Democrats Stole $75K Worth of TVs During 2012 Convention

Once again we get proof that Democrats are criminals, that they think others’ property is theirs for the taking, and that they cannot be trusted with the story that they stole $75,000 worth of TVs after their national convention last year.

LG Electronics, one of the world’s biggest sellers of televisions, joined with Democrats to help supply the flat screen monitors that the Party needed throughout the convention center in Charlotte, NC in 2012.

But once the party was over and all the delegates went home, along with those delegates somehow 72 of LG’s large screen TVs also walked out the door never to be seen again.

LG is now filing a police report as the next stage in their efforts to file their insurance clam on the monumental loss.

Naturally the company has hastened to say they don’t blame the Democrat Party. In a statement LG spokesman John I. Taylor said, “It’s not a reflection on our relationship with the Democratic Convention or the city of Charlotte that rolled out the red carpet for all of us.”

Of course we all know why Mr. Taylor felt the need to fall all over himself to say that LG is not blaming the Criminalcrat Party. After all, with the way Obama uses his power to destroy people with his IRS and his NSA and his FBI and every other department of government he uses as a weapon, it is a good idea to try and keep the beast at bay with a few kind words.

Now, there is an outside chance that it wasn’t any Democrats that stole the expensive TVs. It may have been the union thugs who worked the DNC’s party night. Maybe some union toughs walked off with the TVs thinking that no one was looking, so why not?

Then again, there is no material difference between a criminal Democrat and a criminal Union thug, so… I mean they are certainly one and the same.

Still, I can just see Maxine Waters or Sheila Jackson Lee employing their best welfare-cheat mentality and imagining that they somehow deserve to take a TV or two home. They are important people, after all.

But this incident should not surprise anyone. Democrats stealing $75,000 worth of TVs is something that is totally in keeping with the criminal mentality we call Democrat politics. They are entitled to everything that isn’t theirs. What’s yours is theirs. They deserve everything for free. It is a criminal’s mentality.

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  • LiberalNightmare

    Sooner or later, you run out of other peoples home appliances.

  • 914

    And to think the Clantons were mocked for stealing silverware from the White House..

  • Vagabond661

    Should we inventory the White House before 2016?

    • Nathan51

      After they fumigate it!

  • Paul Hooson

    Well, at least they didn’t steal much. LG used to be the Lucky Goldstar brand. I was in the TV repair business for about 20 years, and I always thought that Goldstar was a terrible brand. Worse yet they could have stole an American brand of TVs….Oh, wait there isn’t any more American brands around. Zenith was bought by the Koreans too…But, the worst Korean brand(built in China) is Coby(short for Cowboy Electronics). One of their defective Coby TVs nearly killed me and my brother when my house burned down(which is why I tell housefire jokes). Coby has had more fire safety recall notices than any brand I know of and the fire we had was the most serious one ever recorded as caused by a Coby product ever.

  • RadiCalMan

    Those weren’t LG TV’s, they were Obama TV’s, just like Obama phones!

  • Nathan51

    Hey LG, “you didn’t make that, you didn’t create that”. Someone else built those TV’s, just ask king buttcrack!