Suburban Chicago Judge Legally Declared Insane Wants Back on Bench

So, a Chicago suburb has a woman who was fortunate enough to become a Cook County judge even though she has severe mental problems… and by severe I mean besides being a black power-pushing, halfwitted Democrat. I mean she was actually diagnosed as a mental case and suspended from the bench because of it. But typical to Chicago, now this nutcase expects to get her job back. Because raaaaacism, I suppose.

The nutcase in question is one Cynthia Brim, 55, who was a traffic court judge at the Markham courthouse. In 2012 she went off her nut and began ranting from the bench. Ultimately she was diagnosed with a mental disorder, proscribed a drug regimen to keep her ranting to a minimum and then suspended from the bench.

She even had battery charges filed against her when she went crazy in the court room in 2012.

She even admitted that for 15 years she refused to get mental health help knowing she had something going wrong. And during that whole time she was a sitting judge, too.

But now she claims that because she is on her meds, she should be allowed back on the job.

Just what we need. A woman who is mentally unstable and could go off the deep end at any given minute acting as a judge of we, the people!

Naturally, she has continued to collect her taxpayer funded $182,000 salary since 2012 despite that she hasn’t been doing her job on the bench.

And you know what? This is Chicagoland. She’ll probably be allowed to resume her position despite that she is batshit crazy. Why? Because: raaaaaacism.

Meanwhile she’ll be lording over the regular people and claiming her superiority despite he mental illness.

Chicagoland. It’s Chicagoland.

(Above photo by Terrence Antonio James/Chicago Tribune)

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  • Hank_M

    Might be a mistake putting her back on the bench but she’s more than qualified to become a democrat congresswoman. She can hang out with like minded people like Sheila Jackson Lee, Hank Johnson and Nancy Pelosi.

    She might want to keep an eye out for Peta, however.
    That’s a lot of fur she’s wearing.

  • The_Weege_99

    Well, keeping her off the bench presupposes that the rulings of a madman (or madwoman in this instance) is appreciably different than the rulings of any other Chicago jurist.

    • jim_m

      Your concern presupposes that the rest of the bench is not also insane.

  • JWH

    1) The story doesn’t even mention race. Warner introduces that issue.

    2) I suspect she wants to return to her job because she enjoys it (and the income that comes from it).

    3) Lawyers, judges, and law students are afraid to seek mental-health assistance for even the simplest of issues (depression and stress chief among them) because they are afraid it will affect their professional licenses or reputations. That may have affected Ms. Brim’s actions before her episode.

    4) If this story is accurate, I don’t think she should be a judge. Traffic court has a LOT of people going in and out, a lot of emotions, and a heavy case load. Putting her in that high-stress environment would not be good for either her or the people who bring their cases before her.

    5) Best solution, IMO, is to negotiate (privately!) with her a retirement package in exchange for her dropping her bid to be reinstate.

    • jim_m

      1) Warner didn’t introduce racism into this. If you dig a little you will find out that part of the reason the Brim was suspended was a racist tirade she let off in her court room where she claimed that all justice was dependent upon the race of the accused (one presumes that she was included in this racist meting out of justice).

      2) Also, money cannot be her motive since she is already being paid her full salary.

      3) EVERYONE is reluctant to admit to mental illness as it can affect everyone’s ability to gain and retain a job.

      4&5) We agree. She should not be a judge. Even if her bipolar disorder is controlled it has not been sufficient time to establish that it is really under control or that she will continue to adhere to her therapy. Also, her actions have done a great deal to destroy her credibility as a reliable judge. Credibility is everything. If she had been treated for her condition without the credibility shredding mental breakdown I think we would be having a different discussion. I think her alternative is to accept long term disability from that job. Her disability may preclude her from being on the bench but not from other gainful employment. As others have indicated, she should be a shoo in for elected office.

      • warnertoddhuston

        I probably have to take a bit of blame for not pointing out the racism angle better. I am here in Chicago and we’ve known about this story for several years, so I guess I shorthanded it a bit too much.

      • JWH

        1) If she was ranting about race during a psychotic episode, I’m willing to give that a pass. Aside from that, I have no other information or opinion.

        3) Speaking from experience: It’s pretty damn bad in the legal profession. Young law students in particular are scared to death that the bar character and fitness committee won’t let them practice if they have a single visit to a counselor on their record. Which leads to a shitload of self-medication (chiefly alcohol).

        My particular experience was exam-related nosebleeds.

    • Commander_Chico

      Correct. There are many sick fucks on the bench. She is but one of them.

  • Walter_Cronanty

    $182,000 a year for a traffic court judge? No wonder Illinois/Chicago is going broke.

    • Commander_Chico

      Are they funded from fines? Worse if so.

      • Walter_Cronanty

        I doubt it. A system where municipal judges [Mayor’s] sat on misdemeanor cases [usually traffic tickets] involving their own municipal police department’s tickets was declared unconstitutional because the “judge’s” decisions had a direct bearing on their municipalities’ finances. Thus, the Mayors had to hire independent magistrates to handle traffic cases – and none of them made a fraction of Ms. Brim’s salary.
        If Ms. Brim’s salary is dependent upon the fines she imposes, I believe it would be unconstitutional.

  • Paul Hooson

    We’ve had a few interesting judges here in Multnomah County in Portland, Or. There was a former Republican legislator, Shirley Field, that became a judge who was removed from the bench due to erratic behavior, which was later found to be caused by a large brain tumor. – Another judge was removed from the bench for bigamy, and this actually cost our family money in this case because it hurt a claim against a construction company that damaged property we had with a bulldozer. Alcohol driven problems caused by one candidate, Vern Cook, a Democrat, caused him to lose a senate race as well as a state supreme court seat.

  • LiberalNightmare

    At least she isnt a teacher.

    • jim_m

      No. To be a teacher in Chicago you have to hate America too.

  • 914

    Would make a great obamacare Czar.

  • Great. Now we’ve got two possible candidates for Prez and VP – Cynthia McKinney and Cynthia Brim.

    Cynthia McKinney lost an election when her own party ran another candidate against her when she got too eccentric for them to cover. She ran for President in 2008 as the Green candidate – got 161,603 votes.

    So a McKinney/Brim ticket’s got possibilities.
    “McKinney/Brim – Who doesn’t need a little crazy in their life?”
    “McKinney/Brim – We’ll keep ’em guessing!”
    “McKinney/Brim – you have to be crazy to want to be President. Aren’t you lucky we are?”

    • jim_m

      “McKinney/Brim – We’re not crazy, you’re just racist!”

      • And… that one wins.
        I bow humbly, in my passive-aggressive weaselish way, in your direction.