HuffPo ‘Reporter’ Stirs Race Hate in Ferguson

A Huffington Post “Justice Reporter”–whatever that means–named Ryan J. Reilly made himself look foolish twice in the same day as he “reported” on the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri this weekend and in one post even made the attempt to enflame racial strife.

The first time Reilly made himself look like a dunce in Ferguson is when he Tweeted a photo of some discarded orange ear plugs and asked his Twitter followers if they looked like “rubber bullets.”

This doofus didn’t just ask his followers if the ear plugs were rubber bullets, he stated his belief that they were rubber bullets.

OF course his Twitter followers quickly disabused him of the notion that these ear plugs were rubber bullets. He soon came back to the social media platform to issue a mea culpa saying, “I retract that suggestion, they are earplugs. Apologies.”

To his credit he hasn’t deleted the embarrassing Tweet that was so idiotic that even Drudge made fun of him over it.

But another Tweet he posted from Ferguson was more sinister.

Later in the day Reilly posted a photo of a truck he said belonged to a supporter of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. The photo of the truck featured a bumper sticker of a Gadsen snake and the words “Don’t Tread On Me,” a phrase commonly associated with Tea Partiers today.

Reilly was reporting from a rally that was called to support the officer who was identified as have shot teenager Michael Brown last week.

There was but one reason to post this photo. It was meant to show that white, tea partiers support the officer… the message? Tea partiers are raaaaacist for opposing the protesters.

Worse, Reilly posted the photo showing the license plate on the truck. (Note I obscured the plate in my image of the Tweet posted above.)

Once again we see the extremism infused in those who claim to be reporters.

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  • jim_m

    Note further that this truck is in downtown St Louis so it could belong to anyone and there is no proof other than the claim of this idiot reporter, who cannot identify ear plugs correctly.

  • GarandFan

    The owner also has a POW/MIA sticker. The first tweet heavily suggests the “intelligence” level of the tweeter.

  • jim_m

    Also, apparently the WH did not know that Gov Nixon had called out the National Guard to quell the rioting and looting in Ferguson. Once more obama claims that he heard it first from the media. Does this dolt not have any interest in world events? Is he really so disconnected from reality that he only hears about events within and without the country by turning on CNN? (more likely MSNBC)

    I guess President dumbass was too busy vacationing.

    This I didn’t know til I heard it on the news seems to be a recurring problem for the most incompetent President in US history

    • Retired military

      But didnt you hear ? Obama doesnt listen to the news because most of the stuff on it he already knows.

  • Hank_M

    Doesn’t know the difference between ear plugs and rubber bullets, the difference between a car and a pickup truck…..are we sure this idiot was in the right state?

  • Retired military

    Every now and then they cant help it and they let the mask slip.

    According to a Twitter user, Jesse Jackson was booed after he attempted to pass around a donations plate while speaking at a rally in Ferguson, Missouri.

  • SCSIwuzzy

    Wasn’t this the same “we are watching you” asshat?
    Pretentious little fella, isn’t he..

  • LiberalNightmare

    it’s the professionalism that I respect

  • Retired military

    15 shot 2 dead in NY in just 8 hours. Nothing from Obama, Black panthers, DOJ, no riots.

    28 wounded 7 killed in Chicago over the weekend. Nothing from Obama, Black panthers, DOJ, no riots.

    And no rubber bullets

    • jim_m

      That’s pretty tame for Chicago. It isn’t that uncommon to have 56 or more shot over a summer weekend.

      In fact over July 4th weekend this year there were 82 people shot and 16 murdered in Chicago.

      So in reality, only 28 shot and 7 dead is cause for celebration in Chicago. It’s almost a cease fire.

      Then again Chicago is paying the full pension of a policeman sentenced to prison for the torture of suspects so who the hell gives a damn if the police shoot and kill someone?

      • Retired military

        Maybe the Chicago politicians should get out of bed with the policeman’s and all the other unions and change crap like that.
        Once again the corruption of the dem pols shows through that they are there for themselves and their union buddies and not for the common people.

        • Hank_M

          If only the common people could come to realize that….

  • Not only can he not tell the difference between ear plugs and rubber bullets, he seems to have trouble telling cars from trucks, too.

  • Paul Hooson

    These protests and continued support for this street thug really outrage me. I’m outraged that so many people seem to lack a moral compass to not oppose robbery and drug thug conduct in this neighborhood. Criminal conduct in this neighborhood oppresses the residents of this neighborhood and fuels an environment where gangs and drive-by shootings flourish, where decent people don’t want to live in a neighborhood like this with 50% unemployment and high crime. People aren’t wired right that praise hoodlums like Brown who degrade a neighborhood like this and make it a rotten place to live, and not any place any normal person would want to raise a family in.

    In 2008, the crime rate in Ferguson was nearly twice that of the national average. Police have worked hard to sharply reduce this to a much lower rate in recent years that is still very bad, but much less than twice the U.S. rate.

  • Huffy Puffy Post would hire someone like that, she is not American so what does it matter. I wonder if Puffy has learned to speak clearly now so Mrs. Beasely can hear her. Oprah gave Huffy fame and fortune, and is still on the take for that one.

  • Retired military

    Latest I saw the police officer suffered a fractured eye socket.
    Sorta goes against the “he was giving up ” meme.