Thirteen Years Ago

9 11 rubble

The dead are mourned still by many, but forgotten by many more. We have all read or heard or seen stories this week about the 9/11 attacks, but in the context of a news story, a passing spectacle. Some people still try to work up anger and rage for some political enemy or some cultural villain, but in the end the hardest, coldest truth is the pain and loss from that day.

There is evil in the world, and everywhere. It attacked us before, and it will attack us again. The survivors will mourn the dead, do what is necessary to repel the attack, they will heal and they will rebuild.

This is not a day of politics, nor to demand revenge. This is a day where we count our loss and remember those gone from us, and we commit to love and cherish our families and communities for better and for good.

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Many Want to Forget 9/11–But We Must NEVER Forget!
  • Scalia

    Hey, DJ. Long time, no see. Where have you been? Good to “see” you again.

  • jim_m

    I will always remember the many, many people who jumped to their deaths from those buildings. How desperate and hopeless they must have felt.

    But mourning the dead and cherishing those we have are only part of the story. This was a deliberate act by hateful people. If that does not stir your heart then I ask if you have one.

  • Paul Hooson

    This is why standing up to ISIS is so important now. – I hope you’re doing well, DJ, you are sorely missed. And I pray that your health problems are way behind you. – Was it a Honda CRX you used to drive? – Thank you for your kind words after my mother died. That was very nice of you. I always admire your intellectual skills and superb writing ability.

    • Sadly you and yours have saddled us with a [mal]Administration which is not equal to that task.