Oklahoma Beheading Shows Authorities Are Putting Us In Danger

After a Muslim convert in Oklahoma murdered a fellow co-worker at a food processing plant by beheading her, authorities there rushed to TV to claim that it was *just* workplace violence and that the Muslim murderer is not a terrorist. Since then we’ve seen every example of how this monster was a committed radical Islamist which makes him a terrorist whether he’s connected to a particular group or not yet our leaders are burying their heads in the sand and refusing to admit the truth.

On September 26, a man whom the police keep calling Alton Nolan entered Vaughn Foods, his place of employment, and beheaded Colleen Hufford, 54, a woman that works there, a woman he knew. He also tried to kill another employee, Traci Johnson, 43.

As soon as the incident hit the media authorities in Oklahoma rushed to the TV to insist that Nolan was not a terrorist, that he had no ties to any terror group, and that the attack was only a run-of-the-mill, average, boring ol’ case of “workplace anger.”

This is all a pack of lies.

First of all, this Islamist murderer, a 2011 prison convert to Islam, dumped his American name and for some time now has been going by the name Jah’Keem Yisrael.

Secondly, we have seen that he is tied in several ways to terrorists not the least of which is his personal ideology.

On his Facebook page he features photos of terrorists in Syria or some other such terrorist stronghold.

Even someone who knew this creep in high school said he was not surprised that he ended up as a murdering terrorist.

The mosque in Oklahoma City he attended has taught the destruction of Israel and the United States.

We also have since found out that he was fired from Vaughn Foods because he was arguing that women should be stoned for what he felt were infractions of Islamic teachings.

The truth is, it doesn’t matter if a Muslim in America–or any other western nation–has any direct ties to any particular terror outfit. The mere fact that he is a Muslim at all is all one needs to know that it is terrorism at the heart of his actions if he begins murdering people.

“Terrorist groups” are not the root of these actions.

Islam is.

Until our so-called leaders get this seminal fact through their thick skulls we won’t be able to protect ourselves from Islam. Not locally, not nationally, and not internationally.

Finally, yes, yes, yes, not all Muslims are terrorists merely because they are Muslims. Only an idiot would make that statement and only a liar would say that is what I am saying here. But the fact is, terrorism is infused in Islam at its core. This is unlike any other world religion–all of which have been misused, certainly. But Islam is shot through with tenets that can only be read as terroristic in nature.

In fact, here is where all conservatives of good conscience can find common cause with the usually profane Bill Maher. The comedian recently said that if we, as a western civilization, intend to fight intolerance, why haven’t we started with honor killings (and I’d add female genital mutilation) and other teachings of Islam that have been hitting the west for decades?

Recently on his show, Maher said this:

President Obama keeps insisting that’s ISIS is not Islamic. Well, maybe they don’t practice the Muslim faith the same way he does, but if vast numbers of Muslims across the world believe, and they do, that humans deserve to die for merely holding a different idea or drawing a cartoon or writing a book or eloping with the wrong person, not only does the Muslim world have something in common with ISIS, it has too much in common with ISIS.

This is exactly right

Yet, our leaders refuse to acknowledge this simple truth and their self-induced ignorance of the truth puts us all in danger.

Finally, one other part of this story is important to note: this Muslim monster was stopped by an American with a gun. The only reason this creep was stopped from killing more people was because a man had a gun in is car and he shot this Muslim and corralled the killer forcing him to stop his criminal acts. He did this because he was armed.

This makes the case yet again that we should all be armed.

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  • Brucehenry

    One, are you sure the photo at the top of this guy’s Facebook page isn’t of the heroic mujaheddin who helped St Ronald overthrow the Evil Empire?

    Two, your evidence that this Oklahoma mosque taught the destruction of Israel is an anonymous source the genius at “Jihad watch” CLAIMS to have spoken to?

    Just fucking with you. It’s obvious to me this guy was indeed a Muslim, or at least a guy whose weird prison-version-Islam was part of his paranoid schizophrenia. But hey, same diff, right?

    • jim_m

      Plus he apparently has connections with the same imam etc as the marathon bombers. Word is that obama has forbidden the FBI to consider religion as a risk factor in terrorist associations. So we are trying to track down islamic terrorists but cannot identify them by their religion when we already know that it is their particular brand of islam that makes them want to be terrorists.

      • Brucehenry

        Says “The American Thinker,” a reputable outfit if there ever was one.

        EDITED TO ADD: I can see why you like AT, Jim. Many many Jim-like American thinkers in the comment section OMG


        • jim_m

          they do more real thinking than Wankette, which you cite constantly.

          • Brucehenry

            Because Wonkette is funny. Intentionally so.

            Read any of the comments at AT? I like the ones where they are claiming Obama wants an attack on American soil so he can declare martial law and cancel the 2016 election, something you’ve hinted at in the past.

          • jim_m

            But that is not how you use it as a citation.

          • Brucehenry

            Well yeah sometimes I have cited them as a refutation but usually when the Wonkette article has a link embedded demonstrating a serious point.

          • “A serious point…”

            Now YOU are trying to be funny. Stop that.

          • jim_m

            Trying. Not succeeding.

          • “Because Wonkette is funny.”
            For the simpleminded, perhaps.

          • Brucehenry

            Says the genius who thinks Elly Maye is “brilliant.”

        • jim_m

          OK Bruce, Then explain why the FBI is claiming that this is not terrorism but is merely “workplace violence”? Local police claim this is terrorism, but The FBI refuses to call it anything of the sort.

          The only excuse for explanation is either gross incompetence or political intervention by obama and Holder.

          • Brucehenry

            Or it could be an acknowledgement that crazy people claim to be acting in God’s name when they commit murder sometimes, like the lady who drowned her five kids in Texas.

            Because the FBI saying “Hey let’s wait a couple of ticks before adding to the climate of fear and hysteria,” and not rushing to call the actions of a mentally unbalanced prison-convert convict who was recently fired “Islamic terrorism,” isn’t a bad thing, it’s a good thing. Except in the eyes of pantspoopers and bedwetters who love to live in fear, and want everyone else to live in fear too.

          • jim_m

            No. They are saying that it is not terrorism. There is a difference between saying that something may be terrorism and saying unequivocally that it is not. The fbi is saying the latter and historically has been phobic about calling anything, including the Boston Marathon bombing, terrorism.

          • Brucehenry

            I don’t see any quotes where they are saying “unequivocally” that it isn’t terrorism, certainly not in the link you provided. Where do you see that?

          • jim_m

            A flat statement that they do not consider this terrorism is enough.

          • Brucehenry


          • jim_m
          • Brucehenry

            There is no statement from the FBI or any other government agency in that link in which they state “unequivocally” that this thing wasn’t terrorism. Even the “expert” being interviewed by noted brainiac Tucker Carlson says the FBI is likely to change its cautious initial statement soon.

            You can keep posting the same link all afternoon. What you say is in it ain’t in it.

          • jim_m

            They stated flat out that this wasn’t terrorism. If you can show something that says that they are investigating this as an act of terrorism I will accept that. Otherwise I will go with their claim that they are investigating an incident of workplace violence.

          • Brucehenry

            FOX News says it is being investigated as an act of workplace violence. There is no statement from any federal agency saying that it is or it isn’t.

            EDITED TO ADD: Even if it IS terrorism, and I’m not saying it isn’t, it is ALSO an act of workplace violence, now ain’t it? A guy gets fired and a day or two later returns to his old workplace and kills someone? That’s not workplace violence?

          • jim_m

            They say that the FBI says it is. You fail to show where the FBI claims different.

          • Brucehenry

            What a dumbass. You make the claim that the FBI is saying something, but you can’t provide a quote, and I’m supposed to DISprove it?

            Where does FOX say the government is saying anything “flat out” or “unequivocally”?

            As far as we can tell by the link provided, the FBI has said nothing either way, or I’m sure the intrepid journalists at FOX would have reported what they said.

          • jim_m

            I provided an indirect quote. You have provided nothing that says that my claim is false. NOTHING. Come on dumbass, if I am so wrong where is the FBI statement that this is terrorism? Where is the news story saying that the FBI is treating this as an act of terrorism and was never looking at this as anything else?

            Come on Bruce. If I am so wrong this should be easy for you to do. But all you have is ideology and a drive to excuse every dumbass action that obama takes. There is NOTHING he does that you will not defend here.

            Seriously, if a person dies from other than natural causes, the police investigate it as a homicide until it is proven accidental or suicide. But here the FBI refuses to take the most cautious route. They assume that no crime has been committed. It’s BS.

          • jim_m

            Come on Bruce. I’m not asking you to prove a negative. I’m asking you to provide a positive proof that the FBI is treating this as terrorism and has done so from the outset.

            Pony up your proof tough guy.

          • Brucehenry

            I’m not trying to prove they are. Or that they should be. Or that they shouldn’t be.

            I’m pointing out you are saying something that isn’t so, or at least that you don’t know to be so.

            This investigation should go where the facts lead it, not to some orthodoxy that you define.

            BTW cool walkback from “flat out” and “unequivocal” statement to “indirect quote” — which it wasn’t, you buffoon.

          • Brucehenry

            No you didn’t provide an “indirect quote.” You took at face value a statement by FOX News, an assumption they made based on ….what?

            Look moron. This guy gets fired and a couple of days later he kills someone at his workplace. That makes it an act of workplace violence.

            The next step is in determining what the specific motive of this workplace violence was. If the guy meant to make a statement about Islam or western imperialism or whatever that would make it terrorism, but it is STILL workplace violence.

            So if the FBI is treating this as a case of “workplace violence” they are entirely right to do so. If it turns out to be more I’m confident we’ll find out soon enough. I’m pleased that the FBI isn’t adding fuel to the fire in any would-be vigilante hearts to go out and take matters into their own hands or whatever.

          • jim_m

            Nice cop out. It’s good to see that you don’t believe the bullshit you’re selling.

          • Brucehenry

            Not a cop out at all. The FBI may be starting with the assumption of a case of workplace violence but, contrary to what you have so falsely claimed here, BECAUSE YOU MAKE SHIT UP, the FBI has NOT made any “flat out” or “unequivocal” statements saying that this wasn’t terrorism.

          • jim_m

            From any evidence that we have the FBI’s initial statement was that this was not terrorism and they were not investigating it as such. In the event of a death the police investigate as though it may be a homicide so that they don’t miss anything. In this case the FBI is investigating as though this were something much less significant, allowing any co-conspirators or people who aided and abetted him to disappear or cover their tracks.

            If the first 48 hours of any investigation are the most important, the FBI has squandered theirs for the sake of political correctness and covering for obama’s crap policies which claim that any danger form terrorism was always make believe.

          • Brucehenry

            Have you ever considered that the FBI may be playing its cards a little closer to its vest than you would like? What a genius you are. Dick Fucking Tracy.

            If Nolen had accomplices or co-conspirators do you think they’re any more likely to be found if the FBI makes this announcement or that?

            On the other hand if the FBI screeches within hours that “Lordy we got us a terrorist attack!” do you think maybe some folks would be upset unnecessarily? Suppose it IS just nutcase who got infatuated with jihadi
            shit on the Internet, but we get a bunch of pitchfork-wielding Okies burning down mosques because the FBI spread a false alarm.

            Think about it for two fucking seconds, Jim. If some schizophrenic bastard immerses himself in Satanist websites and then murders someone, do we suspect a Satanist plot or do we suspect a schizophrenic episode? When the nice Texas Christian lady drowned her five kids did we rush to see what crazy Evangelists preached 20 years ago at whatever snake-handling church she attended?

          • jim_m

            Look dumbass, I would suspect conspiracies involving other religions if their adherents were going around cutting people’s heads off. As it is, they do not, but muslims sure as hell do. the obama admin’s stance that religion cannot be used to identify potential terrorists is idiotic. And it would be a nice change of pace to see the government reacting as though it were terrorism and then coming back and saying that it isn’t. It wold sure as hell lend some credibility to the denial if the investigation came first.

            And name one mosque that has been attacked as a result of this asshole. What fucking kind of bigot are you that you immediately accuse others of such things with no evidence ever? Just like the bullshit MSM that went on about anti-muslim violence after 9/11 when it still paled in comparison to anti-Semitic attacks.

            You just aren’t happy unless you can insult and blame Americans and trash this country and its values. Screw you.

            Come on asshole. Show us all the outbreaks of anti-muslim violence as a result of this. Waiting for evidence to back up your anti-American BS.

          • Brucehenry

            Never said there was. I said if the FBI rushes to label something terrorism it might incite it, and it might. We have a dude in this very thread making veiled threats. Go to Breitbart or “Planck’s Constant” and you’ll find plenty, and not veiled.

          • jim_m

            Another BS cop out from the liar. Screw you. You made an accusation. And so what? Are you now demanding that we predicate all law enforcement on whether or not it will upset people and they will break the law?

            So you agree with the 9th Circuit suppressing free speech because it might upset illegals. I guess we should stop arresting blacks because the folks in Ferguson will get upset. You’re an ass.

          • Brucehenry

            I made no accusation, you hallucinatory madman. I speculated on what might motivate the FBI not to make alarming and/or alarmist announcements.

            EVERY TIME we get into one of these things you do this to yourself. Make a fool of yourself getting more and more wound up, getting more and more outlandish, building more and more elaborate strawmen to knock down. It’s hilarious. It’s why I keep coming here.

          • jim_m

            Read my edit dimwit. I believe that the FBI paying heed to such concerns would decrease what you fear. As it is the FBI’s lack of any sort of concern about terrorism until after people are dead is the source of anything that might provoke violence.

          • jim_m

            Again, the reason you get any such speech is because people see the government as completely unresponsive and turning a blind eye to the issue of terrorism. If the government displayed more concern about it people would not feel like they needed to take the law into their own hands.

          • Brucehenry

            Yeah I’ll keep that in mind when the protests in Ferguson start up again. You know, the part about government turning a blind eye to the issues people care about it and how it encourages reckless speech and behavior.

          • jim_m

            You do realize that there is a difference between paying heed to the concerns of the people and stoking racial strife like obama does?

          • Brucehenry

            That’s your favorite line: “there is a difference…”

            There is always a difference, often perceptible only to you.

          • jim_m

            So, what you’re saying is that I have a favorite line. I’ll simply note that you are wrong again… 😉

          • Brucehenry

            I stand corrected. I should have said “That seems to be one of your favorite lines.”

          • jim_m

            There are lots of favorite lines. My mind is aglow with whirling, transient nodes of thought, careening through a cosmic vapor of invention. To which you should respond, “Ditto”.

          • Brucehenry

            Funny stuff, but funnier in 1976 when I was stoned.

          • jim_m

            Funnier in 1976 when they didn’t bleep out the n word.

          • Retired military

            “Or it could be an acknowledgement that crazy people claim to be acting in God’s name when they commit murder sometimes, like the lady who drowned her five kids in Texas.”

            You and the left don’t seem to bring this up when a movie theater is brought up or a school. Instead most of the rest of the left (not saying you) tend to want to paint all gun owners with the same broad brush.
            Do you deny that this happens?

          • Brucehenry

            I guess maybe it does, but not by me. I can’t be expected to argue or defend someone else’s position. What do I care what “the left” is or is not arguing? I only speak for myself.

          • Retired military

            Which is why I took the time to seperate you from “the left” and also to say tha tyou didnt (to my knowledge) fall into that category.

  • zipity

    None of our “leaders” want the fact that virtually all of our prisons are Radical Islamist factories, with ongoing and open efforts to convert and radicalize prisoners (primarily black prisoners) to become warriors for jihad.

    Unless and until we open our eyes to these basic truths, we are doomed to live under the sword of Radical Islam.

    The only solution would be the same that existed in WWI and WWII. You have to kill them and their people in sufficient numbers that they eventually lose the stomach for the conflict.

    Nothing else will work. You cannot reason with them. You cannot negotiate with them. You cannot assimilate them.

  • Paul Hooson

    Oh, you guys are being too negative. Look at the facts: Eric Holder is resigning, and now there appears to be some job openings in Oklahoma. See, things are working out if you just let things be and let the universe correct itself…

  • LiberalNightmare
    • Brucehenry

      Bunch of enlightened geniuses inhabit the comment section of THAT blog.

      • jim_m

        You inhabit this one. Your point?

        • Brucehenry

          That the proprietors of planck’s constant are playing to a certain audience, an audience of drooling jingo-spouting fearful rubes.

  • Commander_Chico

    The usual fear mongering, Warner begging “the authorities” to protect him. With more police, more surveillance, more checkpoints.

    • jim_m

      No one is asking for more police or more laws.

      What we want is for the he government to get serious about this and call it what it is and stop playing this pc game where they pretend that there is never anything that happens that is related to Islam.

      • Brucehenry

        And when the government “gets serious about this” what do you want it to do, specifically?

        • jim_m

          For starters, call incidents like this terrorism. Stop pretending that terrorism has nothing to do with islam. You can’t be serious about the problem if you won’t admit that it’s there.

        • GarandFan

          I think what he wants is to have the government call a spade, a spade. The Fort Hood shootings are still called “workplace violence”.

        • jim_m

          Islamic terrorism is real you dumbass. Just because you need to defend obama in everything and he is being an ass and claiming that it never happens here while he is President, doesn’t mean that we should ignore the problem like you are saying that we should.

          Coming out in the first few hours after an incident and ruling that something is not terrorism is foolish, especially when subsequently, the perpetrator is possibly linked to al qaeda and the Boston Marathon bombers.

          But here you go again making excuses for a regime that puts the people dead last after making itself rich and taking away all our rights. There is nothing the obama does that you will not find some excuse for.

          • Brucehenry

            Again where do you see any government official coming out and “ruling that something is not terrorism”?

            And if the government “calls a spade a spade” and “gets serious” about terrorism what would you have the authorities do next?

          • jim_m

            I see it with this and with Nidal Hassan. It was also the first thing that happened with the Marathon Bombing but was quickly overborne as it was too damned obvious that it was terrorism and they couldn’t deny that one. They are still denying that Nidal Hassan is a terrorist.

          • Brucehenry

            You “see it with this” but have yet to provide a quote.

            Also you have yet to say what you want “the authorities” to do once they “call a spade a spade” in these matters.

          • jim_m

            Provided elsewhere. I will also note that you do not deny my other criticisms but ignore them because you acknowledge that they are true.

          • Brucehenry

            No, it wasn’t. There is NO STATEMENT OR QUOTE FROM ANY FEDERAL AGENCY saying any such thing included in the link you provided. You are hallucinating again, reading words on a webpage in your head that no one else can see.

          • jim_m

            I suppose the follow up would be treating people like terrorists and hunting down those who influenced them or may have provided assistance or guidance. It seems like the imam who was connected to this guy and the Tsarnaev brothers would be a good place to start.

            Surveiling him like he’s a terrorist might be a good place to start. Doing so would probably avoid the next terrorist action.

            It’s almost like you expect that I want people locked up or killed indiscriminately. Not true. I would like to see their activities taken seriously and the intelligence apparatus of the US used for something other than spying on conservatives and ex girlfriends of government employees.

          • Brucehenry

            You keep saying this guy had a connection with the same imam as did the Tsarnaevs. I can believe that, but you’ll have to show me. Where’s your link?

          • jim_m

            It was in the previous link.

          • Brucehenry

            Never mind. Breitbart. No timeline., no evidence that Nolen ever met or heard a sermon by this guy. Typical Breitbart stuff.

          • jim_m

            Fair enough, but would you or would not want to have this investigated? I assume that you think that any such accusations are bullshit and therefore not worth investigating. Such attitudes are self perpetuating. You ever see any evidence of terrorist connections because you refuse to look for them. Just like obama.

          • Brucehenry

            Fine to have it investigated and I bet the FBI is doing so as we speak.

  • Peter Castle

    Recognize the truth – Islamic jihad is our enemy. Fight it! See “Terror Strikes America – Again!” at http://t.co/nurkdy0GI6.

    • 914

      Big centralized government that uses these groups to attain goals is the bigger threat. For they would be decimated in a sane world.

  • jim_m

    Yep. No terrorism going on in Oklahoma… Nothing to see here… Move along…

    She said Muriithi identified himself as a Muslim and said he “represented ISIS and that ISIS kills Christians,” the detective told a judge in the affidavit. The two had not worked together before.

    ISIS is a reference to Islamic State militants responsible for highly publicized beheadings in the Middle East.

    The woman said she asked him why they kill Christians and he replied, “This is just what we do,” the detective reported.

    “The victim said Jacob asked her what time she got off work and she replied by asking him in a joking manner if he was going to kill her,’ the detective wrote. “Jacob told the victim, ‘Yes,’ he was going to cut her head off. The victim asked Jacob what he was going to cut her head off with and he said, ‘A blade,’ then told her after he did it he was going to post it on Facebook.

    “The victim said Jacob was serious when speaking and never made any statements that he was joking or playing around.”

    The woman reported Muriithi repeated the threat as she left work, saying in front of another employee that he was going to use a blade, the detective reported.

    Expect that Bruce will claim that this is just workplace violence and that there is no connection to islam or to terrorism.

  • Ahmad Al-Ahmad

    “I had not thought death had undone so many.” T. S. Eliot’s “The Waste
    Land” O:)

    The fact that some church’s clergy are pedophiles does not necessarily mean that
    all Christians are pedophiliac! Although priests, bishops and cardinals
    represent Christianity, it should not be followed that Christianity is backward
    and pedophiliac religion. 🙂

    Similarly, the fact that so-called ISIS are brutal extremists and terrorists and claim to
    represent Islam does not necessarily mean that all Muslims are terrorists and
    extremists, nor does it mean that Islam is a barbaric and extremist religion. 🙂

    The same can also applied to you Mr. Maher: the fact that you hate Islam and
    Muslims does not necessarily mean that all of your followers should have that
    same hatred towards Islam and Muslims. 🙂

    By the way, I’m not your fan and I do not hate you nor do I like you– 🙂 you are
    a mere puppet (my apology to real puppets) who is trying to exploit his fans
    and followers so as to believe in some naive ideas and hate Islam and Muslims
    for some hidden agendas. 🙂

    Be reasonable and try to have a good and bias saying or doing for once in your
    life. 🙂