OPEN THREAD: Up to 40 ISIS Fighters Already Here in the US

Here is the weekend’s Open Thread…

But to start…

Thanks to Obama’s many failed policies from foreign policy, to domestic immigration policy, up to 40 ISIS terrorists are already inside the USA, a Congressman warn.

Rep. Tim Bishop (D., N.Y.) warned during a recent speech that up to 40 radicalized U.S. citizens who have fought alongside the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL or ISIS) have already returned to the United States, where they could pose a terrorist threat.

The Congressman says that the US Govt has identified at least 100 American citizens who have flown to Syria to join the murderous Muslim ISIS group.

That means there are probably several hundred more.

Still think Islam is “the religion of peace”? Tell us in the comments.

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  • jim_m

    Those 40 are all currently employed by the DOJ.?

  • Well, Australia has a bit of experience with this…

    A later story raises doubts about whether ISIS could sustain a ‘terror campaign’ so far from their normal stomping grounds.

    Well, how much support do you need for something like that? A bunch of tourists, with sharp knives. Rope is cheap – snatch someone, restrain them, video the execution. 15 minutes and you’re done, and you melt into the crowd.

    I think a lot of analysts think in terms of a proper military where you need logistics, communications and a command/control organization supporting the fighters.

    But how much of that did the 9/11 hijackers have in the US? Credit cards, boxcutters, and a willingness to kill seemed to be all they really needed.

    • jim_m

      Yep. It would be easy to grab people, video record the murder and then send the video file overseas for someone else to post online. That’s one of those “I’m surprised it hasn’t happened yet” things.

      • Brucehenry

        Anybody could do this terrible thing of which you speak. They wouldn’t have to go to Syria first.

        I think ISIS has won if everybody is talking about them and wondering when they will next kill somebody. They have manipulated public opinion into supporting the dragging of America into another desert quagmire where they can continue to bleed us dry.

        I am disgusted with Obama for giving in to the handwringing pantspissers who demanded he “do something” in response to the beheadings. As Chico noted several days ago, he should be acting like Michael Corleone, instead we got Fredo.

        These monsters are playing all you terrorized bedwetters like a fiddle. The sad part is they’re playing the US government like one too.

        You mark my words this shit is futile.,36903/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=SocialMarketing&utm_campaign=LinkPreview:1:Default

        It would be funny if it wasn’t true.

        • jim_m

          You haven’t heard me whining that we should do something. My point has been that this is a result of Barry’s supine foreign policy and reputation for appeasement.

          It’s ironic that you of all people are asking for someone to project strength since you have been backing the weakest leader this nation has ever seen.

          • Brucehenry

            Of course it has.

          • jim_m

            As Chico noted several days ago, he should be acting like Michael Corleone, instead we got Fredo.

            OK, so you aren’t asking for someone to project strength. You are bitching that we have a pussy in the White House and you want more of that.kind of non-leadership because you are an ass.

        • Commander_Chico

          Worse than futile, criminal.

          All of these “Responsibility to Protect” cunts like Samantha Power, Anne Slaughter and Susan Rice should apologize and kill themselves for all the bloodshed they’ve caused in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq.

      • I’m surprised myself – but I’m not unhappy about it.

    • Commander_Chico

      Yes, I am amazed that they haven’t taken advantage of easy gun purchases to do a Mumbai type operation, or replicate the Beltway sniper ten-fold. There are a lot of other things they could do cheaply and with minimal risk to themselves.

      They’re like James Bond villains and Dr. Evil: spend years planning the big operation, with martyrdom included. Also seem to be obsessed with airplanes.

  • Vagabond661

    I read somewhere that 3 of the 5 terrorists that were released from Gitmo are now leaders in ISIS.

    • Either that or joined the Democrat Party. Can’t remember which.

  • Commander_Chico

    “Fought alongside.” An ambiguous term. Not “fought with” or “were members of” ISIS.

    The CIA is “fighting alongside” ISIS, in that it is assisting other groups of rebels also fighting Assad. The “Free Syrian Army” is “fighting alongside”

    Any American who went to Syria to fight Assad could be said to have “fought alongside” ISIS.

    Just shows how fucked up US policy is.

    • jim_m

      Any American who went to Syria to fight Assad could be said to have “fought alongside” ISIS.

      And given your contention that there are no and never have been any moderate elements of the Syrian rebels that statement would be true. You cannot have it both ways. Either there are no moderate elements and all rebels are radical islamists or there are moderate elements and there is a legitimate way of opposing Assad without aiding the islamists.

      • Commander_Chico

        You tell me. The radicals seem to be the ones who fight and hold ground.

        But the CIA is “fighting alongside” them to the extent they’re helping anyone to attack Assad.

        • jim_m

          If they are not fighting with them then we are fighting an independent (and therefore illegal) war against Assad. Take your pick.

    • Tell us again who is ultimately responsible and accountable under the Constitution for the foreign policy and armed forces of the United States under the Constitution (and by precedent, the intelligence community as well) oh soi dissant veteran cognoscenti and confirmed damn liar?

  • Commander_Chico

    On an Open Thread topic:

    The conservative backlash to Ted Cruz’s grandstanding stunt in the Protecting Middle East Christians conference continues. I mean true conservatives, not neocons.

    In addition to The American Conservative, the religious traditionalist conservative intellectual journal First Things and The Federalist have now denounced Cruz’s stunt, obviously intended to toady to Sheldon “I regret serving in the US Army” Adelson and the likes of that fat fuck John Hagee.

    For lending his voice to this propaganda stunt, we now know that Warner Todd Huston is likely on the neocon gravy train, sucking on Adelson’s flabby old tits.

    We know this was a provocation planned in advance, since Cruz met with the editors of the Washington Free Beacon before he spoke at the conference. The Free Beacon then planted a story smearing the Arab Christians as Hezbollah supporters. The groundwork was laid for Cruz’s stunt.

    The Federalist: Ted Cruz is no hero for insulting a room of persecuted Christians

    Cruz then went and made a non-sequitur speech wildly supporting Israel without addressing the subject of the conference: jihadist attacks on Christians in the Middle East. Since the families of many Palestinian Christians were kicked off their land by the Israelis since 1947, this provoked booing from the audience.

    First Things: A sad episode

    On Wednesday, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) addressed the gathering. Rather than focus on the plight of Christians, the subject of the conference, he decided to take the opportunity to lecture the crowd on its failure sufficiently to support Israel. After saying his purpose was to highlight the suffering of Christians, he abruptly and unaccountably segued to the story of Israel’s founding in 1948. “And, today,” he continued, “Christians have no greater ally than the Jewish state.” At this point, some in the crowd—some, not all—began to boo and tell him to “move on.” Instead, Cruz dug in, accusing the crowd of being unchristian and consumed with hatred for Jews. “If you will not stand with Israel and the Jews,” he told the crowd, “then I will not stand with you.” And he left the stage.

    When I first read the story, I shook my head at Cruz’s naiveté. Rightly or wrongly, Israeli policy towards Palestine is a sore point for many Mideast Christians, not a few of whom are Palestinians. Some Christians have been forced by circumstance to reach accommodations with Assad in Syria and Hezbollah in Lebanon, two foes of Israel. And, although Israel does not persecute Christians—it would be obtuse to suggest it does—many Christians in Israel feel that they are not particularly welcome, either. There are repeated reports of kids defacing churches and harassing Christian processions in the Old City of Jerusalem, for example. It would be convenient to blame these incidents on Islamists, but the perpetrators typically turn out to be students from ultraconservative yeshivas. And there are complaints that the government is quietly trying to push Christians out by denying building permits, professional licenses, etc. William Dalrymple’s classic book about Mideast Christians, From the Holy Mountain, details these complaints.

    This week’s conference was not the place to discuss all this, and the organizers clearly wished to avoid criticizing Israel. In fact, the conference wasn’t about Israel at all. So, most attendees were stunned by Cruz’s comments and embarrassed at the reaction to them. Why interrupt a conference about Mideast Christians to talk about Israel’s struggles, a subject bound to divide people? It’s worth repeating, not everyone booed Cruz. Some in the crowd applauded him.

    As I say, my first thought was that Cruz had been exceptionally inept. How could he fail to anticipate that he would derail the conference by taking this line? It seems, however, thathe had the episode planned. Before giving the speech, Cruz met with the editorial board of the Washington Free Beacon, a conservative website, which then ran an obligingly alarmist account of the upcoming event with the headline “Cruz Headlines Conference Featuring Hezbollah Supporters.” Apparently, the whole thing was a setup, a farce to make Cruz look good with his base and shore up his credibility as a pro-Israel hawk. Mollie Hemingway has the evidence over at The Federalist.

    People will move on from this sad episode, and the good work of the conference in raising the plight of Mideast Christians will no doubt bear fruit. But what are we to make of such a man, who hijacks an event focused on the suffering of a mostly forgotten group of people, sandbags his hosts, preens self-righteously, and deliberately provokes an ugly reaction to score political points? No doubt, Cruz and his staff will trumpet his brave conduct in standing up to bullies. In fact, what he did was humiliate the powerless, and there’s another word for that than brave.

  • jim_m

    Just like it did with the Mac, Apple has succeeded in painting itself into a corner and is now losing market share globally in an astonishingly rapid fashion. When your entire company has worked for over 3 decades to eliminate competition by developing a captive market, you are vulnerable to others creating whole other marketplaces that compete against you.

    That is what android has become, not just a competitor but an alternate marketplace that increasingly excludes Apple. And that is why Apple is doomed to return to the fringes of the marketplace. Cool marketing campaigns don’t take the place of market share and real sales. Android phone manufacturers will leverage larger global market share and revenue to fuel further development, meaning that Apple will find it increasingly difficult to keep up.

    If you look at recent Apple claims in PC sales you will see that it includes iPad sales. No other manufacturers of tablets publish their sales numbers and do not include them in their PC sales, so what Apple is doing is dishonestly increasing the estimates of their market share.

    Apple is a house of cards. My prediction is that in a few years they are back to where they were before Steve Jobs returned – a marginal player with a cult following and with little prospects for the future.

    • Commander_Chico

      80% of Apple’s appeal has always been status, not tech.