Obama’s Wave of Illegals Also Bring a Wave of Violent and Petty Crimes

When Obama threw open the southern border and advertised is South and Central American countries to tell foreigners that anyone who came to the US illegally would be given amnesty, he also threw open our back door to a wave of your conventional criminals such as rapists, murderers, thieves, and drug dealers.

That is exactly what has happened, too. According to new reports crime by illegals has exploded all across the country (as especially in the south west). A list compiled by the federal government reveals criminal convictions that were won against 1,000 of the 36,007 foreign criminals who were released out into our country by officials in 2013.

“The 1,000 criminals’ convictions,” The Daily Caller wrote, “included 196 drunk-driving charges and 57 other driving offenses, 88 theft, 69 burglary and 24 larceny charges, 26 assault charges and 35 charges of battery, 178 drug charges, two rape charges and at least four auto thefts.”

That number is huge and you must understand that it is a fraction of the actual criminals and crimes that actually occurred.

Infuriatingly, the GOP has known these numbers for quite some time and has sat on them not releasing them and never bringing them up during the recent hearings for Obama’s next nominee for Attorney General, Loretta Lynch.

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  • jim_m

    That’s not a bug. That’s a feature of his policy.

  • GarandFan

    Not to worry. Most were given future dates to appear in court for sentencing. Just don’t hold your breath waiting.

  • Commander_Chico

    If you want to hold and deport those guys, you have to pay. If the budget doesn’t have the money, can’t run prisons and transport people.

    • Walter_Cronanty

      If this country is too poor to protect its borders, we are well and truly fucked.
      By the way, what happened with all that stimulus money that was supposed to go to “shovel ready projects” when, in fact, there were very few shovel ready projects?

      • Commander_Chico

        The money goes to wars and vested interests. I just found out that the US Government subsidizes some air routes,

        • Retired military

          “The money goes to wars and vested interests”
          Gee this was under Obama. I don’t remember Cheeko saying this 5 years ago when Obama was bailing out the GM dealerships that bundeled money for him.

        • Walter_Cronanty

          Well, get ready ’cause our interest payments on that debt we incurred in the last 6 years, is going to dwarf defense spending: “By 2021, the government will be spending more on interest than on all national defense. according to White House forecasts. And one year later, interest costs will exceed nondefense discretionary spending–essentially every other domestic and international government program funded annually through congressional appropriations. (The largest part of the budget is, and will remain, the mandatory spending programs of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Mandatory spending is over $2 trillion and is set to double to $4 trillion by 2025.)”


  • twolaneflash

    Jimmy Carter should be remembered for the invasion of Cubans from Castro’s prisons and mental hospitals. A childhood friend was one of the guards taken hostage at the Atlanta Federal Prison when the Cuban prisoners rioted and took control of the prison. There are no statistics that can relieve the grief of one American citizen harmed by the crime and criminals inflicted on Us by this tyrannical and lawless “government”. Our “rulers” have no compassion for the mayhem and slaughter they have brought upon Us, across America, in Our streets, schools, businesses, and homes; the fundamental transformation proceeds according to plan.

  • magic1114

    Given those kind of numbers I wonder how long it will be before the liberals in this country start screaming about the number of illegals killed by concealed carry holders? You can bet the farm that a lot of them will be killed, and the left will be screaming “that’s racissss”…

  • ohio granny

    Just as Muslims are trying to colonize western countries, Hispanics are trying to colonize the USA. They do not want to assimilate at all. Obama, democrats and too many establishment republicans don’t care at all. The only thing any of them seem to care about is trying to gain voters and all for political power. I would like to ask each and every one of them don’t they care at all about what they are doing to their children and grandchildren’s future?