Ted Cruz Strikes Again – another Cruz Missile!

Imagine, the horrifying idea of having to go on record as supporting an issue of major importance to the nation and to the base of the Republican Party.

As you’ll see in the video, Ted Cruz forced a vote on cloture to bring the “clean” bill on raising the debt limit to the floor of the Senate where it would be passed on a party line vote.

The fate of the bill was never in question in the Senate after John Boehner and the House Republican leadership caved in on the bill in the House. You’ll remember that only 28 Republicans voted with Boehner in favor of this bill and virtually the entire Republican leadership was in that 28.

What Cruz did was to force Republican Senators, primarily Mitch McConnell, to vote on cloture so the bill could be passed. That threw the Senate Republicans into a complete tizzy because they didn’t want to be on record favoring the bill and they could support it but vote against it without a cloture vote. That’s called “politics”.

Senator McConnell is in a tough race against Matt Bevin in the Republican Primary and he’s been getting hammered by Bevin for being a left-leaning, establishment Republican. You can bet Cruz aimed this particular “Cruz Missile” right at McConnell.

The liberal wing of the Republican Senate minority was ticked over this move by Senator Cruz that they delayed the vote and finally settled on a maneuver that would attempt some cover for McConnell by getting other Senators to vote with him for cloture so it wouldn’t appear that he’d cast the deciding vote, which is exactly what he did.

McConnell cut a deal to not have the names and votes of Senators read into the record as they were cast. That is the normal procedure for Senate votes, going back to the first Congress. By not recording their votes seven other spineless, establishment cowards were allowed to change their votes – John McCain first among them – to provide cover for McConnell. Obviously that failed.

McConnell is in a tough race against Matt Bevin, please consider giving up a trip to Starbucks this week and give Matt $10 or $20 to help him get the message out that Kentuckians can do a whole lot better than Mitch, the Democrats’ Bitch.

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  • Brucehenry

    McConnell’s not in a “tough race against Matt Bevin.” McConnell leads Bevin by 26 points.


    He DOES have a tough race on his hands against his Democratic challenger, though it’s still awfully early.

    • jim_m

      McConnell will have a tough time in the general. Va. is becoming more of a purple state and he has done a good job of pissing off the base. It’s hard to win an election if your base doesn’t feel like coming out.

      • Brucehenry

        I agree Virginia is becoming more of a purple state but McConnell is senior Senator from Kentucky.

        • jim_m

          That has nothing to do with appealing to your base unless your base is composed of amoral assholes that are only interested in power rather than actually running the country for the benefit of its people.

          As a lefty I can see why you would not understand.

          • Brucehenry

            And Virginia being more of a purple state these days has nothing to do with whether or not McConnell is re-elected, since it will be the voters of Kentucky who will re-elect him or not.

            Just pointing that out. Otherwise you are indeed correct that McConnell has pissed off his base and that his base USED to be the conservatives in his state.

          • LiberalNightmare

            Why go out and vote for a republican, when hes just going to sell out to the democrats.

            Easier to stay home and let a democrat win.

          • Brucehenry

            Yes I endorse this sentiment.

          • jim_m

            This is true in the Senate where the GOP is the minority. However, in the House it is important to maintain a majority because in the rare cases where the beltway GOP is not selling out the American public they do manage to stall obama from making this a de jure dictatorship.

          • jim_m

            I stand corrected on the state but the fact remains that he has pissed off his base and if he loses it will be because they do not come out.

    • Michael Becker

      Yeah Bruce, he’ll probably win. The tough part of the race for him is that Bevin will lay waste to his “conservative credentials”.

      • jim_m

        McConnell has already done that himself.