Here is the Single Dumbest Anti-Gun Article Evah!

So, imagine an article that claims to list the “top five” most “dangerous guns in America” that essentially lists every gun ever made then stuffs its descriptions full of factually incorrect statements about gun history and simple reality and you’ll have the dumbest list yet to appear on the extremist left-wing Rolling Stone website.

The piece written by hack writer Kristen Gwynne and posted on July 14 purports to list “The 5 Most Dangerous Guns in America,” and promises to inform readers of the firearms “causing the most harm.”

Now, this description and title would make one think that Rolling Stone might about to be listing which particular models are dangerous. like, maybe a the AR-15, or the… well, a particular model, anyway.

Firstly we must point out the obvious, logical point: NO firearm is dangerous unless someone picks it up and fires it.

But let’s start on page one. The number one “most dangerous gun” is listed as “pistols.”

So, um, what? All of them?

Pistols are described thus: “Popular among handgun-owners, pistols are defined by their built-in barrel and short stock.”

What gun doesn’t have a “built-in-barrel”? And pistols don’t have “stocks.” Rifles do. Pistols have handles or grips.

The next “most dangerous” is “Revolvers.”

Wait, revolvers aren’t “pistols”?

The third “most dangerous” gun is “Rifles.”

Again, all of them?

Here is the inept description of “the” gun “rifles”:

“Rifles were created to improve the accuracy of smoothbore muskets, for which the musket ball was often an bad fit due to manufacturing complications. Accurate and easy-to-aim, rifles are now the most common hunting weapon.”

That is all kinds of incorrect. A smoothbore musket had no “manufacturing complications” in its projectile. Smoothbores were just less accurate than a rifled gun because the bullet was smaller than the bore which made its trajectory unpredictable when fired. But it had nothing to do with any “manufacturing complications.” It had to do with technology! It turned out that scientifically the rifled barrel simply delivered better accuracy and once everyone figured that out and devised reliable ways to manufacture the rifle, the smoothbore went by the way side as an outdated technology.

Further, the long arm was always the most popular hunting weapon. There is no “now” involved in that question. It hasn’t been sudden. It’s been true for hundreds of years.

The next most dangerous gun is “Shotguns.”

Oddly, Rolling Stone seems to think that only rifles have “metallic cartridges.” But, that aside, listen to this absurdly fashioned sentence…

“Additionally, the explosive that creates the energy to fire the gun occurs in the fixed shell of a shotgun rather than the metallic cartridge of a rifle.”

That sounded like a 13-year-old reading his badly written report to the class, didn’t it?

The next “most dangerous gun” is the ever popular “Derringers.”

So, let’s recap all these “most dangerous guns in America.”

1). Pistols
2). Revolvers
3). Rifles
4). Shotguns
5). Derringers

So, essentially that is every gun in the world because no matter what you have it’s either a pistol or a rifle and since derringers and revolvers are both pistols one wonders why this list isn’t just “the two most dangerous weapons in America”?

This “list” is un-informative, misleading, and just plain stupid. But lets use this as an example for other lists, shall we?

The 5 Most Dangerous Cars in America
1). Ford
2). GM
3). Chevy
4). Toyota
5). Volkswagen

The 5 Most Dangerous Roads in America
1). Streets
2). Avenues
3). Highways
4). Roads
5). Parkways

The 5 Most Dangerous Buildings in America
1). Brick buildings
2). Steel buildings
3). Wooden buildings
4). Concrete buildings
5). Rock buildings

The 5 Most Dangerous Types of Waters in America
1). Ponds
2). Streams
3). Rivers
4). Lakes
5). Oceans

Well, you get the picture.

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  • Hank_M

    The comments to the article in RS may well cause Kristen Gwynne to seek new employment, if she isn’t fired first.

  • JWH

    WTF?? That Rolling Stone article is the most unhelpful gun-related piece I’ve seen in years.

    • JWH

      Actually … worse than useless. Deceptive. If I see a headline regarding “deadliest guns” or “weapons most often used in crimes,” I expect to see something like “Armed robbers favor Brand X pistols because, being smaller than the average pistol, they are easier to conceal.” Not, “Oh, yes, pistols get used a lot in crimes.”

    • jim_m

      On the other hand, I think it is very helpful as it reveals the anti-gun crowd as hopelessly ignorant and uninformed, and basing their arguments in ideology rather than fact.

      • JWH

        Dunno. “Guns are always used in crimes that are committed with a gun” (as Rolling Stone has uncovered) is a fact. It’s a useless fact, but it is a fact.

  • Par4Course

    Michael Walsh posted an article yesterday on PJ Media about the same subject with nearly the same title. I’m afraid Ms. Kristen Gwynne has gotten much more publicity than her useless article deserves.

    • warnertoddhuston

      I didn’t see it. I don’t go to blogs other than the ones I write.

      • Par4Course

        It’s not hard to see how two writers could come an identical conclusion about the stupidity of the Rolling Stone article.

  • alanstorm

    “Here is the Single Dumbest Anti-Gun Article Evah!”

    For now, maybe. I have faith that our Fifth Column Fourth Estate can surpass it.

  • GarandFan

    Typical liberal, just like the one’s who write the “gun laws”. They no nothing on the subject, but that doesn’t stop them.

    My personal favorite is still when when one of our state senators pushed for a law, adding another cosmetic feature that would automatically classify a weapon as an “assault rifle”…and therefore ban it.

    At a roll-out news conference, she wanted a “perforated metal shroud” added to the proscribed list because it made a firearm “more deadly”.

    One confused reporter asked her what “a perforated metal shroud” did. After a few minutes of BS from the esteemed senator, the reporter came back with “You don’t really know, do you?” She finally admitted that she didn’t, but her staff told her it was “evil”.

    Another reporter asked the first “So what is it?”. The first reporter said “She’s talking about a metal HANDGUARD.”

    • JWH

      On this, I don’t blame a reporter for not knowing what a “perforated metal shroud” is. After all, it’s not the reporter’s job to immediately know what it is; the reporter’s job is to ask “What the hell is a perforated metal shroud?” and then go off and verify the answer somewhere. That state senator, on the other hand …

    • LiberalNightmare

      The issue isn’t that they are ignorant about the guns they want to ban. The issue is that they are lying about what they want.

      They don’t want a reasonable conversation. They don’t want a compromise. They don’t want a solution.

      They want to ban all guns.

      As ignorant as your state senator may be, shes smart enough to know that normal people wont support her if she tells the truth about what she really wants.

      Gun control, health care reform, immigration reform.

      All the same, just buzz words without definition, so that every can argue about what the buzz word means, rather than what is really being done.

  • jim_m

    Top 5 most dangerous cars

    1. Gasoline-powered
    2. Diesel
    3. Hybrids
    4. Electric
    5. Solar powered

    That’s more like it. I’m surprised that the idiot didn’t include muzzle loading guns in her list. In fact they should be the most dangerous since they are typically exempt from any registration laws as they are often just collector’s items.

    • yetanotherjohn

      Best get out that old Stanley Steamer to be safe. Or maybe commute in an M1 Abrams Turbine Engine tank.

  • Wareagle82

    someone actually paid her to write that. With real money. And published the article in all seriousness. Even The Onion would have rejected this.

  • Alpha_Male

    Not supporting the RS article but just to clarify there is a difference between a pistol and a revolver. They are both handguns but a pistol usually notes a handgun with a chamber that is integral with the barrel, in other words your semi-auto handgun, such as a Colt 1911, whereas a revolver has a cylinder that is not integral to the barrel such as the .44 mag you see in the Dirty Harry movies.

    • Jeremy Reaban

      Yup. If you read old books on shooting, back when auto loading pistols were new, the authors treated them differently from revolvers.

    • yetanotherjohn

      Agreed, but using that taxonomy, kindly elicit the difference between a derringer and a small pistol?

      • Alpha_Male

        Typically a derringer was a small caliber handgun that was breech loaded, typically single or double shot. The bullets were inserted directly into the barrel with the primer exposed to the firing pin, much like a single or double barrel shotgun.

        Again the author of the RS article is a total dunce and should have just said that “guns” are dangerous it is obvious she is in favor of a ban, I’m just pointing out to WTH that there are differences, when he posited the question in his post.

  • Q. How is Kristen Gwynne like my handguns?

    A. They’re not fired enough.

  • Commander_Chico

    This is what happens when you have an internet hungry for content and clicks.

    Entirely possible the article is a deliberate troll.

    • yetanotherjohn

      Entirely possible a liberal writer has just enough grasp of the subject to think they are writing an insightful article and actually exposing the vastness of their ignorance on the subject.

      To go with your theory of troll bait, then any factually deficient article on a controversial subject isn’t stupidity, it is just click bait. Sort of like when my cat jumps on something, misses and then tries to walk away like he meant to do that all the time.

      • Retired military

        “To go with your theory of troll bait, then any factually deficient article on a controversial subject isn’t stupidity, it is just click bait”
        In other words everything Chico writes.

    • warnertoddhuston

      I hate to say it, but knowing how Rolling Stone is, you could be right, Chico!

  • yetanotherjohn

    So we would all be safer with machine guns?

    The five most dangerous types of people:
    1) Communists – Tens of millions have been killed by communists
    2) Socialists – By hampering economic growth, they force hundreds of millions to live with less.
    3) Environmentalists – By banning DDT, they have condemned millions to die globally. Their insistence on economic hampering practices hurt hundreds of millions.
    4) Democrats – The combination of socialistic and environmental philosophies lead to untold suffering. They believe that only by racial discrimination can racial discrimination be combatted. They are constantly surprised by the logical consequences of their actions.
    5) People who breath – Almost all crimes are committed by people who breath.

    Now, send me lots of money for my insightful article.

    • Paul Hooson

      The best people in the world, religious people. They’ve done so much charity work for the poor…..The worst people in the world, religious people, they are behind terrorism and wars…