School Bans National Guard Shirt Because: GUNS!

A New York school took quick action to ban t-shirts being handed out by a New York National Guard recruiter because the shirt “promoted violence” since it had an drawing of a U.S. soldier in battledress on it. And, *gasp*, the drawing of the soldier was holding an evil, evil GUN!

Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk High School in Ravena, New York, said that the Guard recruiter’s t-shirts were “inappropriate” and violated the school’s dress code because of the gun image.

“They’re not allowed to wear anything that would have a weapon on it,” district Interim Superintendent Alan McCartney told the Times Union. “Our main purpose is education. Wearing pictures of weapons brings to mind those things in our society that are not pertinent to education.”

So, even mentioning America’s fighting forces is “not pertinent to education”? This man is an idiot who should be fired just because he is plainly too stupid to be in “education.”

McMoron, there, was referring to the dress code that insists that kids can’t wear shirts that “promote or endorse the use of alcohol, tobacco or illegal drugs or encourages other illegal or violent activities.”

So, our National Guard, our American military promotes nothing but “illegal and violent activities”?

Jennifer Delisle, a parent of one of the school’s children, told CBS-6 that “there’s a big difference between violent crime and people who serve us and keep us safe and keep our freedom.”

Rusty Weiss noted that the school drama department recently did a production of the famed musical “Annie Get Your Gun.” So, why what that not banned? Because: GUNS!

This is just another example of the so-called ‘adults” in our school systems refusing to act like adult who can make logical, informed decisions. It’s another example of why our miseducation system is a massive failure that needs to be torn down.

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  • Walter_Cronanty

    Wow, they must have a heavily edited American History book.

    • It is precious that you think they still teach US History at all!

      • jim_m

        They teach their own history: Lincoln was a democrat, the GOP passed the Jim Crow laws… pretty much the inverse of the truth.

  • LiberalNightmare

    This an example of the way our schools are used to indoctrinate our children. They will never be able to ban guns if they dont succeed in teaching our children that guns are evil.

    No guns.
    No toy guns.
    No pictures of guns.
    No tshirts with guns.
    No sandwiches are to bitten into the shape of guns.

    When the teachers manage to convince 8 yr old Timmy that guns are bad, then its easier to convince 35 yr old Timmy that he doesn’t need the right to a gun.

  • JWH
  • Sky__Captain

    Zero tolerance = zero intelligence.

  • GarandFan

    One size fits all. That way you never have to THINK.

  • mikegiles

    Isn’t this the same military that’s on it’s way to Africa, to help the natives with Ebola? Dumb, just dumb.

  • jim_m

    From the looks of Mr McCartney he could stand a few more guns and a lot less booze.

  • RE Hafner

    McCartney, the perfect example of a liberal idiot.

  • Commander_Chico

    The more extreme this stuff gets, the better it is to turn the tide.

    Some girl with a nice rack should come in with one and no bra and whip it off if they complain.

    • jim_m

      Trust Chico to comment on how he wants to see a 14YO’s rack.

  • Vagabond661

    Ever notice the sign for “No Guns Allowed” actually has a picture of a gun on it?

  • SoSalty SoSauty

    Hilarious, then the kiddies go home and watch reruns of ‘Lethal Weapon.”

  • 914

    Any shirt can be used as a garrote. In other words everything can be used as a weapon morons.