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So things look a little different, but not that different.

The new site design should load faster and we’ve done away with the content slider from the old theme. Also the site now has a responsive theme, so it should look good on browsers, tablets, and mobile phones. One design to rule them all…


Pelosi Breaks Decorum, Chases Republican Around House Chamber
Chicago Muslim Calls for Jihad Against Jews in Gaza
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  • Commander_Chico


  • jim_m

    I like the format. It’s denser and cleaner.

    However, having the links to the previous and next article on each page just above the comments is a real convenience.

    Also, having the sidebar default to ‘comments’ rather than ‘popular’ would be better, or better yet that the sidebar would default to which ever you had up last.

    • jim_m

      On second thought, the ‘recent posts’ list in the sidebar satisfies my first suggestion. But I still find it helpful to see new comments in the sidebar.

      • I will make that change. That is how I had it on the development site. The previous /next links will be back eventually. That was custom code that I have to integrate again.

        • jim m

          So does this mean that you are moving away from Disqus? Or is that just a bump in the road to the new site?

          • jim m

            Interesting. This, and newer comment threads are using the non-Disqus comment feature. Older threads use the non-Disqus comment feature is you access them through the most recent comments links on the sidebar. Older threads appear with the Disqus comment format if you access them through the main page or through the Recent Posts links in the sidebar.

          • It was a Disqus update issue. Accidentally disabled Disqus for a couple hours. Fixed now.

          • Just a bump.

    • Previous and next links are back. They’re actually better than before…

    • Previous/next are back and better than before.

  • Retired military

    Looks good now you could download some common sense into Chico’s head that would improve the overall IQ level of the thoughts expressed on the site.

  • warnertoddhuston

    That’s it I quit…. jooooooking. I like it.

  • warnertoddhuston

    I do have one question, though. What is the preferred size for uploading new images?

    • Honestly, I’m still working on figuring that out. The images are automatically sized for the front page. I’ll ask the theme developer for some guidance.

    • I found this:
      The featured images are minimum of 680×350 therefore you can upload anything above 680px in width and it will get cropped to 680px by 350px

      So it looks like the optimal ratio is about 1.94:1 for width to height. The images will be formatted and cropped regardless of size, but if you stay in the 2:1 range your image will be display as intended.

  • Nice clean look.

  • There was a brief issue with Disqus being disabled. It’s back on now…

    • westcoastwiser

      They didn’t believe what you had done and wanted undeniable proof

  • jim_m

    Looks great Kevin. BTW. the links for the previous and next articles are reversed from what they were previously. I don’t know if that was intentional or not. Seems counter intuitive now.

    • Maybe it was counter intuitive them :-). Reading left to right above the post on the left is the one above this on the home page and the one to the right the post below. That seems like how it should be…

      • jim_m

        If they were pages of a book the older (previous) page would be on the left and the newer page would be on the right. Worked that way here. Works that way on Instapundit. I’m sure I will adjust.

        But be careful, Chico will accuse you of writing right to left and think that it is a sop to the Jewish lobby because Hebrew goes that way.

        • westcoastwiser

          So, doesn’t Arabic, so does that make Kevin and Islamist?

          • jim_m

            Chico only believes in Jewish conspiracies.

          • westcoastwiser

            Ah ha, a Geraldo wannabe…

          • Jerry Rivers is a good Jewish boy from Joisy…

  • westcoastwiser

    Like I needed bigger pictures of Obama!

  • westcoastwiser

    Sorry Kevin, but scrolling down through the pages is an exercise that’s hardly worth it… full page screen shots of anyone is a roll-back in Internet history that I thought had long past. The previous format was an easy read; this one is painful…

    • There’s a format where the pictures are smaller. Still playing with that… Stay tuned it could debut shortly.

      • westcoastwiser

        Better… pictures could be smaller and be just as effective… big typeface is for little kids and those needing bifocals