Ferguson Fallout: School Lesson Teaches Kids To Agree With the Black Panthers’ Demands

A new school lesson plan hopes to capitalize on the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri that erupted after a police officer shot a black youth early in August. The plan urges kids to agree with the Black Panthers, a racist, hate group that urges segregation, and accept the demands they issued in the past.

An activist group that calls itself Teaching for Change, one that works with schools to push the hard-core, left-wing agenda branded “social justice” rushed out its lesson plan to capitalize on the death of teenager Michael Brown.

“As the new school year begins, first and foremost on our minds and in our hearts will be the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri,” said program architect Julian Hipkins.

The lesson plan that hopes to radicalize children features excerpts from the 1966 Black Panther Party platform known as the 10-Point Program.

The lesson plan points specifically to the points on “police brutality” and goes on to extol the writings of Malcolm X.

The kids are then told to write up a list of their own “demands.”

Another lesson plan writer notes pointedly, “I believe we are gatekeepers. I believe that what we bring into the classroom, in both content and attitude, will impact our young people in ways we might never personally witness.”

She is exactly right, folks. When we allow Marxists like these into our classrooms to craft the experience our children will have and the material they will be taught we are sowing the seeds of the destruction of the United States.

These people hate everything about America and wish to teach children to hate this country just as much if not more.

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  • Commander_Chico

    It’s a private group. Private groups are allowed to make statements about curriculum and school lessons. At least until Warner is dictator.

    For example, a teacher could talk about the Second Amendment and the importance of open carry to deter the police from taking our freedom away. Would that be wrong?


    • GarandFan

      You’re right. AND if they’ll full of shit, you can also call them out.

    • “Private groups are allowed to make statements about curriculum and school lessons.”

      Properly read the above sentence says: “You are white and have no right to have a say in your children’s curriculum and you should NOT speak up if you see something you don’t like. Only minorities have any right to make statements. YOU whities should shut up.”

      • Commander_Chico

        Doesn’t your piece mean the reverse?

  • GarandFan

    Just think, the BP can teach kids how to shake down businesses like they did in Oakland. Of course, if any businessmen protest, they could offer a course in how to hire someone to eliminate the problem.

  • Paul Hooson

    I can’t think of any group more aligned with a discredited ideology as this former Communist organization that wanted to supposedly trade any injustices at home for the type of injustices that Soviet Communism would impose instead. What an irrelevant organization these days…

    • jim_m

      Wait…. You’re talking about the democrats right?

  • Vagabond661

    Lynch mobs were wrong in the 60’s and they are still wrong now. It would seem blacks would understand that the most. And yet here we are….again.

    • jim_m

      The dems like lynching. They filibustered the Dyer Anti-Lynching Bill in the 20’s. The dems have always believed in provoking racial violence in order to achieve their aims.

  • I can believe every word of this POS curriculum to be taught in the schools. Obama the Usurper should not be allowed on any school campus IMO to spread his lies.
    My advice is keep your kids away from government run schools, home or private school your kids for their and your safety.