Vet. Admin Outrage is Harbinger of Obamacare

The scandal at the Veteran’s Administration (VA) is growing every week. As each new VA hospital is revealed to have made sick veterans wait so long for care that many died while waiting, and then subsequently covered up the truth, we all must come to grips with the fact that this is Obamacare writ large.

If you hadn’t been paying attention to how badly Obama’s government healthcare system is treating our elderly and sick veterans, you should. Because with Obamacare this sort of criminal behavior is coming to you and your sick relatives whether you served in the military or not.

Essentially what has been happening is that employees, doctors, nurses, and other healthcare pros at the VA have been allowing themselves to have grueling four-hour work days while wait times for their services have naturally been growing exponentially–after all there are fewer hours in a day that patients can be served if the docs and nurses only work four hours a day!

The cover up is the secondary part of this scandal. The newest report at CBS has only the latest example of this disgusting state of affairs.

A Veterans Affairs employee at the VA Medical Center in Cheyenne, Wyoming, has been placed on administrative leave after CBS News obtained an email showing an employee directing his staff on how to game the appointments system to make it appear as though veterans were being seen within the VA’s 14-day directive. The email, written by Telehealth Coordinator David Newman, a registered nurse, describes how patients at the Cheyenne VA Medical Center are always listed getting appointments within a 14-day window, no matter when the appointment was first requested, and no matter how long the patient actually waited. The memo admitted, “Yes, this is gaming the system a bit…” because “when we exceed the 14 day measure, the front office gets very upset, which doesn’t help us.” The employee further instructs staff on how to “get off the bad boys list” by “cancelling the visit (by clinic) and then rescheduling it with a desired date within that 14 day window.”

This is what happens, folks, when government is in charge of everything and out of control, unaccountable government employees start trying to make their own lives easier quite despite that it will kill people.

THIS will be Obamacare when the government has 100% control over our health. You, Mr. and Mrs. America, will not matter one whit to Obama’s government doctors. Only their needs will be important to them and your needs–yes, even needs that will pertain to your very lives–will mean nothing.

Obamacare is a death sentence plan just as the single healthcare provider for our veterans has become.

As Guy Benson recently wrote:

While the political lessons about single-payer are no doubt important to underscore, more than anything, it’s a national disgrace the way our sick veterans are being treated by the bureaucracy charged with their care. The lack of action in Cheyenne discovered by CBS suggests that only the searing, sustained light of scrutiny is likely to affect change.

When the government takes over anything, it becomes a fraud-laden failure.

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  • jim_m

    The purpose has always been to reduce health care costs by extending waiting times to the point that treatment is no longer warranted. This is the case in every nation with socialized medicine. Note that like other countries with socialized medicine the federal government has exempted themselves from obamacare.

    • warnertoddhuston

      Our governments have yet to make themselves exempt from the Second Amendment. So, we have that going for us, which is nice.

    • Commander_Chico

      I can’t get an appointment now within two months.

      • jim_m

        While the licensing strictures can limit the number of physicians, the truth is that government regulation has a far more significant effect.

        Even before obamacare few physicians wanted to be a primary care doctor simply because it didn’t pay. Now with obamacare it is even worse and many physicians are getting out of their practices. With Medicare/Medicaid paying under 50 cents on the dollar and more and more people being forced into those programs, fewer doctors are willing to accept those patients and more doctors are simply leaving the field. They are going into non patient practice or they are leaving the country.

        Antitrust law already applies to medical device companies. Where I have seen corruption in medical device sales is not from the companies but instead from government purchasing. When Cook Co. Hospital in Chicago built a new facility they bought all new equipment. Even equipment just a couple of years old was abandoned. The purchasing was outsourced to a third party which bought the new equipment at list price and charged a percentage of that purchase price as a fee. The cost of the hospital was incredibly bloated.

        Your bullshit implication that medical costs are high because of illegal activity by medical device manufacturers is just that, ideologically driven bullshit that has no basis in reality.

        Come to my business and you will see that there is an immense amount of time spent on complying with government regs. It takes 18 months (or even more) longer to get regulatory approval for a new device in the US than it takes anywhere else in the world. That regulatory cost has an effect on the cost of treatment. Apparently, you think that this is evidence of antitrust violations. Apparently you are a complete moron and ideologically impaired asshat. The rest of us see it for what it really is, governmental intervention that places an undue cost burden on the healthcare system,

        • jim_m

          You say that medical devices are a rigged oligopoly. You’re insane or you are ignorant but you aren’t telling the truth, There are scads of new start ups in medical devices and it is one area that has been relatively resilient during the recession. There is no oligopoly restricting new companies from bring new technologies to market or from foreign companies entering the US market. I have worked for multiple start ups in the US. I am aware of several foreign companies that are expanding their activities in the US just in the last few years.

          What you have done is just demonstrate your epic ignorance on the issue.

          • Commander_Chico

            Price rigging and collusion between providers and manufacturers and drug companies.

          • jim_m

            Are already illegal and pretty much do not occur. They certainly are not happening in the US amongst major players and they aren’t happening much outside the US due to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Advamed rules enforce this pretty strongly and corporate compliance policies require training on issues of ethics and compliance twice annually.

            Once again you spout off from ignorance. Your ideas of the corporate world are from the 1920’s and earlier. It isn’t the world of Marx and Engels any more.

        • Commander_Chico

          One problem is that the medical profession in the USA seems to draw a lot of greedy bastards for whom $100,000 or even $200,000 net is not enough.

          • jim_m

            Nope. Not enough when you have $100,000’s in educational debt and even higher insurance bills.

          • Retired military

            Nor when you have to pay $100k a year in malpractise insurance due to dem politicians not wanting tort reform.

      • jim_m

        I might argue that the reason you can’t get an appointment is that most doctors don’t want scabrous sex tourists hanging out in their waiting rooms.

  • Walter_Cronanty

    I’m sure you’ll be seen quite quickly if they decide you’re a candidate for the US equivalent of the Liverpool Pathway.

  • tpcowberry

    And the immediate response? Predictably, partisan opportunism. Not How can we fix this? Instead, it’s Let’s see who or what we can pin this on.

    • jim_m

      The partisan response was back in 2009 when obama said “I won” and refused any bipartisan input, ramming through on strict party lines a bloated bill that no one understood or even read.

      Fix it? obamacare is the problem. It doesn’t do any of the things it was proposed to do. It hasn’t provided insurance for the uninsured. It hasn’t allowed people with pre-existing conditions to keep their doctors or continue their therapies.

      The disease is obamacare. The cure is repealing it and replacing it with several smaller, more rational acts that actually do the things we wanted to accomplish.

    • You can’t fix everything. When the ‘solution’ is creating more problems than it solves, you don’t ‘fix’ it, you scrap it.

  • Brian_R_Allen

    EVERY “health-care” industry “problem” has been created by government.

    And now Obamacare (AKA Hitlercare, Stalincare, Atleecare, Maocare, Whitlamcare and by other names) will see to the coming to fruition of ‘Lenin’s Law.’

    Which Law states that ‘Government “health care”‘ is the keystone to the archway through which all Free Men will be force-marched into the totalitarian state.

    • tpcowberry

      You might want to give that claim some additional thought. Plenty of problems were being created by a health care system increasingly based on the corporate profit motive. Health insurance companies were routinely excluding millions of Americans from access to coverage owing to preexisting conditions, remember? They were routinely dropping coverage of customers who became serious liabilities, when any pretense for doing so could be found. If a seriously ill customer reached some lifetime coverage limit, he might suddenly have been notified that no further payments would be made for the drugs or therapy that was keeping him alive.

      Wasn’t allowing this to go on nothing more than an involuntary, taxpayer-funded subsidy of private industry profits? It was, and it was a profit-generating shakedown that was rapidly escalating out of control. Just look at the way medical costs were climbing and the ranks of the uninsured were rising during the years before Obamacare was a factor. These were some of the reasons it was created in the first place.

      Anyone wanting to get rid of Obamacare had first better come up with something better that addresses all of the same problems. I have yet to hear the details of any such proposals.

      • Retired military

        Because Harry Reid wont allow them to come up for a vote.

      • jim_m

        Health insurance companies were routinely excluding millions of
        Americans from access to coverage owing to preexisting conditions,

        No I don’t, because this is largely a lie. The vast majority of employer based plans covered pre existing conditions and the vast majority of people got their insurance through their employers.

        Medical costs are now climbing faster with obamacare So your Lord and Savior’s plan is making things worse. People have had their treatments canceled because they have lost their insurance due to obamacare and they cannot find an obamacare plan that will cover their therapy or which will let them continue to see their current physicians.

        Maybe you should take a real look at what is happening to people out there. People are now dieing because of obamacare.

        The old system did work but could have been improved by taking down the state by state balkanization of insurance rules and allowing risk to be pooled nationally. What obamacare did was impose huge additional liabilities for insurance and kept all the previous problems.

        In the words of obama friend and confidant Rep Jan Shakowski, obamacare is designed to destroy private insurance and force the nation into a full socialized medicine plan. For your information socialized medicine is far worse in terms of patient outcomes than what we have here. Here’s just one tidbit: Prostate ca in the US has a 99% 5 year survival rate. In the UK it is 77%. That is what you want. I hope you get it.

        • tpcowberry

          I should take a look by studying the b.s. presented through the political right’s media outlets?

          Their claims and anecdotal tales illustrating the disaster that Obamacare supposedly is are out there alright. They generally evaporate on close inspection once all the omitted details are included. This seldom affects the conservative mindset, unfortunately, because those who promote such distortions simply scurry off and begin telling the same tall tales somewhere else. It’s all about the power of repetition.

          Their goal isn’t to reveal the truth. Their goal is to influence public opinion. For that purpose they value a simple believable lie over a somewhat more complex truth any day of the week. Simple lies are the easiest to promote.

      • jim_m

        Medical costs are high in the US not because of health insurance, but because of government intervention. Government pays only a fraction of costs for Medicare and Medicaid meaning that private insurance must pick up the slack. Costs were shifted off of government payments and onto private insurance to compensate.

        High costs to get medical devices and drugs through the asinine FDA programs that took years longer to get approval than it did overseas meant that US patients paid far more than was necessary basically so some uneducated bureaucrat could collect a fat government paycheck.

        But what you want is more parasitic assholes in government and fewer people actually getting cured of their diseases. That is what obamacare gives us. That is what socialized medicine delivers . You want people dieing from their diseases? More people die from their disease in Canada waiting for treatment that would otherwise be free but government rationing prevents it from being delivered in a time frame that would save people.

        Congrats, you are endorsing an inhuman plan that will kill millions of people needlessly, all in order for you to fell good about yourself you arrogant ass.

        Of course all you have been able to provide is empty left wing talking points and nothing that even remotely resembles the truth or reflects what is really happening. You can’t address the fact that obamacare has not reduced the number of uninsured by any number that is appropriate for the millions who have lost their insurance or the trillions we have already spent.

        That’s right, we have spent trillions to do essentially nothing but make people miserable and to enrich leftists.

      • jim_m

        Anyone wanting to get rid of Obamacare had first better come up with something better that addresses all of the same problems. I have yet to hear the details of any such proposals.

        Then you haven’t been listening. Republicans made many, many proposals that obama and the ideologically bound left refused to listen to. The fact that you sit here today and make this bullshit claim that no one has ever made any counter proposals tells me that you are either a complete fool or a dishonest liar. Take your pick but I don’t believe you are that ignorant and to make that claim today is the height of dishonesty.

      • Hard to hear it when you’ve got your fingers stuck in your ears going “LALALALALA! I CAN’T HEAR YOU!”

        Use Google. You can find them – assuming you actually want to.

        • tpcowberry

          You can always find what you want to believe echoed endlessly on countless politically biased forums and blogs. Endless repetition does not make what you want to believe true, however.

          • That’s something you ought to remember while you’re going lalalalala.