Ferguson: We’ve Seen Enough to Know That Mike Brown Was a Thug, Cop Innocent

I held off on writing a whole lot about Ferguson for the reason that I had no idea what happened and for many days there was no way to determine anything. But now it is beginning to look like the cop is innocent of “murder,” that teenager Michael Brown was a thug, and that the protesters are all 100% in the wrong.

New reports are finally making their way out of the morass in Ferguson and revealing that police officer Darren Wilson was attacked through his cruiser window by the hulking, thuggish Michael Brown who may have struggled with the smaller officer for control of his service pistol.

There is also new evidence that the police have upwards to a dozen witnesses who substantiate the officer’s version of events.

Today evidence was reported that officer Wilson suffered a broken eye socket in the incident which substantiates that Brown did attack him.

Also today the young man who was with Brown during the confrontation with the Ferguson officer has now changed his story a bit and has admitted that Brown was trying to take Wilson’s gun away from him.

Finally, multiple autopsies show that Brown was not shot as he ran away and all the entry wounds are from the front consistent with the teen charging at the officer.

On top of all that we also now know that Michael Brown had committed a strongarm robbery only a short time before he encountered officer Wilson. So, even if the officer was unaware that Brown was connected to the robbery, the teenager himself had the state of mind of knowing he was guilty and was desperate enough to go for Wilson’s gun because of it.

Then there is the other tangential stuff like the video of bystanders talking in the background of a video and saying that they saw Brown charging officer Wilson, not standing there quiescent and with his hands up in surrender as so many protesters claimed.

While much of this is circumstantial at this time, the fact is there is almost no evidence supporting the initial “gentle giant” claim that Michael Brown was an innocent kid walking in his neighborhood and a racist cop stopped him for no reason then “executed” him in cold blood and without cause.

This all pretty much cements in my mind that Brown was a thug who brought on his own death by acting like a thug and that the cop is innocent and was just doing his job. This also confirms that the “protesters” are 100% in the wrong.

This does not absolve that police in Ferguson for their handling of this crisis, though. They did a terrible job. The video of the robbery and the injuries of the officer should have been put out immediately, not a week later. If people were told that Michael Brown was most likely guilty right at the beginning, it is doubtful this would have grown to national proportions.

Oh, there may have still been unrest, but it would never have grown to the mess it became. It would never have become a national media circus if the media understood from the beginning that the kid was a criminal.

Instead, the police let the narrative that officer Wilson was a racist who was hunting and executing black kids become the main theme for an entire week before they let slip some of the facts.

Another reason I didn’t write anything about this mess is because I am sympathetic with the excoriation of our militarized police. I was emotionally on the side of the protesters on Sunday and Monday after the Saturday shooting. Of course I could no longer support the citizens when they began to allow outside agitators to begin to control the streets and their protest certainly went on far too long and became mere pointless stupidity. Nor could I abide the looting and arson. There’s no reason for any of that.

Still, I could not jump to the side of police immediately because I no longer view the police as the side that should be supported first and foremost. We’ve seen far, far too many cases of the police being the bad guys to make the assumption that the cops should be given the first benefit of the doubt. Also, I am 100% against police having armored cars, ubiquitous SWAT teams and military hardware. They just don’t need all that stuff. Period.

But ultimately, there was no way to officially pick a side early until some of the results of the police investigation started to leak out. Now that they have, we can safely say that officer Wilson is innocent of undue force and Michael Brown was a criminal that caused his own death.

Finally, the media needs to be criticized for its coverage, here. The media fueled these protests. The live feeds were telling over the last few days, especially in that it was obvious that there were two to three media folks for every protester!

The media made this worse, there is no doubt.

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  • Par4Course

    No decent person, let alone an experienced police officer with a good record, would put 6 shots in a man running away or trying to surrender. But in Ferguson the truth doesn’t matter. It’s all about a racial narrative of vicious white cops against innocent African-American victims.

    After the Missouri Governor said he should be “vinously prosecuted,” there is little chance Wilson will get a fair hearing. And you can bet there will be full out riots if Officer Wilson is either not indicted or is acquitted after trial.

    • jim_m

      As with any leftist cause (Duke Lacrosse case, Trayvon Martin, Mumia Abu Jamal, etc) this is not about the truth, this is not about justice. The only a here is political gain and advancing an ideological agenda. If innocent people go to prison or the guilty go free those are tiny prices to pay for advancing their agenda. People are mere tools to achieve an end.

      • Of course it’s about ‘justice’. It’s simply that their version of ‘justice’ involves a lot of emotion, no consideration of the facts beyond what’s enough to sustain that emotion, a tree branch and a rope.

        Some assembly required.

  • Jwb10001

    I don’t know for sure what happened here, it looks however a lot less like “capital punishment for shoplifting” than it did a week ago.

  • Hank_M

    Good article WTH. And I agree with you.
    Problem is, the truth might be coming out but that doesn’t mean the MSM will cover it.
    There’s a bigger story here, one no longer true but perpetuated by the left and they have no intention of letting that go – that blacks remain victims of white america and that racism is still rampant.
    Nothing will stop them from peddling their lies.

  • Brucehenry

    You’ve actually got some good points here, Warner, although I wouldn’t accept anything Gateway Pundit says as Gospel. And the St Louis Dispatch reporter isn’t reporting that there ARE a dozen witnesses who support the cop’s version, she’s reporting that unnamed “police sources” SAY that there are a dozen witnesses.

    And you’re right that the police handled this thing all wrong even if we assume, for the sake of argument, that this cop was 100% justified. Like I said in the other thread, if you have to shoot dead a suspected shoplifter, strong-arm robber, or a damn JAYWALKER for God’s sake, you are doing it wrong.

    Something tells me that there has been a shitstorm brewing for years in Ferguson. That’s probably why people in the neighborhood were so ready to believe the “gentle giant” meme. They didn’t trust their local police BEFORE this happened.

    BTW this “sundance” dude in the treehouse needs an editor. Try to diagram some of those sentences.

    • jim_m

      If you have to assault a police office, fracturing his orbit, you’re doing it wrong.

      • Brucehenry

        True but we pay police officers with tax dollars, we don’t control criminal behavior.

        And the fact that this police officer has a fracture just MAY not be the result of an “assault” per se. I have seen reports that suggest the car door was violently pushed open and “bounced back” off Brown’s bulk. This could explain the fracture.

        • jim_m

          So the other witnesses that said that Brown assaulted the officer should be ignored while Bruce desperately attempts to find yet another excuse for his bogus outrage.

        • Controlling and punishing criminal activity is why we have police and criminal courts.

          HETL burucehemorrhoid.

    • I pretty much agree with your post above, Bruce. They MUST be doing it wrong in Ferguson if they can get both Warner and Bruce pretty much on the same side!!!!

      • Agreeing with bruchemorrhoid is prima facia evidence that one is in error.

        • Commander_Chico

          You’re a sick one, Mr. Graves.
          You really are a heel . . . .

          • Now that is high praise when it comes, as it does, from a damn liar.

          • Commander_Chico

            Can’t you say “damn liar” in Latin or French?

          • Exspecta illum

  • Commander_Chico

    I agree with Warner on this one, assuming Officer Wilson was injured as said.

    • Walter_Cronanty

      I agree. This is why no one should jump to conclusions about situations like this until most facts come out. The photos of George Zimmerman’s back-of-his-head wounds from being pounded on the sidewalk in the Trayvon Martin mess didn’t come out for at least a week, if I remember correctly. Of course, the race baiters had already flocked to the scene to stir the pot. Same thing here.

    • Who cares what a damn liar agrees with?

  • LiberalNightmare

    Thats OK.

    The good news is that Jesse and Al are out there for us. Looking into any little situation that they blow up with the cooperation of the anarchists and media (as long as it doesnt happen in chicago)

    • No. The race baiters are not on the side of civilization.

    • Jwb10001

      Sadly that group now seems to include the Gov. who has demanded a vigorous prosecution of a person who so far isn’t charged with anything. The level of rank opportunism is astounding.

  • Walter_Cronanty

    Race baiters performed magnificently: “FERGUSON, Missouri — St. Louis County police say 51 people were arrested from mid-day Tuesday through early Wednesday in Ferguson — all but one of them from out of town.”

    August 20, 2014 – 6:10 pm EDT

  • Bill Whittle sums it up succinctly:


    • Hank_M

      That was excellent.

    • Commander_Chico

      He makes some good points, but has a faggy annoying voice.

      • jim_m

        Thus we have a striking example of chico’s analytical depth. Unable to understand or critique the substance of Bill Whittle’s remarks, chico comments on the sound of his voice. How pathetic.

        • Brucehenry

          Bill Whittle is a fool and a tool. He glosses over the perception in the community that white cops routinely push black young men around, and spouts Jim-style lunatic boilerplate, somehow blaming Obama, for God’s sake, for the reaction of the rioters.

          It ALWAYS comes back to Obama being at fault with these loonies.

          Never mind hat the community assumed, with good reason, that this was one more example of white cops bullying black boys — it may have been a mistaken impression, but a well-founded one to any black who lives in Ferguson, or so they say.

          The people in Ferguson weren’t outraged about national statistics. They were outraged because white cops are known to randomly stop and harass young black men IN THEIR COMMUNITY. When they heard that the cop had rolled up on Brown and Johnson and told them to “get on the fucking sidewalk,” they assumed it was just one more incident in a long list of similar incidents IN THEIR COMMUNITY, only this one had gone tragically too far. If their assumption was incorrect they can be forgiven for believing it — shit like that had happened many times in the past.

          • Higher praise than the spittle soaked invective of a brucehemorrhoid would be hard to come by.

      • Thank you for sharing you damn liar.

        • Sky__Captain

          The damn liar’s debating skills are sorely lacking.

  • NoDakNative

    Except wouldn’t releasing the officers private medical information violate any number of federal medical privacy laws and other regulations? How do we know it didn’t take a week for the lawyers to finish all the paperwork to release that info?

    • Walter_Cronanty

      Tell that to the race baiters who began rioting immediately.

    • Ken in Camarillo

      If the officer/patient is willing to release the information, there is no barrier to releasing it.

  • anon


    i’m from india and have been following this news on cnn international.

    it was really terrible how the media gave false information about the shooting to the rest of the world.

    they initially bombarded the news with mike brown as an innocent college going black boy who was shot by a white police officer for walking in the middle of the streets.

    only after a week they showed him looting a store!!

    • twolaneflash

      anon, it’s the same reason Americans have to watch foreign sources and the internet to find a nugget or two of truth among the avalanche of political agitprop and propaganda. American corporate media are shills for the left: lying and distracting citizens from the evil they do. Ferguson rioting is a Democrat operation to divert attention from the long list of crimes against America that Obama and his minions have committed, and to lay their path to staying in power after the 2014 elections. Gin up the base, boys and girls! And I do mean base: the basest bottom dregs of America, who are allowed to vote.

      • Brucehenry

        “Ferguson rioting is a Democrat operation…”


  • anon

    i have watched mike browns video of looting a store….i have no pity for this guy and deserves being shot!
    years down the line this thug would have been the one shooting innocent people for money, so i’m glad he’s no more!

    • JWH

      Can’t say I agree with you. Under Missouri law, the penalty for second-degree robbery (the most serious crime with which you could seriously charge Michael Brown) is 5 to 15 years in prison. And that comes only after a trial in which Mr. Brown, with the aid of counsel, is entitled to confront witnesses and present evidence in his defense.

      If Michael Brown, as Warner concludes above, assaulted or attempted to assault an officer, and that officer used his weapon in self-defense, then perhaps it was something necessary. But if so, it was a tragedy — a tragedy that Brown lost his life, and a tragedy that an officer was assaulted.

      But in no way am I glad that Michael Brown is dead … and you shouldn’t be glad, either.

  • GarandFan

    PD Command Staffs screw up regularly, big towns and small.
    1. They’re overly political
    2. They put too much weight on what their legal advisers tell them

  • James

    I’ve said from the very beginning that there appears to be more to the story. After the video of Big Mike Brown robbing a store was released, my favor had begun to shift towards Officer Darren Brown. The deceased mother’s portrayal of him being this big, teddybear angel of a child, on his way to college was quickly extinguish from my mind. The way that kid stongarmed the store clerk, it was clear that he was cocky, disrespectful and in no fear of anyone at that moment.

    More evidence of Mike’s feeling of invincibility is further demonstrated by his casual stroll down the middle of the street, mind you, shortly after the robberry, as if nothing happened and as if he’s taking an evening carefree stroll down central park. Apparently, he had no fear or concern police contact; he had to have known that the police would be called on him – What was he thinking? Was he hoping for a confrontation? If you listen to his mother’s cry, “Do you know how hard it was for me to finally get him to graduate from high school..” Was he a problem child? More: After the video release, the mother changes her tune from “My teddybear” to “I never said he was perfect.” Well, given all that has surfaced, and the character displayed by Big Mike Brown, maybe he did try to take the officer’s gun. In that case, perhaps the young man got himself shot.

    So, the cop shot him six times. Well, if someone is coming at you, after you warned and shot him, how many times is enough to protect yourself and to preserve your life. Now let’s touch on the racial element a bit. Was this a factor. Maybe; Maybe not. The most important thing we as black men have to always be mindful and always assume, whether real or not, is that any encounter with a white cop, on a predominantly white police force that we are dealing with a trigger happy man with a chip on his shoulder, ready to ‘bust some caps’ in your sorry black ass. And I used the sorry adjective to emphasize that if you know the odds are stacked against you, why put yourself in the position that Mike Brown did. In other words It really doesn’t matter whether or not the cop was racist, what matters is whether or not the cop was justified in shooting the young man, and at this point, it appears he was justifled. Clealy, Mike Brown had a chip on his shoulder.

    So, Mr. Par4Course, I have to disagree with your opening to say that any prudent person decent or not would do what’s necessary to protect themselves if faced with similiar circumstance. How about you?

  • James

    On thing for sure, the police in that jurisdiction need some serious training. They have absolutely 0 people skills.

  • Idahoser

    if there are riots, pick the other side. Tell me one time that was wrong.

  • JWH

    The local police have certainly not distinguished themselves here.

  • Sir Eric

    Ghetto Blacks are Wild, Dangerous and
    OUT OF CONTROL in St. Louis…..

    How bad can it get??
    The governor had to bring in a “brother”, State Police Captain Ronald Johnson to help soothe the savage beasts…….but…….that plan failed miserably
    Because when schizophrenic ghetto blacks see a successful black police captain take charge, they answer by calling him an “Uncle Tom” or “The House Neeegro”

    These fools, (mom, dad and cousins included) go in front of the cameras in a vain attempt to elevate this 6’4″ 290lb, 18 year old adult male TO SAINTHOOD by calling him an “unarmed teen” and a “Gentle Giant” that was getting ready for college (acutally it’s trade school for AC repair, BIG difference). Yet the Swisher Sweet video shows that he was nothing more than a street thug who is used to thugging his way to get what he wants. God bless the cop, Darren Wilson, for dispatching this POS from planet earth before he had a chance to hurt or kill another store owner. Officer Wilson deserves a raise, certificate of merit, Texas-sized bonus and a 2 week paid vacation to Hawaii for his bravery in the face of “Thugdom”.

    Even with a midnight curfew in place, the “Michael Brown Memorial Loot-A-Palooza” rolls on and as it does, the rest of America is watching this Planet Of The Apes reality show and asking two simple questions….what time does the gun store open and when is this looting going to stop….

    The gun store opens at 10:00 am and the looting will not stop until they find themselves suffering from an acute case of lead poisoning, until then, these savages will continue to loot, getting all the 40 ouncers, weaves, Air Jordans, Swisher Sweets, TV’s, cell phones and anything else they can carry as they complete their “No Justice, but lemme steal that carton of cigarettes” misson and go back down the rabbit hole to………..you guessed it!


    “Ghetto Wonderland??”

    “What’chu talkin’ ’bout, Willis?”

    Well Arnold……that’s easy, let’s go down the rabbit hole together and I’ll
    tell you about a magical world where jackin, thuggin, muggin, shootin, lootin
    home invasions, ID theft and the knockout game are all the norm, it’s a land of
    the ever-present “weave”, all night clubbing, Gorilla Poke $3000 rims, paper license tags, garbage bag windows and wife-beater tank tops. A place of fake handbags, fake hair, fake nails and free cell phones. A crack pipe wonderland where things need to
    be stolen from the evil cracker-people and not worked for…and of
    course it’s the place where Benjamin Franklin is ALWAYS the
    president…ahhhhh, Ghetto Wonderland……

    …. Alice doesn’t live there (she went to the gun store, bought an AR-15 and MOVED), but LaQuesha, Shamika, Ken’Trice , Ke’Von, Dashawn, DeWayne and Princess Nevaeh do…

    Michael “Gentle Giant” Brown used to live there, but he got “smoked” and now he’s getting roasted…..

    • Brucehenry

      What’s it like living in 1955?

  • equinoxranch

    Yet again ad nauseam, ad criminaleam…., after all the rhetoric (THE narrative – read: LIE) it is ALL about “kill whitey”, period.
    It would be refreshing if the darling negro could, once………, just once, dare to admit their agenda. Look at yourselves darling negro. Serously. Dare to look at what you are. And the overwhelming majority of you stand there and live in denial. In a word………., monstrous.

  • JWH
  • JWH