‘NY Daily News’ Article Calls Gun Owner ‘Gun Nut,’ Misidentifies Guns

To show the utter, abject bias against the Constitution and our Second Amendment rights in the “news,” one need only turn to the New York Daily News to see a prime example. In a recent “news” story on a gun give-away, the paper called the winner a “gun nut,” and misidentified the rifle given away as an “assault weapon.”

A church in upstate New York made news by hosting a give-away program for an AR-15-styled rifle made by Smith & Wesson. The entrants for the raffle had to sit through the pastor’s sermon. The winner also had to pass a background check at a local gun store and wait the requisite period to take possession of the rifle.

In “reporting” the story, though, the paper filled its piece with misleading terminology and name calling to prove its disdain for the Church’s give-away as well as its contempt for the Constitution and the Second Amendment not to mention the winner of the rifle.

The headline starts the “news” article out in demagogy right off. The winner is called a “gun worshipper” right in the headline: “Gun worshiper wins semiautomatic weapon at church raffle in upstate NY.”

Naturally, the paper, of course, does nothing to prove that the winner of the raffle, New Yorker Ron Stafford, 42, is a “gun worshipper.” It just uses the epithet and lets it go at that.

Then the first paragraph of the story contain another name calling as well as an outright lie.

An upstate gun nut went to church Sunday and walked out the winner of a high-powered assault rifle similar to the one used to slaughter 26 innocent people at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Mr. Stafford is called a “gun nut” and the rifle he won is termed an “assault weapon.” Neither is true.

Mr. Stafford has no criminal record is is not proven to be any sort of “nut.” But more importantly, the rifle is not an “assault weapon.” The simple fact of the matter is that “assault weapons” have been made illegal in New York with the Governor’s SAFE Act.

So, the Church could not be giving away any “assault weapon.”

So, as you see, the New York Daily News Caitlin Nolan and Bill Hutchinson (yes it took two of them to cook up this crappy excuse for “journalism”) are both lairs and failures at their jobs of “reporting” the “news.”

Instead we get their hatred of the Church, Mr. Stafford, and the Constitution shinging through like a beacon.

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  • Hank_M

    I long ago gave up any hope of the media “reporting” fairly on any issues.
    They don’t report anyhow, they advocate.

    The good news about this story however, is in the comments.
    Seems the Daily News readers (or most anyhow) are quite a bit sharper than the two idiots that wrote the story.

    Last note, that seems a like a very cool church.

  • OldmanRick

    Factual news does not sell. Sensationalism does whether it be truthful or not. .

  • Lawrence Westlake

    Journalism school grads in this day and age only are one notch above retarded, the “Daily News” is a de facto insane asylum, and being a liberal idiot (BIRM) in a place like NYC, writing for the Daily News, no less, is analogous to giving Sandra Fluke GBL and dropping her off in a Mexican brothel.

  • stan25

    There is a double whammy against that guy in the story. First, he wins a firearm at a church give-away. The second one, is that he attended church. Which of the two are more evil is what the question is really about.

  • 914

    Should do it weekly.. I would love to attend.

  • Commander_Chico

    Yeah, that was a bit over the top. I read the story to see if Warner left out a fact, like the guy has 200 guns. But he doesn’t.

    I don’t know if you can sue for libel for being called a “nut” and “gun worshipper,” and being compared to Adam Lanza, but he should.

    Not surprised it was written by someone named Caitlin, that is one of more annoying contemporary girls’ names.

    • 914

      Caitlin is beautiful and you are grasping at kool aid straws..

      • Commander_Chico

        It reeks of American fake-Irishry. It’s not even in the top 50 names of girls in Ireland itself.

  • GarandFan

    But…but..but they’re from New York. Part of the ‘elite intelligentsia’!

  • nhjim1

    Like I’ve been saying all along, upstate NY needs to SECEDE from the rest of the radical, left-wing extremist fanatics that run that NANNY state!!!!! Unfortunately for the vile, left-wing propagandists, we have a Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution in this country that PROTECTS our right to keep and to bear arms, PERIOD!!!!!

  • Vagabond661

    Yep. Never a Free Speech Nut or Global Warming Nut or Abortionist Nut or Enviromentalist Nut.

    • jim_m

      Never a… Global Warming Nut or Abortionist Nut or Enviromentalist Nut.

      Some things go without saying.

  • Bob

    I would say the “journalists” hit the hate-fest trifecta, but the two mediots managed to hate a gun, the winner of the raffle, a church, a pastor, the Constitution, and individual liberty all in one “news article.” Nice going “authorized journalists.”