Finally a Lib ‘Journalist’ With Guts to Say He Wants Conservatives Banned from TV

We already know that the fascist, authoritarian left wants to ban anyone and anything they don’t agree with. But usually they have the good sense not to say so out loud for fear that people will realize they are fascist authoritarians. But one “journalist” finally admitted the truth.

Left-winger Ed Kilgore, who blogs for Washington Monthly magazine, made to comment on the new ideas that NBC has for revamping Meet The Press when Chuck Todd takes over the venerable Sunday political show (Todd himself is an old Democrat operative, by the way).

In his August 25 post entitled, “Who Should Be Banned as Panelists For the New ‘Meet?’,” Kilgore notes that NBC president Deborah Turness is saying that she wants to have a panel of journalists question each guest as a sort of “coffeehouse conversation.”

Turness imagines that this will bring “more edge” to the long running Sunday political show. Kilgore thinks this is a terrible idea. Why? Because *gasp* that panel might have conservatives on it.

So, Kilgore has a solution for this conservative “problem.” He thinks NBC should ban all conservatives as panelists.

Here is how he explained it:

If Turness is serious about this, we need to organize a grassroots campaign to ask that certain journalists be permanently banned from the panel of Meet The Press, or we’ll boycott the damn thing ab initio. I’d start with Peggy Noonan, Bill Kristol, David Gergen, David Brooks and George Will. Even at their best, they’ve all gotten more airtime than their shaky talents merit. But I’m sure you have dozens more who deserve the Meet Ban. Fire away in the comment thread.

Now that is how we know all liberals think. They don’t want the free and open exchange of political ideas that the founders dreamed of when they crafted the Bill Of Rights. No, all liberals are fascists at heart and given the power they would ban all opposing views.

At least one of them finally admitted the truth in public.

Heh, Blogger Doug Ross took a riff off my post on this guy and he wasn’t nearly as kind to him as I was! Check out Ross’ post on this creep.

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  • ohio granny

    What conservative wants to watch Meet The (de)Press(ed) anyway?

  • Hank_M

    I hope he gets his way.
    Having a one sided viewpoint has done wonders for the MSNBC ratings.

  • GarandFan

    All he needs is the mustache.

    • Retired military

      He already has the gallon sized kool aid cup.

    • He does sort of look like Himmler, doesn’t he?

  • LiberalNightmare

    He can ban all the conservatives he wants. He still wont get laid.

  • jim_m

    Waiting for Bruce to explain how it is that lefties aren’t fascists.

  • jim_m

    The way to counter idiots like this is to ban them. Ban the fools but don’t ban thein idiotic lefty viewpoints. This guy wants to ban anyone with an opposing viewpoint. Let’s engage with people we disagree with and let’s give those who would silence us the very same treatment they propose for us. But to be certain, we can give his one subject, the silencing of all other viewpoints, the fair representation that it deserves, as the object of scorn and ridicule.

    • Commander_Chico

      Had a taste last night, did we?

  • Commander_Chico

    I am sure you admire his guts, but you have nothing to be ashamed of, Warner. After all, you once said that the whole Islamic religion should be outlawed and ordinary practicing Muslims like my doctor not just banned from Meet the Press, but put in jail.

    I don’t even see most of the list of names as “conservatives.” Will, Noonan and Brooks are lefties by Tea Party standards – didn’t they support Obama in 2008? Gergen is the ultimate practical centrist, works for any president who will hire him. Kristol just beats the drum for whatever war Israel wants the USA to fight for it, it’s his only purpose in life.

    They are all establishment figures.

  • Par4Course

    David Gergen?

    • Hank_M

      I know, same with David Brooks.

  • JWH

    I say reformat the Sunday morning press shows. I give you: “Sunday Morning Political Smackdown!!”

    I’d watch it just to see Joe Biden put John Boehner in a headlock. And you just know that Ted Cruz will be the heel manager who hits somebody with a steel chair when the ref isn’t looking.

  • Happy Birthday, Warner. Don’t let the damn liar and his hemorrhoid get you down.

  • Tanuki Man

    Stewie Griffin has NOT aged well.

  • Constitution First

    Least there be any disharmonies in the echo chamber. 🙂