Maybe I need some help here.

You see, I’m writing a piece about Rotherham, a mid-size city in Yorkshire, UK. Over 1400 underage girls, mostly British, have been systematically abused there since 1997, mostly at the hands of Pakistani nationals who are a part of the city’s large immigrant community. The story exploded in the UK press this week as allegations that Rotherham authorities were fully aware of the abuse, yet declined to prosecute suspects for fear of being labeled “racists,” were splashed across front pages.

So here’s my problem. I go to the MSNBC website, to search for news stories about Rotherham. Seems like a good choice, right? The official news outlet of progressivism – feminism, gender equality, rape culture, the War on Women, etc. I mean, if you want a textbook example of a war on women, or of a real “rape culture,” this is it. But when I enter “Rotherham” into the MSNBC search engine, this is what I get:


El zippo. Nothing. Not a single return item in the search. I must be doing something wrong, because how could the official news outlet of progressivism fail to publish a single story about one of the the biggest rape and human trafficking occurrences in decades?

Or have I discovered something much more sinister? Like the fact that American progressive leadership simply doesn’t care about this story, because it conflicts with far too many of their sacred beliefs, and does nothing to help them achieve their most important goal, which is political victory over Republicans.

Come to think of it, have you seen any pouty-faced selfies of celebrities, or liberal news media figures, on social media this week holding signs that say things like #rotherham or #endthesilence?

After all the recent lectures from campus feminists about “rape culture,” where are the op-ed’s, blog entries, and talk show appearances discussing the Rotherham case, which is probably the most horrific example of “rape culture” in recent years? Young girls were groomed to sexually service middle age men, and routinely threatened with violence or death if they talked. Or their family members were threatened. Pakistani girls who were caught up in the abuse ring were urged by family members not to report the crimes to authorities, since this would bring shame upon the family. Surely any serious feminist would be eager to condemn such obvious examples of exploitation by the patriarchy.

But they haven’t.

At the heart of this story is political correctness, which seems to have completely confounded liberals by its strange mixed messages:

  • Fight the patriarchy – except when the patriarchy is embedded in a non-Western culture. Then the patriarchy must be respected and obeyed.
  • Women never lie about sexual abuse or rape – except when they are teenage white girls, and the aggressors are non-white. Then their claims can be dismissed as hysteria or outright lies.
  • Rape, sexual abuse, and human trafficking should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law – except when they involve black-on-white or brown-on-white crime. Then, prosecution would be equivalent to “racism.” Allegations are to be disbelieved, and the evidence buried.
  • Sexual abuse must always be reported – except when it might bring shame to your family or your community. Then it will be the victims who are actually the guilty parties, because shame is a much more serious offense than human trafficking or repeated sexual abuse.
  • Sexual abuse of underage girls is always a horrific crime – except when acknowledging it would prove inconvenient, and unintended consequences (pregnancy) can be quietly dealt with through abortion. How many videos have Lila Rose and others published, showing Planned Parenthood staff offering contraceptives to actors posing as 13 and 14 year old girls, and promising to never tell family members or authorities even when they are told that the male partner is in his twenties or thirties?
  • We need up-to-date registered sex offender databases – except when the offenders are members of racial/religious minority communities, where their offender status will be ignored and they will be welcomed back as respected members of the community.

The conclusion that we can draw from the Rotherham case is very straightforward: we, as a society, are still a LONG way from being able to successfully stop underage sexual abuse and human trafficking.

The ugly truths surrounding sexual abuse of adolescents by middle-age adults serve as a direct contradiction to the happy, carefree, youthful experimentation with sexuality that liberals want us to believe characterizes the typical teenager’s first experiences with sex. As a result, abusive relationships are covered up or ignored. And not just in Britain. It happens everywhere. There are a lot of dirty old men all around the world who are only too happy to exploit the reticence of liberals to give up their “Blue Lagoon” cultural fantasy of teenage sexuality, or their naive assumptions about the wholesomeness of non-Western cultures.

As long as progressives believe they are doing the truly right thing by refusing to tell family members or authorities about known instances of underage sexual abuse (in the name of sexual liberty) then abuse will continue. As long as Hollywood power brokers can continue to get away with sexual abuse of child actors and actresses, abuse will continue. As long as our culture continues to sexualize children at younger and younger ages, abuse will continue. And as long as we refuse to discuss cultural dysfunction and the culpability of religious leaders within those cultures because we are afraid of being labeled “racists” or “Islamophobes,” abuse will continue. All the hashtags and protests in the world are nothing but a waste of time.

And feminists, here’s what you can do. Instead of wasting your time harassing male college students and old men running for state legislatures, travel to Rotherham. Interview the girls whose lives have been shattered by a real rape culture. Get to know those who have become casualties in a decades-long war on defenseless young women. Break a few rules. Embarrass some powerful people. Reverse the stigmas. Fight the power. Question authority. Forget what you were taught, and learn from what you see and hear. Who knows? You might end up doing something that’s constructive for everyone.

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  • GarandFan

    No surprise Michael. According to liberals, Roman Polanski was railroaded.

    • Constitution First

      In answer to the question: “What goes into 13 twice?”

  • jim_m

    It isn’t just the American left that wants to ignore this it is the UK left as well. The logical conclusion of multiculturalism is ignoring the barbaric practices of uneducated and uncivilized people. In Britain, the Labour party is trying mightily to ignore this issue and has been doing so for years. They knew full well about this but to attempt to address it as an issue is to admit that their multi-culti ideas are completely bankrupt.

    But the left doesn’t really believe anything they say. Everything is a calculation to gain power so they can enrich themselves and punish those who stand in between them and the riches of the nation which they plan to extract by force through taxation. In the US the dems don’t believe in equal pay, otherwise they would be doing it, but they don’t. The dems don’t believe in racial equality otherwise they would accept that people of all races can believe in different ideas, not just the ones that they deem fit for that minority group.

  • Paul Hooson

    Religious institutions are often used to promote sexual abuses by some because of the position of power and authority they may use to victimize others. Some Catholic priests and Protestant churches are prime examples. Atlanta’s megachurch run by Earl Paulk was a good example of a big and powerful church rocked by serious sexual scandals. – It is however quite a stretch to suggest that somehow liberals are solely responsible or offer apologies for sexual offences that cut across all political ranks. Eldridge Cleaver, former Black Panther Party was a convicted rapist and Maoist Marxist who later became a Republican Christian conservative figure. Serial killer Ted Bundy was active in Republican Party politics and considered a run for governor of Washington state. – Sex offenders run the entire political spectrum.

    • jim_m

      Dumbass. This is not religion. Warner doesn’t even use the word muslim in his article. It is cultural.

      This is about the ME culture and specifically the backward tribal culture that is found there. It is the same BS culture that believes in honor killings and stoning homosexuals.

      But you needed to make this about religion so you could slam Christians and conservatives. Bigot much?

      • Paul Hooson

        The male oriented Muslim culture in Pakistan is the particular problem here, Jim, whether or not Michael specifically uses that language here or not. Semantics here does not change that fact. – Rape is not always taken seriously in this culture. – And, unfortunately in neighboring India, the caste system has also contributed to crimes against women as well. Family members of two teenage girls who were gang-raped and then hung from a tree shamed the local authorities who at first refused to act because the police represented a higher caste than these villagers. This protest shamed the government into action on the rape case and against the police who refused to act.

        • jim_m

          Police not acting and covering for their incompetence is a chronic issue in the UK. See the Hillsborough disaster.

          I still contend that this is not religiously driven, but culturally. I also fail to see the point in bringing up other religions and political viewpoints since none of then appear to be involved in Rotherham. It was a gratuitous and pointless comment unless your point was to say that the rape of 1400 girls is no big deal because everyone does it. That really does seem to be the point of your comment(s).

          • Paul Hooson

            Religion is an integral part of every culture, whether it’s a primitive South American remote tribe under the influence of the local shaman or a religious community of Boston Catholics who look the other way when serious sexual abuse allegations exist. – Many religions unfortunately function to keep women in a second class citizen status, where physical abuse and sexual abuses are often either rationalized or else excused, especially when authority figures of some religious level may be involved.

            In this UK neighborhood, a culture has developed among many in this Pakistani community, partially fueled by an interpretation of religion that fails to treat women respectfully.

          • jim_m


            This is not about people not reporting the issue!!!! It is about people reporting it and the police ignoring it because they don’t want to upset the Pakistanis!

            Get out of your own bigoted head and go read some stories about what this is about. For once Paul, try not to make this about yourself and your own issues, you arrogant asshole.

          • Paul Hooson

            Look at some Asian neighborhoods where police just don’t want to deal with many frustrations of investigations or a really bad African American community with gangs. – One FORBES article put forth this political correctness hypothesis, but I have many reasons to doubt that hypothesis here personally. Gangs and other groups intimidate ethnic members to not cooperate with police. Police get frustrated their efforts aren’t appreciated and give law enforcement a low priority by not responding to calls or giving little effort beyond making a report to nowhere.

          • jim_m

            Did I say to read Forbes???!!!! NO!!!!!

            I said read the UK papers who say:

            He said Asian councillors were under constant pressure from the community to “conform” and other politicians acquiesced for fear of being accused of racism, failing to face up to evidence of abuse as a result – The Telegraph

            “Had this report been treated with the seriousness it merited at the time by both the police and the council, the children involved then and later would have been better protected and abusers brought to justice. These events have led to suspicions of collusion and cover up.” – The Guardian

            The carer, who wished to remain anonymous, claimed staff were reluctant to intervene in some cases for fear of being classed as “racist”. – The BBC

            You are a fucking moron. You haven’t bothered to look at this issue. Those quotes are from the first page of a Google search so it’s not like you have to look hard to find that people didn’t want to be called a racist so they did nothing.

            You are only commenting so you can further your own bullshit and criticize Christianity and conservatives rather than suggest that this problem be solved. Like most lefties you are more interested in using the issue to advance your own agenda rather than solving it. Hell, most of your comments are ultimately an excuse for allowing this to continue.

          • Commander_Chico

            “The story exploded in the UK press.” The American press is not making a big deal about it because it’s not in America and no Americans are involved, which is a predicate for any foreign stories shown in America.

            There’s all kinds of sex slavery going on all around the world, if all of it was reported, there’d be time for nothing else. How about rapes in the Congo? Eastern Europeans brought to Germany and enslaved in brothels? Thai girls sold by their parents in the country and brought to Bangkok?

          • jim_m

            Sigh. Was I complaining that the US press was not reporting it? Nope.

          • jim_m

            Read it from the UK papers you ignorant ass!

            The Rotherham abominations are not a challenge to multi-ethnic Britain: people of all backgrounds are united in their revulsion at what has happened. Nor are they a challenge to religious pluralism: no faith condones child abuse. They are, though, a challenge to the way we run some local councils. If you take a group of people, not all of them terribly bright, and encourage them to be more concerned with following procedure than with doing the right thing; if you elevate compliance over conscience; if you teach your staff them that everything – everything – should be seen through the prism of race, you will end up with much injustice and an occasional atrocity. Islington, Haringey, Rotherham – the scale of the horror varies, but the underlying cause doesn’t.

            Read the whole thing and maybe, just maybe have an understanding about what is going on.

        • LiberalNightmare

          This isnt a story about “the male oriented muslim culture in pakistan”.

          Maybe you missed the first paragraph …

          “You see, I’m writing a piece about Rotherham, a mid-size city in Yorkshire, UK. Over 1400 underage girls, mostly British, have been systematically abused there since 1997, mostly at the hands of Pakistani nationals who are a part of the city’s large immigrant community. The story exploded in the UK press this week as allegations thatRotherham authorities were fully aware of the abuse, yet declined to prosecute suspects for fear of being labeled “racists,” were splashed across front pages.”

          • Paul Hooson

            Certainly this is the position of the writer here. However, isn’t also likely that this large Pakistani culture is also noncooperative with investigations, where probably few persons report many crimes as well, where problems are probably worse than actually reported.

          • jim_m

            Read the stories from the UK press you dumbass! Parents had complained to the police about their daughters being raped and abused but the police did nothing. This is not because Pakistani parents were suppressing it. It is because the police did nothing and blamed the girls. If you’re going to comment actually comment about the subject at hand and stop making up bullshit about other stories.

            You obviously know nothing about Rotherham and are just commenting because you have an axe to grind against people totally unrelated to the issue.

          • Paul Hooson

            My educational background is mostly in psychology, as well as some experience in sociology and anthropology. And from what I see on the Internet, police actually avoided more serious and active police and equal justice involvement here because of “institutionalized racism” itself. This means that police didn’t want to deal with this culture because of cultural and language barriers, such as frustrations investigating as well as noncooperation by members of this community. The result was a hands off approach to serious police reports in this community. My argument here is that the writer’s interpretation is flawed here. The police did not ignore crime here because they would be accused of racism for enforcing law in this community, but the opposite, they found this community frustrating to deal with, and generalized that belief due to institutionalized racism in deciding to opt away from equal enforcement of the law or equal investigations of reported crime. – This was not due to political correctness as the writer suggests above, but of a lack of interest on the part of local police due to their past experiences in dealing with this community.

          • jim_m

            Read it again. This wasn’t some inside the Pakistani community issue. This was white girls being raped by middle eastern men and the police and government ignoring it.

            I’ll note that just a few minutes ago your argument was that this was a religious thing and that the community was keeping silent about it because they had religious based reluctance to talk about it.

            Nothing could be further from the truth.

            Police ignored this not because they found the community difficult, but because they didn’t want the hassle of the political implications and it was easier to dismiss the lower class white girls as trash than it was to actually do their job.

            You’ve gone from saying that this was an inter muslim community only issue and using that to bash Christians and Catholics to now claiming that this was about police being racist and not wanting to deal with the muslim community. You’re an ass and you are spouting off BS without bothering to know anything about the issue.

          • Paul Hooson

            No. FORBES explanation of the lack of police response just appears implausible compared to more likely scenarios of police frustration with a code of silence and other problems dealing with a large foreign culture community.

          • jim_m

            If you bother to inform yourself about the issue, which mean doing more than reading a single Forbes article and dismissing the entire issue out of hand, you would know better. But you do not know better so you talk like an idiot.

            Bottom line is that you are defending rape and exploitation. What a surprise coming from a strip club owner.

          • It’s not that he talks like an idiot so much as he is an idiot.

  • LiberalNightmare

    Look at what the progressives have done in our country. Lie, cheat, steal.
    They have encouraged division, broken the law, betrayed our allies, all in a bid to hang on to power.

    Is there anyone who really doubts that this same thing couldn’t happen here if the libs could squeeze a few votes out of it?

    • Commander_Chico

      Look at what the progressives have done in our country

      This happened in the UK.

      • Vagabond661

        That’s right. I see nothing reported by the MSM about jets blown out of the sky or nuclear reactor plants hit by a big old wave or Michelle Obama tweeting about save our girls.

        • Commander_Chico

          I haven’t seen anything about jets blown out of the sky lately either. Wonder who did that?

          Of course MH17 came about because of a competition between the USA and Russia for the Ukraine – so the USA is involved. Now that the propaganda narrative is questionable, we are not hearing about it.

          The USA is also heavily involved in Nigeria and Japan with military operations, bases and OIL.

          • Vagabond661

            your statement was the MSM does not like foreign stories. I was merely pointing out you are full of crap.

          • jim_m

            Really? What US competition? There is no US competition for the Ukraine. We don’t have any designs on their territory. This was the Russians wanting to expand their territory and recreate the old Soviet empire.

            Your stretching to blame the US for this is a great example of your hate America first attitude.

  • superdestroyer

    The Guardian has an opinion columnist whose pet issues include date rape, abortion, and women’s issues. Yet the columnist seems to have skipped over the Rotherham. It is more than MSNBC working hard to ignore the issue. I have always joked that if Something like the Drudgereport reports on something then the rest of the media will feel comfortable ignoring the story. Since the right in the U.S. is covering the issue, the MSM feels free to ignore the issue. Welcome to the future.

  • This is a perfect example of why we as American’s must DEMAND that people who emigrate here MUST integrate into our society and why we must fight both political correctness and the other Liberal panaceas like “diversity”…

  • Constitution First

    Because, you see, if you can’t pin the abuse on a “Right Winger” you don’t have a story.
    Besides, Progressives are all about “Tolerance” right up to, and including, your death.

  • Steven Jones