Hilarious Jay Carney Photoshop Fail

Unbelievable. A puff piece on White House Press Secretary Jay Carney and his wife, ABC News reporter Claire Shipman in the decadent DC social rag Washingtonian contains a Photoshop disaster so bad it could have been done by the Iranian military.


Ironically, one of the questions published in the article asks Shipman to name the books on her nightstand.  Her response?  “I always have a pile. I hate to be without books. Knowing I have a bunch makes me happy. A good book and a good chocolate bar!”  She must have forgotten to mention any spare pinkies they might have lying around.

And yes, in today’s world it’s a perfectly normal, “nothing to see here” event for the White House Press Secretary to be married to a mainstream media news reporter.

Also worth noting is another photo that clearly shows two Soviet-era propaganda posters hanging in their family living area.  And, wait – go back … is that Gorbachev’s head sitting on that horribly Photoshopped bookshelf?


Yeah, I’m thinking Obama picked the right guy to head his Ministry of Truth.

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  • Paul Hooson

    BTW, Kevin didn’t get the Weekend Caption Contest up for one reason or another yesterday morning, so I’m running a substitute Funny Caption Contest over at Wizbang Pop this weekend of this terrible Obama selfie he took during a funeral . Everyone is welcome to post their funny captions there. Let’s hope Kevin’s official Wizbang contest returns very soon!

    • 914

      Count Brokeula!

    • 19842011


  • twolaneflash

    And the lofo voters are still wondering: “Where are We going, and why are We in this handbasket?”. I wonder if there is an old Soviet-era GAZ-21 Volga auto in Carney’s garage?

    • That’s just a restoration project, Comrade! Do you know how hard it is to find parts for one of those in DC?

  • jim_m

    With the accusation of photoshopping you presume that Carney is not so vain as to purchase multiples of the same books simply in order to fill a bookcase to make himself look good.

    • Retired military

      What accusation? Dont you mean fact? They still have the kid’s finger photoshopped onto part of a book.

      look to the right of Carney’s wife left shoulder about 10 books and you will see it.

    • Terry Johnson

      Jim…you might look at the finger on the bookshelf to the right of Shipman’s shoulder….

    • BrianEickholt

      The books photoshopped on the right side of the bookshelf are flipped. You can especially notice it on the red GORE book on the top shelf.

    • magic1114

      So by your logic is it normal to have multiple kids fingers laying about (reversed of course) I ain’t buying it!

      • jim_m

        Jeez, do I really need the sarcasm tag? Are you people really so stupid as to think that this was a defense of Carney? The whole point is that he is such an arrogant ass that he would buy multiple books in order to look smart but he is too stupid to buy different ones so he has a whole bunch of the same ones.

  • I’m not surprised…

  • Brian_R_Allen

    It’s a given that totalitarianism in its every shape and style and form and by any and all of its other names: Marxism, communism, Leninism, fascism, Stalinism, Hitlerism, the Labor movement, the greens, the “Democrats” Atleeism, Maoism and assorted various others; descends from a Malignant Envy-driven and become a psychopathic self, own-culture and in-the-end, own-species loathing psychopathology. And that its every activist and apparatchik’s a psychopath and its every votary, a sociopath.

    So why would anyone act surprised that the Goebbelesque Carney barker and his bint are … um …. psychopaths?


  • Terry Johnson

    This is the administration that people voted for….pictures so badly photo shopped that it looks like a third grader did it…A news woman who has soviet posters in her home….it definitely shows the mentality of the liberal elite….as Orwell wrote…”all are equal…some are more equal than others…” I guess the rest of us are just serfs….how tragic…

  • At least “My Pet Goat” wasn’t just a photoshopped book.

  • jerseycity

    The kitchen picture display their love for the old Soviet Union with propaganda pictures everywhere. Here they photoship their kids ,, see missing thumb on the daughter ‘s on her left hand..

    Yet another example of the lying White House.

    • howler1968

      Did someone correct the kitchen photo? I see a left thumb on the daughter.
      BUT checkout that food layout on the island!
      Are they expecting the White Press Corps for breakfast? In their pj’s too.
      The most transparent White House in history……..BS…..how about a liberal chromatic aberration?

      • jerseycity

        The missing thumb is on the podium picture where in fact the son has TWO thumbs. The kitchen picture is for when Moochelle comes over for breakfast. That is all for her.
        Do as I say not as I do.

        • howler1968

          Poor kid. Guess she’ll lose the thumb to make the photo correct.

  • Siritis

    No fan of the show at all but isn’t Carney flashing Spock’s hand signal? Maybe a Trekkie can help us out here.