Poll: Even People in Illinois Say Illinois Worst State to Live In

Now, usually when a state is dissed it is dissed by people from outside the state. With the usual hometown bravado, and all, denizens of a state used to stick up for their own in the face of criticism. But a new poll finds that Illinois is so bad, even people that live there say it sucks.

America is a land of polls, for sure, but this poll is a particularly telling one. The Gallup polling firm asked residents of the 50 states (or the 57 states if you are our clueless President) what they thought about their own home states. It turns out that Montanans really love their state. But Illinois and Rhode Island? Not so much.

The top five states where residents are happy to live right where they are living are Montana (77% of residents love the place), Alaska (also 77%), Utah (70%), Wyoming (69%), and Texas (68%).

Further, if you ask everyone the general question of where the best place to live is, Texas wins, followed by Alaska then Hawaii.

But it’s those that are unhappy with where they live that interests us most.

Rhode Island comes out as the worst of the worst according to her own citizens. Only a dismal 18% think Rhode Island is a great place to live. Amusingly, when this country was founded, Rhode Island had such a bad reputation, many people called the place Rogues Island.

But in a close second to last place is our state, the Land of Lincoln, the home of one of the most dangerous cities in the nation, “Chiraq,” the jewel of the Midwest, the once great State of Illinois.

Only 19% of Illinois residents think that Illinois is a great place to live.

Why is Illinois so much in the dumps? Gallup says,

Illinois has the unfortunate distinction of being the state with the highest percentage of residents who say it is the worst possible place to live. One in four Illinois residents (25%) say the state is the worst place to live, followed by 17% each in Rhode Island and Connecticut.

Throughout its history, Illinois has been rocked by high-profile scandals, investigations, and resignations from Chicago to Springfield and elsewhere throughout the state. Such scandals may explain why Illinois residents have the least trust in their state government across all 50 states. Additionally, they are among the most resentful about the amount they pay in state taxes. These factors may contribute to an overall low morale for the state’s residents.

One should be surprised it is as many as 19% still like their state! As far as most citizens are concerned, the happiest Illinoisan is the one that moved out of state.

For a little more context, here are just a few more of the “low lights” of Illinois’ standing among the states:

So, we have to hand it to the Illinois Democrats and their weak sisters in the feckless Illinois Republican Party. You folks have done a great job utterly destroying one of the greatest states in the union. Great job to the dictator Michael Madigan, the hapless and ignorant Pat Quinn and the rest of the worthless set running the state into the ground.

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  • Lawrence Westlake

    High taxes. Rampant corruption. Burdensome regulations. Horrible weather. High crime rates. Disastrous school systems. And that’s outside the cesspools of Chicago and Providence! No surprise at all that Rhode Island and Illinois rank as the worst of the worst. That aside, it’s also not surprising that the neon political elephant in the room somehow was missed. Montana, Alaska, Utah, Wyoming, Texas. Take a wild guess what those states politically have in common. Rhode Island and Illinois. Ditto. Also along those lines that obligatory and altogether hackneyed swipe at Illinois’ Republicans similarly was idiotic. The Dems have colossal majorities in the state legislature there and it’s been over a decade since a Republican held that state’s governor’s seat. Clue in. Before it’s too late.

    • jim_m

      The swipe at the Illinois GOP is perfectly justified. It has run a series of “it’s my turn” candidates for statewide office who have been left of center and occasionally left of the democrat in the race. The Illinois GOP refused to financially support candidates that are right of center and has been squishy on 2A rights. Were it not for downstate democrats the CCW law would have been a may issue law, banning guns from Cook County and from any place of business and public park. Thanks to downstate conservative dems we got a shall issue law with none of those restrictions.

      The GOP is essentially worthless in Illinois.

  • GarandFan

    People GET the government they DESERVE. The idiots just don’t realize they have a choice every two years. It’s called VOTING.

    • They do know that, and this is what they choose. I know so many people who agree with this view of the state and its ruling class, then go out and vote for the same people. It’s as if the people they vote for and the “incompetent crooks running this state” are completely different sets of people.

      • jim_m

        2 of the last 3 governors (1 from each party) have gone directly into the federal pen. There is no “none of the above” that the people can vote for.

        It isn’t entirely the fault of the people.

    • rfreedcommenter

      As an Illinois resident most that I know do vote every year. Sadly the Chicago machine dictates what happens everywhere else in the state. If you look at a county by county voting map, Illinois is a very, very red state, but the Chicago machine glows dark blue and it controls most of what happens in the rest of the state. It is most frustrating.

  • jim_m

    Hey it’s so bad that even obama won’t come here after he leaves office. Of course that’s a good thing. Just about the only thing that could make Illinois worse would be having obama here full time.