Obama Cancels Free Speech in Nebraska

Free political speech is an American founding principle ensconced in our Constitution, this we know. It is seemingly born into most Americans at birth. Well, by Americans, we don’t mean liberals and proof of that is in Nebraska where Obama’s racist henchman Attorney General Eric Holder is seeking to prosecute someone–anyone–over a parade float that criticized his emperor.

In an Independence Day parade in Norfolk, Nebraska one of the floats was a bit of a jab at The One. It featured a pickup with an outhouse on the truck bed with signs reading “Presidential Library.” It also featured what many feel looks like a gaunt, African American figure with hands raised to its head, face in a frozen scream.

Was it a tasteless joke? Sure. Is it something that should bring the Justice Department of the United States down on someone’s head. Not even close.

But King Obama has sent his Eric the Sheriff of Nottingham out punish those who dare to attack his sovereign highness. Eric Holder is reportedly launching an official investigation into the creator of the parade entry, Dale Remmich.

For his part, Mr. Remmich disputes that the figure is intended to depict Obama. He says the figure is that on himself screaming because of the way Obama is handling the Veterans Affairs scandal.

But even if it were supposed to be Obama, this is no cause for the Eric “Stormtrooper” Holder to involve the US Dept. of Justice.

Even if it were an outright racist float and meant to be such, a parade float does not rise to such a level that would call for investigations by Washington–or anyone else, for that matter. It just doesn’t. We have free political speech in this country and that, as they say, is that.

But this episode says more about this tyrannical President than it says about one guy making an unsavory joke–or even a racist one–on a parade float.

This illegitimate president is a slap in the face to every single American principle we have. It’s no wonder the US Supreme Court has slapped him down in almost every case involving his abuse of power that has appeared before them.

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  • GarandFan

    Too bad the float didn’t depict a couple of Black Panthers with billy clubs, outside a voting station. Holder would have given it a pass.

  • Retired military

    The KKK can have rallies and burning crosses and most don’t get openly investigated by the DOJ or Secret Service.
    There was a movie depicting Bush being assassinated and the producer was not openly investigated by the DOJ or Secret Service
    Google the definition of Narcissist and you will almost invariable see a description of Obama and his actions.

  • Damn, but he and Holder are thin-skinned.

    Wait – is that racist?

    Seriously, though – investigating this? Why? Was there some overt threat depicted here that I’m just not sensitive enough to spot?

    They really don’t take criticism well, do they?

    • ljcarolyne

      It’s more than that, those guys are pure D Insane Psycho’s. Ready to see to it they are not mocked, though they can mock who ever they choose. This goes for God and Christ Jesus of whom they have totally gone against anyone and anything that honors God our Father in Heaven. Pay attention people, devilish people do devilish things. The Usurper is an angry dangerous person. . .BOLO!

      • I’ve been rather doubtful of the sanity of Harry Reid for some time, and questioned whether he was fully connected with reality. .
        His statement yesterday that the border is secure confirms that.
        He’s a walking, talking example of why we desperately need both term limits and AGE limits in government. He’s acting as if Congress is his toy – not letting bills come to votes, blocking everything he has any disagreement with.

  • The flags on the roof were too much. Obama’s library would never have that many flags!

  • JohnBonerisaDisaster

    It wasn’t tasteless when compared to the classless actions of Obama, he has completely diminished the presidency

  • jim_m

    It looks like it is supposed to be an outhouse.

    Funny though, how we don’t have our apologists for fascism rushing up with examples of how this is Bush’s fault or how Bush did this exact same thing. But of course just ease this behavior is indefensible doesn’t mean they don’t support it. There is a difference between being unable to defend it and refusing to denounce it. We are seeing the latter from the left (that means you, Bruce) because they really don’t mind seeing the rights of others violated in the name of advancing their agenda.

    • Brucehenry

      If any of you geniuses can find anything in Warner’s link to demonstrate an “official investigation” has been launched by the Justice Dept in this matter I wish you’d point it out to me so I can “refuse to denounce” it, LOL.

      The link says a guy from Justice’s “Community Relations Service” team attended a meeting called by someone else. Nothing in it about any “official investigation.” Yet all y’all got your knickers in a knot about an official investigation that, as far as we know, isn’t actually happening.

      You guys are the definition of roused rabble. Too funny.

      • Walter_Cronanty

        If it’s not “investigating”, why did the Justice Department send one of its crack Community Relations Service [last heard of during the Trayvon Martin protests] there?

      • Jwb10001

        So you’re ok with “officials” from the government getting involved in something as petty as this? The justice department has enough federal government corruption to keep the entire department busy for years with out getting “involved” with this clear expression of political free speech. Even if there is no official investigation bringing in federal officials seems a bit like government intimidation tactics to me, clearly not what’s called for in the 1st amendment. Liberals are giving this administration too much room to push people around, it may come back to bite you if you’re not careful.

        • Brucehenry

          Well you have a point that it seems like something the Justice Dept shouldn’t necessarily worry about but I imagine one of the meeting’s other participants asked for a community relations person to attend and were obliged.

          But words have meanings, Jwb. Warner exaggerates and says that an “official investigation has been launched.” That’s not so, and demonstrably not so, as confirmed by clicking on the link HE PROVIDED. He provided it and so must have read it and KNOWS it’s not so, but, predictably, he’s got you nuts all hot and bothered, OUTRAGED!!!! by this “official investigation” that isn’t an official investigation.

          Walter brings up the fact that this CRS outfit was last heard from during the Zimmerman protests. Tell me, has the eeevil Holder thrown Zimmerman into the gulag yet, as you guys were so sure was imminent?

      • ljcarolyne

        Either way. . .they are lying in wait. Backlash is coming.

  • LiberalNightmare

    I hope this guys taxes are in order.

    • Even if they are, he’s still screwed. They’ll find something – that’s one of the advantages of having a tax code so complex even the IRS help lines won’t guarantee their answers are accurate.

  • Commander_Chico

    Remmich is my kind of troublemaking old coot.

    I don’t see any investigation from the link Warner provided. Just as likely the DOJ had to send someone to explain the First to a bunch of indignant black people.