Dem Chair Says Obama ‘Doing His Job Less Often’ Than Any Prez Since Cleveland?

Once again we see how stupid Democrat Party Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz is with a clumsy comment filled with false implications and absurd assumptions not to mention unintentional hilarity as this fool proclaims that Obama has done his job “less often” than any president since Grover Cleveland.

In an appearance on the odious and bottom rated MSNBC, Wasserman Schultz made this messy verbal blunder which in itself is pretty amusing. But underlying her garbled, inarticulate point is a base assumption that proves the lies that Democrats promulgate of what constitutes a president’s job.

But first the video, courtesy of the NRCC:

If you don’t want to watch the video, here is what this nitwit said…

“[The House of Representatives] will be voting for the first time in American history to sue the President of the United States for doing his job. And doing his job actually less often, and at a rate that is lower than any president since Grover Cleveland.”

Now, obviously this dolt didn’t mean to say that Obama is not doing his job even though that is exactly what she said. It is pretty clear to someone who knows what is going on in politics today that this dunce is talking about Obama issuing Executive Orders.

But once you take into account her misspeak, notice what her underlying premise is, here. She thinks that issuing EOs is what defines a president’s job.

This is nonsense. A president’s job is not marked by the issuance of EOs. In fact, Executive Orders aren’t even mentioned in the Constitution where the President’s job is outlined.

Of course, conservatives and Republicans (not one and the same, mind you) have been very upset over Obama’s stream of EOs because of their extreme nature. Further, they are taken aback at Obama’s proclamation that he will rely on EOs to illicitly bypass the legislative system.

He has used EOs to try and take away Americans religious rights, to curtail their Second Amendment rights, to give unions big pay offs, and to otherwise abuse his powers.

The left counters saying that Obama has thus far issued fewer EOs than Clinton and George H. W. Bush and according to the idiot above, even Grover Cleveland. They used to squeal that Obama issued fewer than George W. Bush, too, but recently he exceeded that total so that talking point is ruined for them. Further by the time Obama’s presidency is over it is likely he’ll top several more presidents.

Still, the problem is not the number of EOs he has issued but their nature that matters and Obama has used his EOs to rewrite laws, take away Constitutional rights, and push his harsh, left-wing political agenda more than any other president in history.

Take for instance the story in the Washington Post that points out that hundreds of Obama’s regulatory rules changes are actually illegal. This right here proves that Obama has, indeed, perpetrated “high crimes and misdemeanors.” He cannot be trusted to wield the power of the presidency.

The fact is, our system of government isn’t good enough for Obama and his un-American, left-wing cohorts. They want a system where a kingly leader can make from the top endless decrees to control all our everyday lives. They despise our representative republic… that is until they lose power. Then, all of a sudden, “democracy” is all the rage among these hypocrites.

Denizens of the Democrat Party are against freedom and liberty. It really is just that simple.

Still, all that aside, Wasserman Schultz’ allusion that issuing EOs is evidence of a president “doing his job” is un-American and just plain wrong and shows the essential corruption at the heart of the Democrat Party’s idea of how government should work.

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  • jim_m

    Doing his job less than Kennedy after Nov 22, 1963.

  • Jeepy

    I found it ironic that the twatwaffle chose Cleveland of all the presidents to use as a comparison. He was old school Democrat, not the crazy Commie version we suffer today. Believed in free markets, low taxes, The Constitution… I could go on but you get the point.

  • LiberalNightmare

    If Obama has lost debbie, hes lost 140lbs of unattractive fat. Good for him.

    • jim_m

      obama is America’s biggest loser.

  • Retired military

    Every time I look at Schulz for some reason I think of who the offspring would look that resulted in the crossing of a clueless blithering blonde idiot and a poodle.

    My apologies to poodles everywhere.

    • Brett Buck

      You’d have to find a male poodle willing to do the job. Paper bag, maybe?

  • Paul Hooson

    One job he is doing is successful fundraising. And he’s proven some measure of success there. Election Projection is run by conservative Christian Scott Elliot, but his unbiased formulas are so accurate. – Elliot finds that Democrats will likely gain one seat in Congress, not lose any governorships, but will still retain control of Senate although they will likely lose four seats, thanks to the votes of two indepedents. – That’s not a bad net outcome for a president and a Congress who both suffer from a loss of public support.

    • jim_m

      Note that the fundraising that obama accomplished is not from the broader public but from the super rich. The dems have long been the party of the trust fund liberals and not of the common man.

      • Paul Hooson

        True. Both parties are controlled by the national ruling class elements. A handful of large real estate developers have a lot of power in the Republican Party, contributing up to $200 million in an election cycle, while the Democrats have their own megadonors.- The United States political system isn’t exactly an oligarchy like Russia, where wealthy owners of Gazprom Oil control the government, but somewhat close to it….BTW, FORBES stated a week ago that Putin is worth $70 billion dollars, while U.S. presidents, senators and congressmen only tend to be mere millionaires. Washington and Kennedy were the most wealthy. Some say that Washington was worth a quarter billion in 1780’s money. And Kennedy was said to share in a billion dollar family fortune…

  • 914

    His ‘job’ is to make America the land of misery. He has exceeded expectations.