A REAL New Jersey Scandal Tied to Democrats Being Ignored by Media

While the media gorges itself on the story of Chris Christie shutting down a bridge one day last year, a real political scandal is brewing in New Jersey filled with corruption, millions in fraud and waste, and a Democrat appointed official pleading the Fifth and the media? Well, the media is ignoring it all.

Even as Newark, New Jersey was laying off policemen and was pleading for more tax money and state bailouts, it has now been discovered that a heavily employed city contractor was stealing millions from the city with crony deals and bribery and it’s all tied to people appointed by Cory Booker–the man many Democrats think might be the “next” Barack Obama. There is even no-work jobs to buddies and other such criminal waste.

All this comes from investigations into a city agency called the Watershed Conservation Development Corporation, an entity that supposedly monitored and managed the city’s 35,000 acres of reservoirs and other water resources.

The Watershed agency was disbanded last year, but not before Booker’s buddies stole millions from the city.

The allegations come from a report issued by the New Jersey Office of the State Comptroller.

“This report documents an egregious and yet preventable abuse of public funds that was allowed to continue unfettered for years because of poor oversight,” said comptroller chief of staff Melissa Liebermann.

Linda Watkins-Brashear, the agency’s director and a political ally of former Newark mayor, now Sen. Cory Booker, wrote unreported checks to herself to the tune of $200,000, was awarded $700,000 in two severance packages, gave more than $1 million in contracts to her friends and ex-husband, and lost $500,000 in dubious stock ventures, the report states.

The director of the agency, Linda Watkins-Brashear, is now pleading her protections under the Fifth Amendment and reusing to say anything to investigators. But she did say through her attorney that she didn’t do anything that Senator Booker–who was Newark’s mayor at the time–didn’t know about.

All this vindicates city council members led by Augusto Amador, Ras Baraka, Anibal Ramos and Ron Rice who continually called for investigations of the Watershed agency but could never get anyone to listen.

“As the Chairman of the Council Committee on the Watershed, I now feel vindicated in calling for a State investigation after we sensed that something was wrong,” Amador said in a statement. “The findings confirm my initial claim that there was wrong activity going on at the Watershed and I applaud the work done by former Comptroller Boxer to uncover and bring to justice those who abused public confidence while managing that public agency.”

Baraka said he was not surprised by the comptroller’s findings.

“The Council was suspicious of many things including no bid contracts, operating without a quorum and growing costs,” Baraka said. “And to make matters worse they went court to sue the city for additional funding. This organization grew beyond the city’s control years ago. It needed to be dismantled then. I feel that we were vindicated in this as Councilman Rice and myself were named in lawsuit against them.”

This is the sort of political corruption and criminal fraud that should have the whole media establishment out for Booker’s blood. What did Booker know? Did he get some cash, too? Why didn’t he try to stop any of these crimes?

But it is likely this whole mess will be ignored by the media.

Why? Because Booker is a high profile Democrat and the national media want to protect him.

For more details on the waste and criminal behavior, check out a report at BookerFail.com.

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  • Chris0555555

    You never know. Maybe somebody cares.

  • JWH

    Is the Newark Star-Ledger covering this story?

  • SteveCrickmore075

    Sort of reminds me of the way wizbang studiously ignored the Chris Christie Bridgegate scandal. There was nary a mention on this blog or a post. I wonder why? By the way, it wasn’t one day that a bridge was shut down as Huston writes, not that anyone here, if Huston is anything to go on, is predisposed to learn the basic details of the scandal of the Chairman of the Republican Governors Association and hitherto the front runner for the Republican nomination in 2016.

    The problems began on Monday, September 9, 2013, after two of three toll lanes for the George Washington Bridge, which was just not “a bridge”, but the most heavily travelled bridge in the world. The two lanes were closed to traffic from Fort Lee and surrounding New Jersey communities prior to the morning rush hour and reallocated to the main traffic from state and interstate expressways, resulting in massive back-ups on local streets over the course of five days.</b

    • Ken in Camarillo

      Way to prove Warner’s point!

      • SteveCrickmore075

        When Booker becomes a national figure like Governor Christie, and has national aspirations, I will take more interest in him, other than being someone who no doubt is surrounded by more than his share of corrupt Democrat cronies. But as to Bridgegate like Watergate, it was the coverup and what one incident has revealed about the corruption in the Executive of a person of power. It doesn’t seem to matter what party stripe they have or office they hold.

        • The_Weege_99

          And yet, to date, despite the investigations and news articles and reports about the bridge closings, is there any actual proof, evidence or testimony that Christie was complicit in making it happen or in covering it up? Just because people may fervently *wish* to believe that Christie did something wrong, the fact is that until somebody actually proves it, the claim remains in the realm of fairy-tales.

        • jim_m

          When Booker becomes a national figure like Governor Christie, and has national aspirations,

          He’s a US senator you dumbass. How much more national does he need to be before you start looking at him? I guess we already know the answer to that as you don’t seem to think that it was necessary to look at obama before he was elected and of course it is racist to look at him now that he has been.

          Fact of the matter is that you will seek to blow up any bullshit idea that you can use to smear a republican but you will ignore and obfuscate any real issues brought up against a dem.

          • SteveCrickmore075

            My bad, I was thinking he was still just the mayor of Newark.

          • jim_m

            Steve self identifies as a low information voter.

          • DaveTheLoveable

            A relatively miner inconvenience vs blatant theft from taxpayers; you’re right, they are TOTALLY equitable…

          • jim_m

            The former affects everyone while the latter advances a left wing agenda so it disproportionately affects conservatives. So from Steve’s point of view blocking the bridge was far worse because it did not have the offsetting benefit of advancing a leftist agenda.

        • Hank_M

          “it was the coverup and what one incident has revealed about the corruption in the Executive of a person of power.”
          Oh, you mean like Benghazi? Or is it the IRS you’re referring to?

  • What_a_wonderful_world

    And OF COURSE this would come out AFTER his election to US Senate seat for New Jersey. Funny how that seems to always be the case.

  • 914

    Barack Obama’s mini me..