Koch Brothers Donate $25 Mil to United Negro College Fund, Liberals Lose Their Tiny Minds… and Wizblab Open Tread

So, the dreaded Koch brothers, who leftists hypocritically attack while giving unions and foreigner George Soros a pass, donated $25 million buckaroos to the United Negro College fund. Predictably, the anti-American left lost its tiny little collective mind.

The libertarian-minded billionaires made their donation, but libs couldn’t stand the idea of black people getting funds for education, I guess.

From the Washington Free Beacon:

Meanwhile, irate liberals took to Twitter to denounce the UNCF donation, just as they protested a New York City hospital for taking a $100 million donation from David Koch. It is not immediately clear why these people hate the idea of providing scholarships to African-American students.

Then the Beacon followed that with a slew of hate-filled Tweets from hate-filled liberal cretins.

It is a good question, though. Why are liberals against blacks getting an education?

Anyway, I was gone Friday and Saturday, so consider this the open thread for the week.

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  • Walter_Cronanty

    “Why are liberals against blacks getting an education?” Because they may learn enough to leave the plantation.

  • jim_m

    More proof of left wing racism. Not that we were in want of that.

  • jim_m

    So spending money to empower people to make their own educational choices is evil, but spending millions to promote a federal take over of education that will result in crap education for America’s children is good.

    Yes, the left is a bunch of totalitarian nutbags that want to keep people ignorant and enslaved to the government.

  • jim_m

    In the spirit of the open thread I will add this:

    Since this past week was the 70th anniversary of D Day it is saddening to find that today’s college students are hopelessly ignorant of what D Day was, what it represents or even who was involved in it.

    today, surveys among college students and their instructors show that many of them, as well as many citizens beyond college age, don’t know who the Allied leaders were during World War II. They can’t identify Dwight Eisenhower or Franklin Roosevelt, and many cannot link the D-Day invasion to the correct war in which it took place.

    What kind of educational system fails to educate it’s students on basic fact of the most significant events of the past century that had critical impact forming the basis for world government and events that followed for the last 70 years? Oh yeah, it’s our educational system that is more interested in indoctrinating students into the religious tenets of the left than it is in actually teaching them anything.

  • Michael Lang

    I bet Brucie is not happy with this. I suppose he is out showing off his new designer jackboots and brownshirt outfit.

  • GarandFan

    “Why are liberals against blacks getting an education?” Because they’ll discover they don’t need their Democratic Massah anymore.

  • Commander_Chico

    The Kochs give a lot of money away, good for them.

    You can also find any opinion you want on Twitter and ascribe it to your political enemies.

    • I down ding this apology.

      • Hawk_TX

        If you are using Google Chrome you can add an extension called Disqus Downvote Exposer to view downvotes.

        • jim_m

          You can also find out in firefox by right clicking on the vote button, click “inspect element” and the tab will say Span.vote-down.count -# where the # is the actual number of down votes.

        • jim_m

          You can also find out in firefox by right clicking on the vote button, click “inspect element” and the tab will say Span.vote-down.count -# where the # is the actual number of down votes.

        • Why thank you. It’s good to see that our usual assclowns are still being voted down (chicka is at net -3 just above).

    • Jwb10001

      Quick question there oh great one? Who but a political enemy would begrudge the United Negro College fund from receiving a generous gift from anyone?

  • Walter_Cronanty

    Of all of Obama’s scandals, the use of the IRS as a sledge hammer against political foes threatens our political system the most. Add the media’s cheerleading, and you really have a national scandal of unprecedented proportions. Our msm is a disgrace to the 1st Amendment, just as our DOJ is a disgrace to justice.

    This is only a portion of a post from Powerline on documents coming from the IRS, after 1 year of stonewalling:

    “The IRS’s purpose was explicitly political. Sarah Ingram, Lois Lerner’s predecessor in charge of tax-exempt organizations at the IRS, wrote in a September 21, 2010 email, the subject of which was a favorable front-page story in the New York Times:

    ‘Thanks, as always, for the excellent support from Media. I do think it came out pretty well. The “secret donor” theme will continue–see Obama salvo today and Diane Reehm (sp).’

    The reference is to Diane Rehm, an NPR radio host. So the IRS, at its highest levels, was trying to advance the Democratic Party’s “secret donor” theme on the eve of the 2010 election, and breaking the law to do so. Could someone maybe go to jail one of these days?”