NARAL Board Member Urges Women to Have a Fu*K-In at Hobby Lobby For Revenge

Like every other liberal, a board member of the notorious infanticide group NARAL has proven she hasn’t a clue what the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby ruling means by jumping to Twitter to suggest that women should have sex “in the glitter aisle” of every Hobby Lobby craft store in revenge for the ruling she neither likes nor understands.

NARAL board member Jessica Valenti displayed her ignorance for all to see with a June 30 Tweet saying, “Maybe women should organize a safe-sex fuck-in at every Hobby Lobby across the country. In the glitter aisle. JUST A THOUGHT.”

First of all it is pretty arrogant for her to claim she has the capability of having “a thought,” but I digress…

As notes, Valenti was once a blogger for the mass baby murder advocates but has now become a board member.

This ignoramus, though, is typical of the hyperventilating left that seems wholly resistant to facts. The fact is that the Supreme Court did nothing at all to “prevent” women from getting contraceptives, not at Hobby Lobby or any other corporation.

The truth is the company already allows for 16 different types of contraception in its health insurance plans and was not petitioning the court to be allowed to drop any of that coverage. The only contraceptives that the company wanted to opt out from having to pay for were abortifacient contraceptives, like the “morning after pill,” that necessarily mean killing potential life. This, they maintained, was against their religious beliefs.

Secondly, just because Hobby Lobby employees will now find that their insurance won’t pay for such drugs, no one is saying they can’t buy them on their own.

The fact is not one women in the country is being prevented from access to any contraception due to this SCOTUS decision. None. Zip, zero, nada.

And any liberal that says that this decision has made women a “second class citizen,” said they “losing” their rights, or said that their health is put in danger are liars. Plain and simple, liars.

This idiot NARAL chick, though, is quite typical of the left, sadly. They are twisting the SCOTUS ruling to serve their cheap political needs and lying to their followers.

Or, like Jessica Valenti, they are just to blind and stupid to understand the truth.

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  • Commander_Chico

    Classy chick, that Valenti.

    I’d bang her in the Hobby Lobby huhuhuhuh

    • jim_m

      Let’s be honest. You’d do anything you can catch up to.

      • Commander_Chico

        Like that line Karen Black said to Jack Nicholson in Five Easy Pieces, “You’d fuck a snake in a woodpile.”

        I’m not ashamed of having male appetites.

        • warnertoddhuston


        • Jwb10001

          You should be ashamed of your inability to control them however.

          • Commander_Chico

            I can control them, if she’s not hot.

  • Might as well face it, they’re addicted to outrage.

    And it doesn’t even really matter what the truth is. If they can find something to outraged about, they’ll rush to get mad about it.

    • Brucehenry

      Funny coming from a conservative.

      • warnertoddhuston


      • Brett Buck

        How so? I mainly see liberals whining about every perceived slight. Conservatives are pushed for 40-50 years, in every area, keep their mouths shut and trust that common sense will win out.

        • Brucehenry

          An abbreviated list of what conservatives are outraged about:

          Michelle’s healthy school lunches
          The “silencing” of the Duck Dynasty dude.
          Chick fil A backlash
          “Death Panels”
          “Ground Zero mosque”
          Kerry’s botched joke (way back)
          Coca-Cola’s foreign language Super Bowl ad
          Colbert gets Letterman’s slot
          Obama takes a selfie
          Common Core
          The homophobic bullies on “Glee” being portrayed as homophobic bullies
          Anything Joy Behar says

          Shall I go on?

          • Hank_M

            Please do go on. Most of your examples show the disgraceful way the left conducts itself, the lies they spout,
            the way they force their views down peoples throats and the complete lack of tolerance they exhibit.

          • Brett Buck

            No, because you will just make a bigger fool of yourself. All those things actually happened, and most are genuinely disgraceful, and there isn’t much if any “outrage” – just tired recognition about what a bunch of imbeciles and traitors we have running the country. Not to mention the imbeciles and traitors that vote for them time and again.

            Note the fact that you managed to come up with a list of things you are “outraged” about conservatives having a problem with proves beyond a doubt who are the whining babies. You keep doing it because you mostly live in any echo chamber, where this passes for intelligent commentary. Oh, the country is getting systematically destroyed, but people on HuffPo think I am the next Oscar Wilde.

          • Brucehenry


            It’s “genuinely disgraceful” that CBS hired Colbert to replace Letterman? I don’t think so, but Warner and many others wrote OUTRAGED blog articles about it. Ditto for Obama taking a selfie, not an issue to rational people but a source of OUTRAGE in the Right Blogosphere. The Ground Zero “mosque” kerfuffle was xenophobic OUTRAGE at it’s finest — there was nothing “genuinely disgraceful” about the proposal to most Americans.

            Conservatives had to PRETEND to be outraged over Kerry’s botched joke — the smart ones were dishonest enough to know it was a flub but the stupid ones I guess might be excused. Michelle Obama wanting kids to eat healthy and not be fat couch potatoes seems pretty cool to normal folks but conservatives are OUTRAGED that she would dare to suggest that maybe lazyass parents ought to put an apple instead of a Twinkie in their kid’s lunchboxes. Is it “genuinely disgraceful” to want kids to eat healthier? I don’t think so but you apparently do, lol. And I guess singing “America the Beautiful” in Spanish is “genuinely disgraceful too? Maybe to right wing buffoons but not to regular people.

            Most of the ideas I got that conservatives were OUTRAGED about this or that item on my list came from articles Warner has written here on Wizbang, btw.

          • fustian24

            If I recall the person most outraged about Obama’s selfie was Michelle.

      • you mean “That’s funny coming from a Conservative” don’t you ?

      • Commander_Chico

        Not liberal / conservative. Male / female difference.

      • Brett Buck

        Oh and by the way, I note that you are not addressing the issue. Are you now defending the notion that rational liberal protest includes people screwing in the aisles of a hobby shop to protest a court ruling? This makes sense to you in some way? It would still be idiotic, but doing it on the steps of the Capitol, or Chuck Schumers office, would at least direct their ire in the correct direction. Of course, they are not going to do that, because they might be opposed in some way, whereas individual employees of Hobby Lobby stores would be easy victims, and easy to portray later “repressing” them.

        Of course they aren’t really going to do it, because they are inherently cowards, and because they have gotten their mileage and “cred” in liberal circles for being, again, “ever so clever” from just having suggested it.

        Only the sickest of minds even conceive of this sort of thing, and sadly, whenever things don’t go your way, things like this are common. Talk about stamping your feet and having a hissy fit, this is the example.

        • Brucehenry

          Self parody? Here you are all OUTRAGED that this woman made an off-color joke. No, “they aren’t going to really do it,” not because of cowardice but because it was a joke, genius. But don’t let that stop you from being OUTRAGED.

          • Brett Buck

            Who is “outraged”? Not me. The woman is just another sick-minded liberal nitwit. Only a person with very serious mental issues would even imagine something like this. And it’s done to seem clever to her fellow nitwits.

            Don’t forget that the entire reason for NARAL’s existence is based on death, and how sexually liberating it is to be irresponsible.

            So, not outraged, just another tiresome moron taken as a “social commentator”

          • fustian24

            A joke!?

            That’s going to be a big surprise to all the naked ladies with their feet in the air at our local Hobby Lobby.

          • Brucehenry

            Oh so there are actually “fuck-ins” going on at your local Hobby Lobby?


            I didn’t think so.

          • fustian24

            There are. And it’s so easy to tell that they’re progressives and democrats.

            Because they’re so ugly.

          • Brucehenry

            Maybe you can link to a news report that this fuck-in is going on in your town. Because I can’t find one.

            It’s not that I think you’re lying, I just don’t believe you.

          • You, on the other hand, are an inveterate liar.

          • fustian24

            Please tell me that you’re kidding.

  • Hank_M

    This is nothing more that Jessica trolling for attention, something she seems addicted to. She was also one of the bloggers Bill Clinton met with in 2006 – the photo of which caused Ann Althouse to comment on. After a little back and forth in the comments, Althouse wrote:

    “Sooooo… apparently, Jessica writes one of those blogs that are all about using breasts for extra attention. Then, when she goes to meet Clinton, she wears a tight knit top that draws attention to her breasts and stands right in front of him and positions herself to make her breasts as obvious as possible?”

    • Brucehenry

      Shorter Althouse: “Meeeoowww.”

      • Commander_Chico

        Who’s more of an attention troll than that hag Ann Coulter?

        • You and your hemorrhoid for two…

        • Jwb10001

          Go stand between Chuck Schumer and a TV camera sometime and see how that works out for you.

          • Oh, come on. I don’t much like some of Chico’s foolishness, but that’s just mean-spirited.
            Getting between ANY politician and a camera is just asking for severe pain and possibly permanent damage.

          • It would help him reduce his carbon footprint.

          • Jwb10001

            I suppose you’re right I shouldn’t wish bodily harm on even Chico.

          • Commander_Chico

            Why, that’s very nice of you, considering I did not vote for Romney.

            Does “JWB” stand for Johnny Walker Black?

          • Jwb10001

            I don’t blame you for not voting for Romney, I simply can not understand the juvenile impulse to throw your vote away in an important election. If you come here and boast about doing dumb stuff people will probably mock you for it.

          • Commander_Chico

            So who will you be voting for in 2016, Hillary or Jeb?

            No fucking way would I vote for either one of them.

          • Jwb10001

            And no JWB does not stand for Johnny Walker Black I can’t afford it, I have to drink Red.

        • jim_m

          You mean other than yourself?

  • Par4Course

    I’m surprised that NARAL isn’t asking that ObamaCare require employers to pay for abortion procedures as well as other forms of birth control. Such a stance would be consistent with NARAL’s position that the government should force Hobby Lobby to pay for “Plan B” morning after pills and other medications and devices that prevent a fertilized ovum from becoming an embryo.

    Thanks to former Rep. Henry Hyde (R-IL) and other anti-abortion members of Congress, the U.S. doesn’t pay for abortions. Likewise, the PPACA does not mandate that employers provide their employees with abortion coverage. In NARAL had its way, abortions would be free to all – or should I say, paid for by all.

  • GarandFan

    Is she going to lead the charge? Just another liberal from the Church of Perpetual Victims.

  • SteveCrickmore075

    Hobby Lobby’s Hypocrisy: The Company’s Retirement Plan Invests in Contraception Manufacturers

    When Hobby Lobby filed its case against Obamacare’s contraception mandate, its retirement plan had more than $73 million invested in funds with stakes in contraception makers.
    So as long as you can make money from it, the hobby lobby is okay with contraceptive drugs, it meets their religious scruples. But if they have to pay out of their pocket, a higher health care insurance coverage because of them, then it is different kettle of fish.

    • jim_m

      Hobby Lobby does not believe that contraception is immoral, only that contraception that terminates a pregnancy after fertilization. That does not constitute hypocrisy.

      • Brucehenry

        What do you call it when Hobby Lobby was fine with paying for these drugs they mistakenly call “abortifacients” until the Obamacare mandate came to be? They had no objection to paying for them up until 2012.

        And I might be misinformed, but I believe the retirement fund has investments in the companies that make these “abortifacients” that aren’t actually, you know, abortifacient drugs.

        EDIT: I’m not misinformed, it’s right there in Steve’s link.

        • Got anything besides handwaving there brucehmorrhoid?

          • Brucehenry

            Got anything besides lame juvenile potshots, sport?

          • That is more than you deserve, bruchemorrhoid.

          • Brucehenry

            So, “no” then I guess.

          • Only you would have to guess, brucehemorrhoid. The palpable contempt you have earned here is clear to everyone else.

          • Brucehenry

            OK sure if you say so

          • I say you are a contemptible hemorrhoid on the anus that is chicka.

          • Brucehenry

            You have hurt me deeply, but I’m the kind of guy who tries to learn from his mistakes.

            I’ve obviously got off on the wrong foot with you here, so I guess I’ll just have to comment more and more often, on every single thread, to try to, ever so slowly, change your opinion of me.

            And I promise to refrain from ridiculing your fashion choices (the fedora) or your obsession with the anuses of middle-aged men.

            Maybe someday, if I’m good, you will have a higher estimation of my wit and wisdom. I can only try.

          • Commander_Chico

            Dude, you have some mental problems if spewing bile all of the time gives you jollies.

            Trite and repetitive bile, too. At least come up with some new themes and insults once in awhile.

            I’m sure you were sought out as a liberty buddy at ANUS and in the fleet – NOT.

            signed, Soi Disant Cognoscente Anus.

          • Talk to the hand oh soi disant “cognoscenti veteran.”

        • Walter_Cronanty

          So I guess you think Tom Steyer is the ultimate hypocrite?

          • Brucehenry

            I don’t know who that is.

        • jim_m

          I would suggest knowing for certain before making accusations. I have said repeatedly that if they knew beforehand then it is an issue. However, if they did not know beforehand then they deserve an opportunity to change things.

          • Brucehenry

            I’ll betcha the owners of a closely held multibillion dollar business have a pretty good idea of what companies their 401k is invested in. But if they’re so fucking scrupulous about their money being associated with something that might violate their consciences they SHOULD have known.

          • Walter_Cronanty

            Do you think a guy who founded and ran a hedge fund, becoming a billionaire, knew what the hedge fund invested in?

          • Brucehenry

            I’m not claiming Hobby Lobby’s owners are the world’s ONLY hypocrites, Walter.

            When we talk about hypocritical hedge fund managers maybe I’ll have something to say about this guy you seem so interested in.

          • Walter_Cronanty

            I’m just wondering if your outrage at hypocrisy goes to leftists, as well, Bruce.

          • Brucehenry

            Did I express outrage? I’m just countering Jim’s claim that there was no hypocrisy on Hobby Lobby’s part. Seems to me that there is evidence that there is, or was.

          • jim_m

            I pointed out that there wasn’t any inherent hypocrisy. It isn’t hypocrisy if they didn’t know that their insurance covered drugs they object to. Nor is it hypocrisy if they didn’t know the product portfolio of every company their retirement plan is invested in.

            You have demonstrated the hypocrisy is a possibility not that it occurred.

          • jim_m

            I doubt that anyone knows exactly the entire product portfolio of ANY company they invest in.

        • jim_m

          And Forbes debunks this saying:

          “This is a ridiculous argument for several reasons, all of which would be obvious to Redden and Ungar if they had ever run a business in their lives:

          But what else should we expect from a far left rag that espouses idiotic left wing ideology that hates business and individual freedom?

          Bruce, you should know better than to believe anything that Steve says. He has been demonstrated to chronically fall for the most obvious of cons.

          • Brucehenry

            I said “there is evidence of” hypocrisy. You said there wasn’t any.

            Companies and other investors worried about their consciences have alternatives. There are funds dedicated to investing according to “Christian principles” just as there are funds devoted to “green” principles and “fair trade” principles and “social justice” principles. If Hobby Lobby is so concerned they could have used those funds to do their 401k investing.

            Hobby Lobby claims to run their business according to these “Christian principles.” They don’t sell shot glasses in their stores for instance or allow their trucks to be used to transport beer on “haul-backs.”

            Funny how their scruples didn’t extend to these products until the chance to obstruct Obamacare came along.

          • Jwb10001

            Let’s make hypocrisy a capital offense at least we’d be rid of all our current politicians. Hypocrisy is more wide spread than STDs especially with our enlightened betters in the federal government.

          • jim_m

            So you didn’t even look at the Forbes article.

          • Brucehenry

            I passed my cursor over the blue “Forbes” thingie but it’s not a link.

          • jim_m


          • Brucehenry

            Thanks but for some reason it still doesn’t work. Mind trying again or directing me another way?

            EDIT: Woops, all I had to do is refresh, duh.

            “Employees call the shots”? In what company?

    • Hank_M

      Nice try but this is a stupid argument, which is why it’s featured on Mother Jones and the left is embracing it.
      Look up 401k’s and how they administered and learn something.
      As for the hypocrisy that Mother Jones and the left accuses Hobby Lobby of…..this is really rich coming from the left. The whole progressive movement is nothing but a platform of hypocrisy with the shining example presently occupying the White House.

      • “The magazine was named after Mary Harris Jones, called Mother Jones, an Irish-American trade union activist, opponent of child labor, and self-described “hellraiser”. She was a part of the Knights of Labor,[2] the Industrial Workers of the World,[2] the Social Democratic Party,[2] the Socialist Party of America,[2] the United Mine Workers of America,[2] and the Western Federation of Miners.[2] The stated mission of Mother Jones is to produce revelatory journalism that in its power and reach informs and inspires a more just and democratic world.”

        Mother Jones Magazine – presenting information outside of any realistic context since 1976.

    • Mjolnir

      Even if they are hypocrites, it doesn’t mean they’ve lost their 1st Amendment religious rights or that it means they cannot claim relief under RFRA. Hypocrisy, which you can only suggest, not prove, does not curtail their rights, nor is it a crime.

      • Brucehenry

        No but it speaks to the sincerity of the belief they claim to have.

        And yes, I know the courts nearly always assume that people claiming this or that belief do so sincerely. So precedent is on the side of Hobby Lobby in that regard. But it makes ME doubt how sincere their beliefs are, since they 1) couldn’t be bothered to be sure they weren’t covering “abortifacients,” and indeed DID cover them, until 2012, and 2) had investments in the very companies making the products they claim to hate a month AFTER filing the lawsuit.

        This is a done deal but the reasoning was unsound. And the pathetic attempt to limit the scope of the decision will have no effect on future courts. They will refer to the logic of the decision, not the specific “no, it doesn’t mean blood transfusions or anti-gay discrimination.” It will, despite that wording, eventually lead a court to decide that someone CAN legally refuse to cover blood transfusions or refuse to employ someone whose personal sexual morality they object to.

        For “religious reasons,” don’t ya know.

  • why don’t they just go and have an abortion in the aisles ? that’s what Hobby Lobby objects to … not sex …

  • Paul Hooson

    What? Hobby Lobby has customers?

    • Lots of them. It’s funny how stores that sell what people want to buy have those…

      • Paul Hooson

        I’m just surprised that any business that specializes in selling glitter and glue to some old woman who wants to decorate an old vase can sell enough of anything to pay employee wages let alone the rent. This business just has zero appeal to most men, and probably many women as well who have no time for glitter and glue crafts or needle point projects. Some large stores like Fred Meyer phased their craft sections way down due to poor demand. Fred Meyer makes every square ft. pay for itself or the product goes away. How Hobby Lobby can run an entire large store like this perplexes me as a terrible business model. That a nonsense business like this has made itself controversial hardly seems like any surprise. This isn’t GM or McDonalds or Chase Bank, this is an over-sized needle point outlet.

        I’ve owned ten businesses so far in my nearly 59 years. I aimed for businesses that have a little foot traffic. I’ve run both print as well as radio ads and I push newspapers for good stories about my businesses to create good PR. I own a auto dealership in addition to the $2 million strip club I own. I decided to use my girlfriend in this ad that I thought had enough hooks to lure customers in, although I didn’t write the ad copy this time. Ads need to have hooks to lure customers. I just don’t understand Hobby Lobby as a business model….I’d never invest money in a business like that business model.

        • Just goes to show, Paul, that people like different things. My mother loved stuff like that. And if you’re looking for school project stuff, they’ve got foam core board, hot glue guns and all sorts of crap like that. .

          My cup of tea? No, but apparently enough that they’re doing pretty well. With 350+ million people in the US, it doesn’t have to appeal to everyone, after all.

          • Paul Hooson

            To me business is a real science to understand how money works and what can be exploited for a profit. In the case of the nightclub, we have a second bar upstairs, so we experimented with a male review for the women. On some nights we had a fetish club up there with a $40 admission and would celebrate different quirks. I remember how giddy with “thank you’s” one guy was when we had a $40 foot fetish event. We also had some “50 Shades Of Grey” styled S&M and bondage events scheduled as well. I tried to hit a few markets here, with some degree of success. At $40 per person, the event didn’t need that many patrons to show a profit.

          • Brucehenry

            You’re right. It always amazes me to see so many Sherwin-Williams paint stores. Is there really so many people buying freaking PAINT that there needs to be a bazillion free-standing brick-and-mortar stores selling it?

            But yet they keep building ’em, so there you go.

          • Jwb10001

            Do you know if paint can be shipped easily, (retail internet sales sort of shipping) I suspect it’s problematic at least in some states. That might explain why so many physical paint stores.

          • Brucehenry

            Well good point. I suppose I’m wondering why people don’t just buy paint at Home Depot or Lowe’s or Sears or Walmart as opposed to a separate freestanding paint store. I would never think that such a store would work but apparently they do since they keep springing up.

  • Vagabond661

    NARAL should just boycott Hobby Lobby….and let’s see how much of a diff it makes.

    • jim_m

      If NARAL boycotts Hobby Lobby I will bet that the number of abortions performed at Hobby Lobby is zero.

    • I think it’ll have about the same effect as most leftist outrage boycotts.


      They weren’t going there in the first place, so it’s hard to have an impact on a store you weren’t spending money at.

      • Brucehenry

        What, liberals don’t knit, or do arts and crafts, or have kids that need to do school projects?

  • Degrading only to women of that ugly nature. Leave it to the nasty acting libs!