Could India Be On The Verge of a Major Shift Toward Capitalism?

Of all the countries in the world that have the potential to become one of the world’s next great superpowers, India is a nation poised to take that step. While there is an awful lot holding that giant nation back, their latest election just might be the next step to a more secure, prosperous future.

This possible new step was the election of a pro business party to govern the nation. For some time India has been controlled by the Congress Party, a very corrupt and typically socialist-styled political party that has done little to bring growth to the country. But the Congress Party has fallen and in a big way.

This week the BJP (the Bharatiya Janata Party) has won a shocking landslide election booting the Congress Party entirely out of power.

Headed by Prime Minister-Elect Narendra Modi, the BJP is a very pro-business and pro-modernity party. Modi has already created India’s version of Texas with his governorship of the Gujarat state, the most prosperous area of India and now he is poised to try and bring that level of success to the whole country.

As Reuters reported: “Modi’s landslide, the most resounding election victory India has seen in 30 years, was welcomed with a blistering rally on India’s stock markets and raucous celebrations at offices across the country of his Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), where supporters danced, let off fireworks and handed out sweets.”

“The age of divisive politics has ended, from today onwards the politics of uniting people will begin,” Modi said during his victory speech. “We want more strength for the wellbeing of the country … I see a glorious and prosperous India.”

Not everything is assured to be clover for India with this election, though. The problems India has are deep and dangerous.

India has a lot of endemic problems. It has strife between its majority Hindu population and its minority Muslims groups (not that every else in the world doesn’t, naturally, but there the violence can be quite shocking). India still has residual trouble with its disgusting caste system. Women are also struggling to gain modern, civil rights in many areas. You’ll recall the gang rape problems that have been in the news, there. And this isn’t to even mention its troubles with neighboring nation Pakistan, belligerent Muslims all, or its likely trouble with near neighbor China–the latter a major rival for regional and international power.

Modi himself comes with some troubling history, too.

Modi is a strict Hindu nationalist and as Gov. of Gujarat state, he is charged by many with turning a blind eye to the violence perpetrated against the nation’s minority Muslim population. Many fear that this violence may grow if he takes charge of the whole nation.

Further, Modi will be the first leader for some time to have a full majority of his own party in Parliament. He doesn’t have to work with a coalition of opposing voices. This raises both fear and elation as his worst propensities may not have any limiting forces while his best traits will also have nearly free reign.

But, if Modi can get through without any racial strife and can focus on his pro-business policies, his election portends some great things for the potentially great nation.

Still, even with all those troubling signs, India is at what could be a very exciting time in its history. It is at the beginning of addressing its failings, civil rights are awakening there, business is growing and coming into its own, and it is the world’s most populous democracy.

If this great nation continues on its path to modernity without too many side steps, India will quickly become on of the world’s leading nations, one that could likely become a major world power.

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  • jim_m

    I have more often heard of the BJP referred to as a Hindu Nationalist party. That being the case I would expect islamic agitation to increase

    • warnertoddhuston

      You may be right. But if they can minimize that–and I hope they can–they may be able to start eliminating the barriers against entrepreneurship there. If they do it will be a leap forward. But if anyone can destroy progress its Muslims, so…

  • Paul Hooson

    India’s economic progress has also been heavily hampered by the nation’s failure to build a more dependable electrical grid, where electrical service is often unstable and uneven and makes setting some machine computer calibrations problematic. By comparison, China has made much better efforts to build a reliable electrical grid, so most serious international investors overlooked democratic India and chose to do business with Communist China instead. Having a reliable electrical grid makes a huge difference where the big contracts to do work will go when countries with lower priced labor compete with each other.

    • jim_m

      China has also benefited from the fact that as an unfree, communist state negative news is suppressed so the outside world only ever hears the best that the party can spin out.

      However, there are many companies, particularly in the tech sector that will not do business in china for the simple fact that the chinese ideas of intellectual property are very one sided.

  • Commander_Chico

    They have already removed many barriers to entry for Indians and foreign investment. Corruption is still a problem.

    • jim_m

      If they want to stem corruption a good first step would be to bar your entry into the country.

      As for your second paragraph, exactly what damage are you going to do in a country of over a billion people, with crushing poverty, by allowing in retailers who can serve those people and provide low cost goods and services to them, raising their standard of living? This is like the leftist argument against Walmart. The fact is that Walmart succeeds because it really does save people money and people work for them because they really do provide a career path.

      What you argue against is providing millions of people both a way to mitigate their poverty as well as providing a possible way out of that poverty. And your basis for that argument is nothing more than your ideology, that companies are evil.

      • teapartydoc

        It’s an unfounded fear. Big box retailers can’t be as successful in crowded countries with congested roads and poor transportation. The small retailer with the neighborhood store will continue to do well because people won’t want to go to the trouble to go to a big box for everything. In Manila it takes hours to go to a mall, not minutes. You go there to buy a water heater or a washing machine, not your toilet paper.

    • Retired military

      “They would be smart to further reduce red tape for Indians”
      the way to reduce red tape is to reduce regulation.
      So it would be great for India but bad for the US since Obama has mired us in regulation. Is that what you are saying Chico?
      Or are you going to say that where as Obama is bad due to his regulatory procedures that XXXX was much worse. (in other words Option B).

  • Vagabond661

    It’s already the leader of customer support.

  • Vagabond661

    It’s already the leader of customer support.

  • jim_m

    Of course Prime Minister Modi won’t be allowed into the US because our perverse State dept banned him in 2005 because he wasn’t doing enough to save muslims in India from rioting he was not responsible for starting. Once more we see our state department bowing to our enemies and offending our allies. This has gone on for a very long time where the State Dept has done more to represent foreign interests than it has to represent US interests abroad.

    But I thought that this article made an interesting contrast between Modi and obama

    Unlike Obama, who can scarcely bring himself to embrace the notion of American Exceptionalism, Modi is an Indian exceptionalist—although not in the manner of Indian leaders who have preceded him. Traditional Indian foreign policy, mired in a reflexive, postcolonial non-alignment, has always held that India has moral lessons to impart to other nations. Its international posturing has had a preachy (and frequently hypocritical) quality to it, of the sort that can get on the nerves of American presidents and other Western leaders. Modi’s foreign projection is likely to be more assertive: It is plain that he envisions a strong India that is accorded respect by other nations, and that also pulls its weight in the world.

    I think that captures obama perfectly. Loathing the idea of a successful America or an America that can lead others he has abandoned the state of foreign policy and ceded the initiative to our enemies like Russia and China. Here is Hoping that Mr Modi can fill the gap that our feckless President has created.

    It’s sad when we have to look to foreign leaders for an example of someone who believes that their country should be accorded respect.

    • Commander_Chico

      Are you kidding me? We were listening to his phone calls, reading his emails.

      The word was he was organizing things behind the scenes. Guy’s got blood on his hands. Of course, so do most world leaders, so we will deal with him now.

      • jim_m

        Usually Your response would be that we shouldn’t be meddling in the internal affairs of a foreign country, but I guess you make an exception when someone is killing muslims. Funny how governments can slaughter hundreds of thousands and you don’t give a damn, but kill a few muslims and they have blood on their hands and should be punished.

        • Brucehenry

          Where does Chico say Modi should be punished or that we should meddle? He specifically says, “Of course so do most world leaders, so we will deal with him now.”

          Once again you reveal you can’t fucking read.

          BTW that Daily Beast article is a joke. Reads like a snarky Weekly Reader. Nothing but speculation and half-baked long-distance psychoanalysis.

          • jim_m

            In the past Chico has consistently argued for isolationism. I thought that I had made that clear in my comment.

            Chico specifically said that he had blood on his hands. He also makes bullshit claims about our spying that he can’t back up. We may have had Intel but I doubt he would know about it.

            Once again you can fuck off.

          • Brucehenry

            He’s not arguing for interventionism now. You can’t fucking read.

            He said Modi had blood on his hands. I’ve heard that too. So does Putin but we have to deal with him. So did Musharraf but we dealt with him. As Chico points out, so do most world leaders, but we are not punishing them, nor is he calling for their punishment. You can’t fucking read.

            Bullshit claims about spying, huh? So we get busted reading Angela Merkel’s emails and you don’t think we read Modi’s? Naivete, thy name is Jim.

            And you can’t fucking read.

            But you CAN read words invisible to others, words no one wrote. Those you have no problem with.

          • You have no room to talk, hemorrhoid.

          • jim_m

            Oh, I fully believe that we did spy on him. I just don’t believe for a second that Mr “I’m a member of the joint chiefs” knows thing one about it. I’m tired of his bullshit that he knows more than the director of the CIA about US intel.

            And he is still hypocritical. He excuses the banning of Modi because of Modi’s alleged complicity. He excuses ignoring it now that Modi has been elected to higher office.

            But the fact remains that he would have decried taking any action against Modi as interfering in the internal affairs of a foreign nation. You know that and that is why you are getting so exercised. You also recognize the fact that the only reason that Chico is offended by Modi, when he has excused the slaughter of 100x as many people, is that Modi is alleged to be complicit in the murder of muslims.

            Chico has said before that we should not be getting involved in places like Darfur, where muslims were slaughtering Christians. His stance is very one sided. I find it interesting that my pointing this out has driven you to such excessive displays of outrage.

            What’s that matter Bruce? Afraid we are going to piss off the radical islamists?

          • Commander_Chico

            Denying someone a visa to enter your country is obviously not interfering with another country, let alone bombing and invading it like you neocons love.

            A sovereign nation has the right to decide who comes in. That is not interfering with others. A sovereign nation can change its position for raisons d’etat.

          • Brucehenry

            You’ve not seen me outraged in some time, Jim. “You can’t fucking read” is not outrage, it’s fact.

            I don’t read Chico’s comment as “excusing” anything. He is merely making observations, not endorsing or condemning any action by our government. He’s not even particularly “offended” by the blood on Modi’s hands, as indicated by the sentence, “Of course, so do most world leaders, so we will deal with him now.”

            Chico has replied and clarified his position so that all of us who can read — and who read only the words that are actually on our screens — know what he means.

            But you can’t fucking read, so you’ll probably come back with another misrepresentation. Looking forward to it.

          • Thus spake the hemorrhoid…

          • Commander_Chico

            “Soi disant x” was a bit less sixth grade.

          • You will remain soi disant veteran until I see your DD-214 and soi disant cognoscenti until I see something which could be confused with intelligent commentary arrive from your account. Neither of which will obtain before the heat death of the Universe.

            I down ding your lame response.

          • jim_m

            Yes commander chuckle head did come back and clarify his position. Sorry that some of us are gainfully employed and cannot respond in the time frame you desire.

          • Brucehenry

            And I’m sorry that those of us who can fucking read knew what he was talking about in the first place.

          • You’re just sorry, hemorrhoid.