Chaos Time (and vice versa)

Headline: “Leap second: computer chaos feared as scientists let world catch up with clocks“. Will dependence on modern technology become the death of us? Share your thoughts.

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  • jim_m

    Another Y2K fiasco. The vast majority of computers and their programs do not require date codes much less counting seconds. Furthermore, most computers do not need to check with other computers to synchronize their date and time. Virtually zero programs are going to be affected by this and zero computers.

    What people don’t ask is how does an average computer know what time it is? Because we tell it, that’s how. SO how will a computer know about the leap second? It won’t and it will continue running without skipping a beat.

    Nevertheless, idiotic, left wing doomsday cultists will make this into the next apocalypse.

  • Why do these perpetual “chicken littles” have any credibility?