So, Now What Wizbangers?

Oh, where, oh, where do we go from here?

So, I know that I was a late addition to this site and that I came in after several of your favorite posters had given up the ghost and quit posting here at the site. So, I understand that I am not a favorite. On the other hand, I have been reliable nearly every single day for at least two years, now. So, it sortta feels that I have some standing to ask the question I have here.

Like many of you, of course, I wish there were a few more fellers adding their thoughts as featured bloggers here, too. I don’t relish being the sole poster and never had any intention that Wizbang would become “Wizbang, starring Warner Todd Huston.”

But, I have been at this for a long time (I first started blogging in 2001 just before the Twin Towers fell), so writing has become an every day thing for me. Plus I do this for a living so my life is now geared toward writing. It has become a way of life so it is easy for me to write a a piece every day that I can put here and my own site,

Let’s face, it, though, blogging is a very hard thing to keep rolling. It seems that few bloggers have more than 5 or 6 years in them before their enthusiasm starts waning. Many more only make 2 or 3 before they check out of the digital universe. It has to be realized that blogging isn’t merely like work, it IS work.

Not only is it hard for people to stay at it, at some point most come to that common question: WHY!? Why do they do it. Why put themselves on the line for constant ridicule, name calling, attacks on their intelligence, and general hate by blogging every darn day? And since there usually ain’t no money in it (99.9% of the people who blog never make a penny) it is very, very easy to get to a place where they wonder why they are knocking themselves out doing it.

Anyway, like I said, it is different for me for the most part. It really isn’t that hard for me to write and I am more than happy to keep doing so.

However, Sunday made me wonder if I should bother staying here?

So, I guess I am looking for a sort of Wizbang plebiscite.

I am not looking for praise or validation. Just a direction. So, tell me in just one word:

Should I continue posting?




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  • yetanotherjohn

    You can take inspiration from the Godfather of blogging, Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit. He has certainly beat the time odds and is still going strong.

    If you can, I would keep going. If you want support, put out a call for people who would want to join you. A dozen new voices would change Wizbang. Whether it would change for the better is an open question.

    Why did you decide to blog? Most likely to give voice to a point of view that isn’t being heard in the MSM. Is the need for that voice gone from the world or from you? I think the world still needs a point of view that says the emperor has no clothes, but the voice inside you may have become hoarse from to much use.

    At the end of the day, it really isn’t for us to decide, but for you to decide.

    • Hawk_TX

      Perhaps literally following his example would assist in more articles. Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit tends to post a a exert from an article with a link to the article and then his own commentary on it. This allows him to cover a broad array of topics without it taking all of his time.

      While I would never suggest that Wizbang switch completely to this format it would allow for more articles covering more topics without posing an undo burden.

  • As I posted on the other thread…

    And as they say on Mythbusters – “Well, there’s your problem”. You don’t have to carry the load all by yourself.

    Or maybe you do. I don’t know what goes on backstage there, but isn’t there anyone else you can rope in to help? Because I don’t know what’s inside your head, but it seems to me like you’re getting close to being burned out and this isn’t fun for you any more… And it hasn’t been for a while.

    is there anything we can do to help?

    I know what you mean though – it’s work, and there’s times where you feel like you’re shouting in the wind. (Especially if nobody visits. That’s kind of why I abandoned – nobody ever visited. That, and the need to sleep, lol…)

    But I’d like to point out what you’ve got going here – you’ve got a community of people. Yes, it’s a small one – but did you notice what happened on the other thread? People – even those who disagree with you – want to help. That’s a rare thing for any blog, and it’s a testament to YOU.

    You’ve got long-term commenters who want to contribute. Maybe there’s a certain tone you want, maybe not – but… hell, I’d like to see this place grow, myself. I could pop in a short post each week, something like that thing I put in on the EPA.

    And I think others would too. Get three or four submitting once a week, maybe we could freshen things up a bit.

    Because if we didn’t like this place, if we didn’t like YOU, even if we disagree, we wouldn’t be here.

    And again – what can we do to help?

    • jim_m

      I agree with everything JLawson just said. I think that you also misconstrued the comments on your last post as well. Nobody was criticizing you for all the posts you make. THAT was a criticism of Wizbang and perhaps of Kevin’s stewardship of it.

      The people here appreciate Wizbang and what you do for it. We want it to be better. You’re only one person and even you have limits on what you can accomplish.

      As you point out many bloggers burn out. They get sick (Steven Den Beste, Dan Riele). They die (Hugh S). Wizbang has been a community with a group of authors contributing and an active commentariate. The participants have changed over time but the fact that it is a community has enabled Wizbang to survive.

      I think the bottom line is that we all want Wizbang to go on and we realize that relying upon just one person to author all the content is not the way to ensure that.

      Jeez, don’t you ever want to take a day off?

  • Scalia

    YES! Keep going, Warner. You’re doing a fine job. We should, however, ask for a couple of volunteers to help out.

  • pork chop

    Hang in there kid! I don’t comment here much but I always read your stuff and really like your style. Write here, write there, wherever makes you most happy as long as you keep fighting. This place wouldn’t be the same without you.

  • DaveTheLoveable

    Please don’t misunderstand WTH, we DO enjoy your posts (that’s why we still read them) and yes, please continue to post here! My comment the other day was just lamenting we don’t have more posters here, not that you should give up the ghost as well…

  • Commander_Chico

    Yeah why not. I’ll be happy to write a guest column once in awhile.

    • Paul Hooson

      You would be great. Moderates like you and me often feel like a voice of reasonableness between two extremes sometimes.

      • Jwb10001

        Moderates don’t call civilian leadership Chickenhawks and Warmongers. Moderates don’t rant and rave about the oligarchy as if they are a band of demons with a plan to destroy all humanity. In other words Chico is no moderate.

        • jim_m

          Agreed, Chico is a lefty. He also buys into the whole “you didn’t build that” line of BS.

        • Commander_Chico

          No the oligarchy does not want to destroy humanity. Who would be their slaves, then?

          • Paul Hooson

            For years sociologist have documented what they believe to be a national upper class that controls American business, politics and government. In 1956, C Wright Mills released his landmark book, THE POWER ELITE, which first detailed the strengths of the national upper class and their control of American business, politics and government. – In later years, sociologist G. William Domhoff built upon and expanded upon Mills’ work, by publishing WHO RULES AMERICA?, where he stated hid case for what he believed was the presence of a national ruling class. – Modern Russia is built upon a similar social structure, where wealthy former Communists like Vladimir Putin and others who control the state-run GAZPROM oil company and other oil concerns are Russia’s ruling class, creating a type of society where it’s an oil oligarchy masquerading as a nation. In other countries like Holland, the royal family control large business interests such as buying out and owning former American electronics companies such as RCA. – Even in the United States, politicians like an Obama or a Bush are only president because they have support or appeal among wealthy elements who have accepted them into their circles and anointed them as selected politicians to rule this nation and look after their financial well-being. Elections are hardly as democratic as they seem, where big money is spent to ensure that only certain politicians attain the highest levels of power in this country by competing groups with economic interests invested in these people. Obama proved to be enough of a reliable neocon that these wealthy interests felt that he was a reliable figurehead for their political interests and he certainly sides with these supporters when it comes to military contracts, government contracts or other things in their interests. He’s certainly not as much of a flaming liberal as some may think, but a neocon that is a loyal agent to the big interests who are behind him.

  • Patrick_McHargue

    Yes. I appreciate the effort, and the information. If you can find it within yourself to continue, I will gladly read.

  • Brucehenry

    Yes of course you should keep writing here.

    • Paul Hooson

      When a liberal like Bruce wants you to stay, that says a lot. The bottom line is that he doesn’t have to agree with you to like you. That’s pretty nice in my view.

  • Brucehenry

    Yes of course you should keep writing here.

  • Walter_Cronanty

    Yes, Warner. Keep on posting. Missed you – and 99% of the commenters – the last couple of days.

  • Walter_Cronanty

    Well, this post is just stupid – water is wet. But there is an important point hidden in there. Caterwauling coffee klatches of erstwhile conservatives with horrible demographics. Elections have consequences. Lay off of Glenn Beck’s crack pipe.
    Lawrence Westlake takes a big toke, and says: “Yes!”

    • jim_m

      I’ve even missed ignoring Larry’s idiotic posts!

  • Paul Hooson

    I know we all get very busy Warner, but you need to soldier on here, and I need to post as I can in between my businesses at Wizbang Pop as well. The readership is strong for both sites, despite the two of us.
    I’m so busy that I had to give up motorcycle riding for a while, which is a huge sacrifice for a biker. So if I can give up that much, then you need to match my sacrifice.
    Even a liberal like Bruce Henry respects you, and moderates like Commander Chico and I deeply appreciate your efforts, even if we don’t always agree with you. But, you present a great talking point for conservatives like JimM and others to comment or spar with Bruce here. That’s cool, because you have fans all across the political board. That proves something good in my view!
    Hang in there!

  • Hank_M

    Yes. Please continue.
    I’d be willing to help but I don’t know how/where to submit articles nor do I know how you select and attach pics to the topics.
    I’ve enjoyed your articles, I know it’s difficult to provide material on a daily basis and I imagine some replies that attack you personally sting sometimes.
    But, bottom line, I’d rather you continue writing here.

  • Vagabond661


  • jim_m

    Yes of course we all want you to continue. Sorry that you have to ask.

  • Hawk_TX

    Yes please continue.

  • Tanuki Man

    Don’t know if you want to try recruiting others to add blog weight but if you’re Atlas under the load, I can support your decision to shrug.

  • warnertoddhuston

    So, I do have a few limitations. Since I am just a contributor and not the owner of the blog, I can’t do too much on my own hook. But one thing that might be neat is a weekly open thread. I know that ACE at ACE of Spades does this and so do several other blogs. It would be a post I would throw up a little paragraph, maybe, but the purpose of the post would be for you guys to talk amongst yourselves.

    Should I start that tomorrow?

    • Paul Hooson

      An open thread is an excellent notion. The other day I was outraged that about a story where aborted fetuses from Vancouver were being burned in Salem.Oregon waste to power station to create electricity. I thought that it was an outrageous mishandling of remains of deceased humans. I would have loved to talk about that and did slip in as a news story over at Wizbang Pop. I have some sympathy for those in the Prolife movement, where I’m not fond of abortion.

      • warnertoddhuston

        OK, then. I will throw up an open thread tomorrow morning.

        • Thank you! Maybe you could make it a regular Thursday or Friday thing?

          • warnertoddhuston

            I think I shall. As long as Kevin doesn’t object.

    • jim_m


    • Hank_M

      That would be great!

  • Yes. Enjoy your point of view. Helps that you agree with me a lot!

  • Idahoser

    Criticism at least means people are reading.
    Not having any close association with your site, it’s just one of many places I check in on every day, I had noticed the quantity was slowing down but hadn’t paid attention to who wrote the articles. Some days there’s nothing that catches my attention from the headlines, other days they do. Sometimes I agree, sometimes I disagree, sometimes I don’t care. I’d say you’re doing very well to get that much of my attention. My vote is to keep going!

  • JWH

    Fact is, neither blogs in general nor Wizbang in particular are anything like what they were in their heyday.

    • Brucehenry

      I have been coming to Wizbang nearly every day since 2008, and occasionally popped in going all the way back to 2005 or so, attracted here by Jay Tea’s trolling on Oliver Willis’s site. Ever since I’ve been visiting, Wizbang has been on a continuum of semi-nutty rightwing scaremonging writers and it has been my pleasure to mess with ’em, and with the commenters their semi-nutty diatribes attract.

      Warner has fit right in as far as I’m concerned. He’s a pretty good writer, no nuttier and a hell of a lot less full of himself than Jay Tea always was. His skin is not particularly thin — he has taken a hell of a lot of abuse from me and a couple of others, with equanimity. He is smarter by far than “Rick” and DJ Drummond, two of the stupidest smartypantses to ever write for Wizbang or any other blog. Less boring, too. And don’t get me started on Monsieur Soi Disant, useless as hell.

      I think Warner pretty much embodies what Wizbang has historically been. I hope he stays, and doesn’t ever change.

  • GarandFan

    Continue to post. I may or may not agree with you, but if I wanted an echo chamber I wouldn’t be on the innertubes

  • Bill George


  • yetanotherjohn

    Perhaps run an experiment. Invite people to send you posts. You can read through them and the ones you like, you can post here. After a few weeks, you may find some people you want to invite onto the blogging roll call. The “guest” posts may at least inspire you with some fresh viewpoints. You can do a “point – counterpoint” post if you think the poster hasn’t looked at all sides. The site quality can be maintained because you are viewing the posts before putting them up there.
    It can also be an interesting variant on the Instapundit. He posts lots of links with minimal comments. But all of those links already have a soapbox. This would be a place to have people who don’t have that soapbox to have a potential place to be heard. Of course if the reason they don’t have a place is because they are incoherent, your only cost is the few minutes stolen from your life to read their drivel.
    You could invite themes (sort of a caption of the week variant) and also accept topical posts. I don’t think it’s being done now and might be an interesting niche for Wizbang to fill.