to mention that the constitution prevented Hamilton from running for president. He was not born in the US.

    • jim_m

      Once upon a time people with 5th grade educations could tell you that Hamilton was never President. That is not so certain today. Our schools do a woeful job of teaching anything to do with US history (unless it is criticizing the nation) or western civilization (with the same caveat). Hell, ask people who won the French and Indian war and the majority will tell you either France or the Indians.

      • ackwired

        LOL…good one, JIm!

  • Lawrence Westlake

    All part and parcel of the big decline into Idiocracy.

    • Rodney G. Graves

      So says the avante-garde of that movement…

  • Paul Hooson

    Hamilton was one of the first of the true conservatives in American politics, making him a pioneer in that area.

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