Hey, Criminals, Didja Know Sonic, Chipotle, & Chilli’s Won’t Allow Guns? So, Open Season, Right?

It’s all the rage, all of a sudden, for national restaurant chains to start posting little, powerless stickers on their doors in the attempt to tell law-abiding, legal gun owners that their business is not welcome there. But it is also a new rage for criminals to repeatedly rob those same stores because they now know that no one inside will be armed. Imagine that.

Lately several restaurants have made news by claiming to have banned guns inside their stories. Buffalo Wild Wings, Chipotle, Sonic, Chilli’s and Starbucks are all claiming they have banned legal gun owners form doing business with them.

Take the Sonic fast food chain, for instance. This month the Sonic corporate heads got their tiny little minds together and announced that all Sonic customers will henceforth be unarmed. Consequently, the very day the company made this grand announcement, one of its locations was robbed.

The attack happened in Topeka, Kansas, only a few hours after Sonic made its cute little announcement that firearms were banned within and around their restaurants.

This isn’t the only story. The Jack In The Box restaurant chain also announced a gun ban in its stores. As a result, three separate Jack outlets, one in Tennessee and two different locations in Houston, Texas, were robbed as soon as the company banned guns.

These aren’t the only incidents. A BBQ place in Durham, North Carolina joined other local establishments in telling gun owners they weren’t welcome and… guess what. You got it, they got robbed as soon as they put up the no gun signs.

I noted a week ago that holders of concealed carry licenses should simply ignore these little anti-gun signs. They have no force of law and if your gun is concealed there is no reason to go around telling restaurant managers you’re armed. That is, after all, why we call it a concealed carry permit!

Of course, one should follow whatever state laws are extant. If the state law prohibits carrying a firearm at a school or courthouse or what have you, then follow the law. But these restaurants have no right to tell you not to carry in their shops.

If the Constitution prevents stores from saying they won’t serve a gay person, then there is no reason they should be allowed to refuse a legal gun owner, either.

I suspect that this no-gun rule will eventually be taken to the courts.

After all, if I am in a store that is getting robbed and the store insisted that customers go unarmed, can’t I sue the store for putting me in danger? And can a mere store summarily remove my Constitutional, Second Amendment rights because they are operated by liberal weenies? And… well, there are a lot of questions that need to be answered, here, aren’t there?

Certainly gun owners can simply refuse to give their money to companies like Chipotle. But, why should they? Why should they self-segregate and allow liberals to tell them where they are “allowed” to eat lunch and where they aren’t? Don’t the same liberals say that Christian bakeries should be forced to bake cakes for gay weddings because gays should be allowed to shop anywhere they want without discrimination? Why should gun owners be different?

On an ending note, I was on Granite Grok radio this weekend talking about this very issue and one of the hosts said something that I thought hilarious.

He said that gun owners should call up one of these restaurants and order a big order of food for pickup. Then, upon getting to the restaurant, stop outside the door, call for the manager and say something such as, “Gee I didn’t know this was an anti-gun establishment. I’m afraid I’ll have to cancel my order as I can’t come inside to pick it up. Bye now.”

Of course I am not advocating that gun owners do this (wink, wink), but I wonder how much thrown away food they’ll put up with before they change their policy!

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  • arcman46

    “Of course, one should follow whatever state laws are extant. If the
    state law prohibits carrying a firearm at a school or courthouse or what
    have you, then follow the law. But these restaurants have no right to
    tell you not to carry in their shops.”

    Actually, because they are private entities, they have every right to tell you not to carry on their premises. As a CCL holder, we have the right to not visit their establishment. Sonic seems to be on a slippery slope since most, if not all of their restaurants are drive in, where you get the food delivered to your car.

    The problem with this whole thing, is the open carry advocates that want to shove their right to carry into everyone else’s face. As a CCL holder, I don’t want anyone knowing that I am carrying, and because, even though I am rarely not armed, have never had anyone freak out because I am carrying a gun.

  • Brucehenry

    Something tells me that should the courts rule that these signs have no force of law you’ll still be pissed about the wedding cake thing.

    • warnertoddhuston

      I say no wedding cakes for anyone. Ban them. They cause divorce.

    • And I down ding this brucehemorrhoid comment as well.

  • jim_m

    I’ll just bet that the employees and patrons of Brown’s Chicken and Luby’s and IHOP are really glad that their stores were gun free zones. I sure they would tell us so if we could only commune with the dead.

    • Brucehenry

      While I have heard Ms Hupp’s story before in the Luby’s case, the links you posted offered no evidence that the Brown’s Chicken or IHOP cases had anything to do with them being “gun-free zones.”

      I think with the number of drunks who stumble into your average IHOP at bar closing time, keeping guns out of them is a good idea. Just spitballing but it’s probably more likely that if guns were allowed in IHOPs there’d be more drunks killing each other over sillyass arguments than heroes preventing robberies.

      • jim_m

        IHOP’s corporate policy at the time was that they were a gun free zone. Both Luby’s ad Brown’s occurred prior to conceal carry laws passing. I could have throw Sandy Creek up there as well since there was evidence that the kid chose the school because he knew there would be no on there with a gun to stop him.

        In all mass shootings, the shooting stops when a good guy with a gun shows up. It isn’t always a cop.

        The reason that gun control always ends in gun confiscation is that simply cutting off gun sales does nothing in a place where there are lots of guns already in the hands of the public. Once gun sales are banned then the next step is always to remove those that were already out there. The arguments are always that in order to protect everyone you have to confiscate the guns.

      • jim_m

        if guns were allowed in IHOPs there’d be more drunks killing each other over sillyass arguments than heroes preventing robberies.

        While I understand your desire to protect your family members, I would just point out that every communist has held the belief that some losses were inevitable in order to create a better society.

        But seriously, your comment shows that you really don’t understand gun culture. Amongst responsible gun owners it is constantly drilled into your head that alcohol and guns don’t mix. It’s like the bullshit stories created by lefties who go out and get CCW licenses and then demonstrate what dangerous assholes they are because they have no idea how to handle a gun. People who want to get a gun pay attention to responsible ownership (criminals and leftists accepted).

        I’m reminded of the series of columns written by some leftist bimbo, who went out and got a ccw license and then chronicled how insanely irresponsible she was with the gun she carried. The objective was to show that ccw holders were irresponsible and dangerous but all it showed was that she was a jackass projecting her own juvenile ideas onto people she could barely understand.

        In the same way you, Bruce, project your drunk-ass life experiences on the rest of the gun owning community. Go sober up.

        • Brucehenry

          I never heard of said bimbo and her columns but they sound interesting. Any other info?

          Maybe you’re right about responsible gun owners yada yada. I usually don’t take much of a stand in these matters but it seems common sense to me to keep guns out of where alcohol is being served, especially where it is being served to excess, like in sports bars, such as Buffalo Wild Wings. Or in IHOPs where lots of drunks come roaring in after bars close. I’ve been in several back in my day, yes, during my drunk-ass life experiences.lol.

          • jim_m

            It should be noted that just as you have predicted countless incidents of gun violence with the advent of CCW in IHOP restaurants, the anti-gun community predicted that the entire country would be turned into a real life version of San Miguel. This of course never happened.

          • Brucehenry

            I’ve predicted nothing. I’ve expressed concern over what might happen.

          • jim_m

            Your concern is not based in any evidence. Even if you are not predicting, others have, and those predictions did not come true.

            And here is a link to the lunatic that endangered countless people with her irresponsible ownership of a gun. Her purpose was to demonstrate how dangerous concealed carry is. And she is right in the sense that people who aren’t serious about concealed carry shouldn’t do it. She was never serious and her motive goes a long way to explain why she did so many stupid things.

            Like David Gregory, she should have been arrested and thrown in the slammer but because she is a lefty supporting the anti-gun platform she gets a pass on any laws that she breaks.

          • Brucehenry

            The “lunatic” and “bimbo” you castigate is a Columbine survivor btw.

            While I agree that her premise is bogus, and the fact that she can’t handle gun ownership isn’t evidence that others can’t, I wonder if you have arguments refuting the various links she posted, especially these two:



          • jim_m

            So? I don’t give a damn where she went to school. I have spoken face to face with teachers who were at Columbine. Not everyone who was there is anti-gun, nor does being there grant them any greater intellectual or moral clarity on the subject.

            As to the links, The Am J of Epidemiolgy does not appear to stratify the data according to legal vs illegal gun ownership or for gang affiliation or criminal history. There is no epidemic of gun deaths reported amongst people outside of those groups. additionally they state that

            Blacks, persons less than 35 years of age or older than age 100 years, and persons who died from external causes of homicide, suicide, and unintentional injury were oversampled in this survey.

            They claim that this is “To produce more reliable estimates” but I would argue that these populations are exactly the ones that are going to be related to gang activity, drugs and crime than the general population so what they did was deliberately skew their data in order to achieve the desired results. Their study is enormously flawed and appears ideologically driven.

            The other article is not scholarly , it is another ideologicaly driven piece of crap from the NYT and it uncritically credits platform statements from Bloomberg’s anti-gun group as fact without any attempt to show the reader why they should be considered true. Bloomberg’s group has already been shown to lie and that it has a willingness to buy off support. I wouldn’t believe a word that comes from that group,

          • jim_m

            I think it is important to point out how deeply flawed that AJE article was. They are claiming that gun ownership is inherehntly dangerous, but they deliberately skewed their sampling in order to focus on the very groups that are highest at risk for activities that are contrary to legal and responsible gun ownership. Had they instead focused on white, rural populations they would not have gotten the results they did. Also, it is more than a little dishonest to claim that guns cause more homicide when you are deliberately oversampling homicides in your data.

          • Brucehenry

            Well, I guess you DID have arguments. Fine.

            Like I said I don’t worry too much about gun control. Some things seem like common sense but I’ll yield to the majority view, or rather the view of the majority of legislators in my state. On THIS issue, anyway — they’re doing lots of other crazy shit I worry more about.

            I’ll just point out that even Wyatt Earp disarmed cowpokes before they got drunk in the local saloon.

          • jim_m

            I agree that drinking and guns don’t mix. I also think that it should not mean that because SOME people may be drunk at the IHOP that ALL people should be disarmed. That does not make sense. It is the typical lefty argument that because some might do something wrong all must have their rights taken away, or because some might not do what the left wants that therefore the government should make decisions for them.

          • Brucehenry

            Well it may be that IHOP would figure that lots of folks feel as I do — that if the slobbering drunks that invade it (and Dunkin Donuts and Waffle House etc) at 2am might be armed the rest of us won’t spend our money there.

            So if IHOP bans guns it’s probably not because they listen to “lefty arguments” but because they are marketing intelligently.

          • jim_m

            Hell. I wouldn’t go there just because the drunks were there to begin with. Who wants to be at a restaurant with a bunch of drunk and stoned people?

            It would make more sense to ban the drunk people as bad for business.

          • Brucehenry

            I quit Waffle House years ago because of the loitering smokers who lingered for hours nursing a bottomless cup of coffee and poisoning the air. Now that smoking is banned I tried it again and for a greasy spoon it’s pretty good.

            IHOP still sucks though.

            BTW how’s this advice to responsible gun owners fer ya?


          • jim_m

            “I quit Waffle House years ago…”

            Sounds like you went into Waffle House Anonymous. “Hi. My name is Bruce and I quit Waffles 10 years ago…”

          • Brucehenry

            No Twelve Steps for me. Just like cigarettes and liquor, cold turkey baby. Cigarettes — 16 years. Liquor — almost 5. Waffle House — well, I backslid I reckon.

          • Waffle House backsliding is understandable…
            Dang. Now I want some hashbrowns covered and smothered…

          • Brucehenry

            I used to think eating greasy hashbrowns and extra bacon with whitebread toast reflected a character flaw — no willpower. Now I understand it’s an illness and not my fault.

          • Bacon is proof of God’s Love.
            Maple-Bacon ice cream even more so…
            It was the special of the day at Arrowleaf Ice Cream in West Yellowstone. Their bison burgers were delicious, too.

          • Brucehenry

            Bison burgers with BACON I hope

          • I down ding brucehemorrhoids pity play.

          • I down ding this preemptive walkback.

          • I down ding the drunkards comment.

          • jim_m

            Nah, he’s not drunk. He’s had a chance to get to IHOP already this morning.

      • I down ding this comment.

  • Paul Hooson

    My bar doesn’t allow guns or knives in the club because of gang related shootings and one murder in the parking lot. I support the 2nd Amendment, but guns stay outside the bar by customers, where only management should have the option to have guns on the property. We have a dress code as well that restricts gang colors, although I’m part of the local biker community myself as have good friends in motorcycle clubs such as the Gypsy Jokers and Hells Angels. One of our best security officers for some shows is associated with the Hells Angels, and is licensed to carry a gun on the property at his option. Members of motorcycle clubs have always been real gentlemen at this club and never present any problems. But, younger members of some ethnic gangs or gang wannabes have been troublesome in previous years and this dress code is aimed at control of that problem.

    As a general rule, keeping guns and gang attire out of the club has reduced the violence level and made this club much safer for customers.

    Our event posters clearly state the club’s policies meant to create a safe environment for customers here.

    • jim_m

      There is a difference between banning legal conceal carry and banning illegal weapons or gang attire. I understand that you may not be able to easily ban illegal weapons without also banning legal ones, but let’s not pretend that these are the same issue.

      • Paul Hooson

        As a rule we have a no guns or knives policy in this club because it also helps to prevent armed robbery. Some nights this club brings in $9000. But with tight security and five safes on the property, and cash drops, this club has been safe in that regard as well. Limiting any guns in the club to management or security only has made this club much safer.

        • Ashmadia

          But the thing is, you provide (armed) security. Most restaurants do not. If you and your guards were unarmed, I think you’d be telling a different story right now.

  • Commander_Chico

    I see Warner is trolling for the mandatory-carry gun nuts again.

    • Paul Hooson

      Agreed here. My club doesn’t want guns in it because of past problems including one murder here. I can’t guarantee my customers a safe entertainment experience if people insist in bringing weapons into the club. My security informed me that one night we had persons from six different gangs in the club for one Hip Hop show we ran. But, with the no-weapons and no-gang attire rule, not one single incident took place that night. The club was an entirely peaceful entertainment experience for everyone.

      I always have respect for Warner. He works very hard here. But, my experience is in the nightclub business, owning this huge $2 million dollar club, which is one of the largest strip clubs in Oregon. And a no-weapons rule has made this a very safe club here.

    • Retired military

      You weren’t to hot on private property rights when the OWS crowd was tearing up private property. you were all for the OWS crowd.
      And isn’t the money you earn considered your private property? Because Obama sure wants to raise the taxes on it.

      • Commander_Chico

        Taxes pay your pension.

        • jim_m

          Unlike you, RM did not serve in order to collect benefits and he has said so multiple times. I am sure that he has other sources of income.

  • SCSIwuzzy

    Honestly, I blame the open carry bone heads for showing up workout warning with long arms at local restaurants. Scaring people was bound to happen, and scaring people does not leaf to the acceptance the claim to be looking for.
    This is coming from a long time gun owner licensed to carry concealed in 38 states.

    • Paul Hooson

      Excellent point. A family just wants a peaceful night out, but some people try to make a political point and just end up scaring people and hurting a business financially that’s just trying to pay the rent or employee salaries.

    • jim_m

      The NRA has come to the same conclusion. The over the top nature of this in your face attitude is doing more damage to gun rights than it is furthering those rights.

  • Commander_Chico
  • Commander_Chico
  • conexn

    Do not care for their food anyways, if they think I am going to eat at a place that wants me defenseless than I do not care to eat there even if they have the best food on the planet. The problem is that people have been basically forced to keep their guns hidden for so long that people are not used to seeing them anymore, and the only time they see are really hear about them is when evil people are using them to kill people. I remember growing up as a kid just about every farmer and some city people having guns in their back windows. If the government was not so hell bent on trying to take our guns now it would not be a problem. The point is that people are tired of the government telling people how to live and what they can and cannot do even though it does not violate the law. Things will be coming to a head soon, prices keep going up, government gets taxing more and more, jobs are hard to find, and people are tired of working 2 jobs just to make ends meet these days and most cannot do anything to relax. Hard to go on a vacation when a gallon of milk cost 4-5 dollars, loaf of bread is 3-3.50 for Butter Crust, even cheap generic bread is 1.50+ , and raising the min wage is not going to help, it will just go up more. And now that ding dong signed more carbon emission restrictions by 30% power is getting ready to go up, see how you like your power bill doubling in the next 5 years. The U.S. is about he only country that takes global warming serious while other countries just poor out more and more, China is the worst. A little off topic but just saying that I am not going to be defenseless because some chain of fast food places do not want me to be able to protect myself, despite how it may look to sheeple that think when something does go bad that the police are going to get to you before you are shot, stabbed, raped, beaten, etc… good luck getting there in time to keep you from bleeding out much less get there in time to save your butt.

  • Dana Ace

    I have written all these companies. Sonic and Chili’s got back to me and their formal position essentially is “we would appreciate if you didn’t open carry at our restaurants”. Neither banned firearms and I was told I was more then welcome to CC at chili’s in accordance with local/state statues.