Legitimate concerns over Hillary Clinton’s health

In December 2012, Hillary Clinton fainted from the effects of a stomach virus and suffered a fall that left her with a severe concussion and double vision.  Although details about what actually happened have been hard to come by, Bill Clinton recently volunteered that her concussion “required six months of very serious work to get over,” while attacking Republicans for initially dismissing her fall as a stunt and later questioning her health.

Interestingly, official State Department comments and Secretary Clinton’s own assertion that she was “thrilled to be back” at State on January 9, 2013, all seemed to indicate that Mrs. Clinton had “fully recovered” barely a month after the incident.

So who is telling the truth here?

Last week, The New York Post reported that former Bush political strategist Karl Rove had questioned the status of Hillary Clinton’s health.  His remarks, based on inconsistencies similar to ones that I listed above, were part of a larger statement about the lack of clarity from the State Department about details involving the Benghazi embassy attack.  Rove later clarified his comments, stating that he was not trying to accuse Hillary of deliberately covering up a serious medical condition.  Instead, he was articulating reasons why he is still uncertain that a 2016 Hillary presidential candidacy is “a done deal.”

Hillary Clinton will be 68 years old if she hits the campaign trail at the end of next year, and would be 69 years old in January 2017 in if she is sworn in as President.  Ronald Reagan is the only other president sworn in at age 69 (he turned 70 just a few weeks later), and all of us who were around 30 years ago remember the continual comments and concerns about his age and health.

If Hillary Clinton is serious about running for President, she needs to expect the same kind of scrutiny that was given to Reagan, John McCain, Bob Dole, Dick Cheney, and Sarah Palin during election season.   The fact that there are serious inconsistencies about the state of her health during January and February of 2013 is not helpful, nor is the fact that her husband was notoriously secretive about his medical records.

Further reading: The Legitimate Concerns About Hillary’s Concussion (New York Post)

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  • Hank_M

    Considering what she “accomplished” as Secretary of State, her health might be the least of her problems.
    Thankfully for her, she has the one attribute that the dems and MSM consider the most important for the upcoming presidential ellection.
    As to her receiving “the same kind of scrutiny that was given to Reagan, John McCain, Bob Dole, Dick Cheney, and Sarah Palin, I’d settle for half.
    She’s going to run a a victimized woman, and if need be, she’ll come out of the closet to seal the deal.

  • Commander_Chico

    The fact that sleazebag Rove is back in the game means Jeb Bush is running. I can’t think of a more sickening prospect than Hillary vs. Jeb Bush. That will make the old Soviet elections seem ten times more democratic.

    I got an email yesterday that gave some hope. It was from Jim Webb’s organization. Webb has written a book about his life and now says he is ready to get back into the debate. It looks like he might be running for president.

    Unfortunately, he is probably too ballsy and too honest for America. But if America elects Hillary or Jeb, it deserves to fail.


    • Retired military

      Of course Chico says this until Hillary runs. than the canards will be
      a. Sexism
      b. Well Hillary may be bad but XXXX was worse.
      etc etc

      • Commander_Chico

        You were accusing me of being sexist last week. You’re the male feminist.

  • Paul Hooson

    Smart money says that neither Hillary or Biden will run in 2016. Age, health and energy are all concerns with both.

    • jim_m

      My guess is that brain damage plays a significant role in any decision to not run or in their failure to succeed if they do. Hillary’s brain damage comes from her fall and Biden’s apparently from some sort of birth accident.

      • Paul Hooson

        Age is the huge factor here. Health issues accelerate as nearly everyone ages. Even with the new 77 year old pope, there are clear signs of worsening health as he keeps up a long daily schedule with increasing breathing problems that probably indicate the start of congestive heart failure symptoms.

    • Retired military

      Hillary will run if she is in an Iron lung.
      McCain will be her running mate.
      Biden is a joke.