The Reverend Al Sharpton Almost Chokes On His Own BS

News-worthy:  No

(Not much that is blurted out by the good Reverend is.)

I believe this occurred Wednesday, on something called MSNBC.

Not sure what the exact bodily function this would be classified as, but, it’s pretty damned funny.

Turn up your volume a bit to get the full effect.





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  • LiberalNightmare

    snitches get … hiccups.

  • p0rkch0pian

    Da irreverend Shahpton doth spew feces d’bovine too must. [Say, why don't da motor-mouf puke hire Twana Brawley as a sidekick? Part of his rants could include smeahing her wit' feces on live teevee.]. What a puke.

  • 914

    Too much Coc suckin..

  • Hawk_TX

    Al Sharpton Versus The Teleprompter
    via Washington Free Beacon