CNN Caught Red-Handed Lying About French ‘No-Go Zones’ Debate

Early this week CNN went after Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal after he insisted that there are “no-go zones” in France, parts of France filled with Muslims that French police would not go. CNN claimed this was untrue and attacked the Gov. for saying there was. But for months CNN has said exactly the same thing that Jindal said despite their sudden claims to the contrary.

Eric Wemple, media critic of The Washington Post, discovered that before attacking Jindal and Fox News for using the “no-go zones” rhetoric, CNN itself had spent months reporting that there were, indeed, such things as “no-go zones” in France.

“A search through Nexis archives finds that CNN traded in just the sort of ‘no-go zone’ that popped up on Fox News in the days after the Jan. 7 massacre at the offices of Charlie Hebdo magazine,” Wemple wrote on January 20.

Wemple didn’t stop with just one example, though. He went on to report instance after instance of CNN seriously reporting that there is such a thing as a “no-go zone” for French police.

In fact, Wemple re-visited CNN’s hypocrisy in a second piece with even more examples.

As to whether or not these zones exist, the French government vehemently denies that there is any where that French police are afraid to go and there certainly isn’t any official “no-go” policy.

Since the French government made these statements, Fox News has backtracked on the claims and apologized for saying so (CNN, on the other hand has not).

In any case, while France is undoubtedly correct that there is no official “no-go” policy, in effect they may as well have one because despite their protestations there really are Muslim neighborhoods that French rarely enter. This has been an accepted fact for a decade or more. Technically the French government might be right; there is no official no-go zone.” But in reality they are lying. French police are afraid to enter many Muslim infested communities in France.

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  • GarandFan

    Typical libs. Well it’s not “official policy”. The results are still the same. Just ask Lois Lerner.

  • Commander_Chico

    It’s called “the ghetto.”

  • LiberalNightmare

    If word about CNN lying gets out, people will quit watching the channel.

    • Paul Hooson

      As angry as CNN sometimes makes me, I’ll watch anyway. It’s a force of habit, and not loyalty. I do enjoy FOX quite a bit.

  • Paul Hooson

    CNN is ratings challenged, I guess. – WIZBANG POP has the opposite problem. I’ve had nearly 34,000 viewers there so far today, with 76,458 the all time high water mark rating of viewers in one day ever…




    I live in an urban area. Are there neighborhoods I wouldn’t enter? Sure.

    • jim_m

      Your aren’t the police. The allegation has been that the French police have abandoned some muslim communities to mob rule because they are afraid of the Islamic militants in their midst.


        Yes, the allegation that has been denied repeatedly in both England and France.

        I see that the Mayor of Paris is said to be suing Fox. Might want to get that CNN information to her toot de suite.

        • jim_m

          I am not saying whether the allegations are fair. The point is that the police have an obligation to go to these places. Private citizens like you and I have the luxury of avoiding them if we choose.

          • glamdeluxe

            there is no obligation to protect you otherwise the police would be getting judgements all the time . not just abuse but neglect, won’t happen. the only person responsible for your safety is you.

      • glamdeluxe

        like some places in detroit.

        • WHO’S THE BUSTER

          Which is where I live. Their are neighborhoods that can be scary for anyone.

          Of course I always tell people that if you have to go to a dangerous area, simply go at nine in the morning. Why? Because “crime” sleeps in.

  • wildwood15

    The “sensitive urban” areas are online. We researched before we visited France.

  • Tiger58

    Would anyone expect anything else from CNN?