Muslim Terrorists Try to Disrupt Texas ‘Draw Mohammad’ Free Speech Event, Get Killed in Attack

Two would be Muslim terrorists made to disrupt the free speech event held in Garland, Texas last night. The pair drove up to the event and started shooting at police stationed outside. One officer was slightly injured but the two Muslims were instantly put down in the attack.

As of last night police were still investigating to see whether there was a bomb inside the car in which the pair drove to the event.

The event held at the The Curtis Culwell Center in Garland was the “Mohammad Art Exhibit and Contest” sponsored by Pamela Geller, president of the American Freedom Defense Initiative. Geller has been planning the event for months and has said that she is talking a stand for free speech over vociferous whining from some Muslims that images of Mohammad violate their radical, Islamist teachings.

WFAA reports: “The Garland ISD officer, identified as Bruce Joiner, was shot in the lower leg and suffered non-life threatening injuries, according to a spokesman for Garland Police. He was in stable condition at a local hospital.”

The officer was already released from the hospital by late evening.

The Curtis Culwell Center was quickly put on lockdown and the security perimeter extended to 1,000 yards around the building meaning that some nearby businesses had to be temporarily evacuated as a precaution in case the shooters had a bomb in the car.

There was some suggestion that one of the would be killers Tweeted about his actions yesterday evening. His Twitter handle is @atawaawkul and this was the Tweet in question:

No confirmation of this has been made.

Just before 11PM Garland time, the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force had joined the investigation and detained all participants of the event to interview them about what they witnessed.

This is a clash of freedom and the terroristic tenets of Islam and nothing less. If our freedoms survive it will only be because we didn’t knuckle under to the threat of Islam.


One of the would be terrorists has been identified…

From Breitbart: “ABC News reports one of the shooters has been identified as Elton Simpson, who an FBI official stated had been investigated for terrorism in the past. Court records from 2011 show Simpson identified as an ‘American Muslim.'”

It's Time So Much of This 'Free Speech' is Shut Down for Inciting Violence
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  • jim_m

    The SPLC is already on record saying that this is the fault of the event organizers. The left is blaming the event for inciting violence. Somehow in their mind Geller is an extremist and the terrorists are normal.

    • Paul Hooson

      Even the police chief expected this to incite violence and present a serious security problem. – Funny the religious take on this. The Old Testament God of the Torah and Bible didn’t much care for graven images of himself. Some native African, Indian and Amish don’t like photographs, because they feel the camera is stealing their souls. And Aunt Flora doesn’t like pictures or art of her, because it “looks nothing like her”.

      • Wild_Willie

        Even if I buy your examples, which of those religions you mentioned sanction murder of the artist or picture taker? ww

        • Paul Hooson

          Aunt Flora is known to get pretty angry if she doesn’t like her picture sometimes…So are more than a few women…

      • jim_m

        Who cares if people get offended. There is no right not to be offended. Saying that people deserve to be murdered for offending others is idiotic and shows a deep lack of maroal judgement.

        If my right to swing my arm ends where my fist touches your nose, then quit putting your nose on my fist before I swing my arm.

        This is how the SJW’s are trying to take away our freedoms. They say that our rights end where others get upset and they are making damned sure that others get upset at nearly everything.

        • Folks are free to take as much offense as they can carry, and to act upon that offense in ways not proscribed by law.

  • killdeer

    “the security perimeter extended to 1,000 years around the building”

    • jim_m

      Free speech is more radioactive than Chernobyl to the left.

  • Retired military

    It wasnt a terror attack. It was an act of art show violence.

  • Retired military

    When Obama comments on this attack I wonder if he is going to send a shout out to all the illegals in Texas.

    • Walter_Cronanty

      “When Obama comments on this attack” – you mean when he blames the attack on Christians?

  • alanstorm

    In Texas?

    Jihadis would be outgunned at a baby shower.

  • Saif Auditore

    fuck ur free speech. its not free speech if it is spreading hate. The title of this article shows an inherent bias , fuck the author

    • jim_m

      Another “moderate” muslim heard from.

      It’s free speech. And no matter how offensive and rude you find it, it will never justify your attempting to murder us.

      But we will laugh at your homicidal fanatics being outgunned by a Texas art show.

      • JWH

        What was the original comment? it’s been deleted.

        • Scalia

          Several f-bombs…that free speech did not include hate speech.

        • fuck ur free speech. its not free speech if it is spreading hate. The title of this article shows an inherent bias , fuck the author

          Thus wrote Saif Auditore, psbuph.

          • JWH

            I wish you had left his comments undeleted. They offered context.

          • I didn’t.

          • jim_m

            I agree with JWH. You shlould have left his dark ages ideology up for everyone to see what intolerant fools follow his beliefs.

          • Again, I did nothing to the post.

          • jim_m

            ok. Whoever did it should have let it stay. Unless there were a bunch of islamists coming in as troll there wasn’t a need.

          • JWH

            Ah, I did not know that. Given your threat below, I thought you might have taken action against him.

    • jim_m

      Let me think…

      What spreads more hate? Showing a picture of mohammad? Or murdering people because they don’t think like you?

      I’m gonna say the latter. What spreads hate is muslims trying to murder us all. I’ll be nice and say that I hope the FBI stops you before you meet the fate of your two friends in Texas.

      • Commander_Chico

        They had police decked out like Blackwater at the event.

        I’m glad they got the terrorists, too bad about the security guard who was just a working guy. Fortunately, his wounds were minor. I just watched the police chief’s press conference.

        This was just a troll job by attention-whore and plastic surgery fan Pam Geller.
        Where does the money come from to pay the extra cops ($10,000) and the prize money ($10,000)? Mission accomplished, money well spent. More militarization of police in America, more fear, more hatred against America.

        It would be more of a ballsy free speech thing in Texas to mock Jesus. There’s no money in that, though.

        A few years ago they pulled a play, Corpus Christi, which showed Jesus and the apostles as gay men in Texas. The producers in Texas got death threats, and the government shut the production down.

        • jim_m

          If people are already marching in the streets chanting “death to America” and muslims want to kill us regardless of our nationality but simply because we don’t share their religion and their ideas of women as property, does this materially change what they think of us?

          No of course not. But small minded cowards like yourself will use it as an excuse to take freedoms away from the rest of us. For all your criticism of Geller, she has more courage in her pinky finger than you have in your whole body.

        • jim_m

          I’m sure that your play, Corpus Christi, would play very well in a more appropriate venue such as San Francisco. You don’t find Geller trying her art show in Mecca. Know your audience.

          I somehow doubt that if they had produced the play in the Bay area that anyone from Texas would have bothered to travel there to murder the cast.

          But go ahead and draw all the ignorant false equivilencies you can. It only shows you to be a shallow fool.

          • Walter_Cronanty

            The gays have been mocking Christianity for years in San Francisco, without any mention of shootings. See, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence:

            “Using their attire to parody nuns and religious sacrament, some actions of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence have gone farther to offend Catholics. …
            Starting in 1995, the Sisters began a Castro Crawl on Easter Sunday to celebrate their anniversary. The event features a 13-stop pub crawl that parodies Stations of the Cross. At each station in front of a gay bar or similarly affiliated organization, the Sisters call out “We adore thee, O Christ” to be answered by their traveling audience in “Luvya, mean it, let’s do brunch”. Actors portray the Virgin Mary, Mary Magdalene, and other people integral to Easter traditions, and the Sisters continue to educate for safer sex by passing out condoms, ending the event with a toast of vanilla wafers and Jägermeister.”

          • Commander_Chico

            The point is they have no free speech in Texas.

          • Walter_Cronanty

            Oh, I think things may get better – that anti-First Amendment Mayor of Houston, Annise Parker, withdrew her subpoenas for Christian ministers’ sermons and correspondence. She’s still not allowing a vote on her pet legislation forcing businesses to allow grown men who identify as women the right to use the restrooms of their choice, but you know how progs hate democracy.

          • jim_m

            Really? Because As far as I can see they haven’t bothered to stand up for it so how do you know?

          • Retired military

            Not like Berkley, Harvard, Yale, And a dozen other liberal colleges where conservative speakers have been told they are not welcome.

          • Commander_Chico

            Speech should be free everywhere in the USA. “More appropriate venue” is the language of campus commissars. If you’re exercising free speech rights in order to offend, then be honest and pull no punches. That play should be able to be performed in Texas, but it can’t.

            Just like the play would push the gay agenda, this “exhibition” was singling out one group to offend in order to push its political agenda. In this case the agenda was set by the Israel Lobby and the “Homeland Security” police state lobby. It was well-funded. Cui bono?

          • jim_m

            The play is legal. The producers just chickened out. Geller paid for the extra security and stood up to the threats.

            This is nothing like your stupid play. No one from the Christian community was threatening to kill gays. NO ONE. Your gay play was about offending people for the sake of egging them on. The art exhibition was about demonstrating that a pre-existing threat to murder people for their speech would not silence them.

            There’s a world of difference between the two instances and you are too blinkered to see it.

          • Freedom of speech is freedom from prior restraint, not freedom from the consequences.

          • Commander_Chico

            Consequential violence is wrong and should be prevented by the state.

            It’s wrong if the city of Garland required the $10,000 paid to the police detail, or any such requirements for any demonstrations or speeches imposed by government. That’s a burden to be borne by the taxpayers.

          • Fracking fascist…

          • Commander_Chico

            So you endorse the Muslim shooters in principle? Violent responses to free speech are ok? It’s “fascism” for the state to prevent violence?

          • Retired military

            The left is the one who is saying that violet response to “offending Islam” is okay and that the right is asking for it.

          • Project you very much indeed.

          • Retired military

            Actually private events pay cities for security all the time. In addition, when you have events you have to pay the city for things like portajohns, traffic cops etc.

          • JWH

            Unless said consequences are government action.

          • Retired military

            Noone is stopping the play from being performed in Texas. Show me the law that is stopping it?

        • Retired military

          THe money didnt come from foreign govts like your girl Hillary’s contributions.
          I dont see you complaining about plays and things that mock Christianity.
          Please link where the govt shut the production down. Seems the only way they would do that is if they were putting it on in the first place.

    • I am proud to be hated by a scum bag like you Saif Auditore, you murder-loving, backwards, savage. If I have inhuman, monsters like you as my enemy, I am doing the right thing. Get lost, you Muzzie creep.

    • I’m more than a little inclined to delete your comment and ban you just for your foul mouth.

      Instead I’ll just mention that the “prophet” was a brigand, thief, murderer, rapist, child rapist, and despoiler of barnyard animals. His followers have carried all of those traditions into the modern era.

      • jim_m

        Leave it up. He should be allowed to know that he has brought disrespect upon his religion and upon allah. He should know that he has made these sorts of events more likely in the future and not less. He should know that we will allow him to say what he wants even though he supports murdering us for what we say.

        Leave it up for the humiliation and shame it brings down upon him and his allah.

      • Idahoser

        Let me just point out that the “foul mouthed” one is Saif, not Warner.

        • (Yeah, I realized that. At first I said… WHA??? But then I realized he was talking to the terror-lover)

      • Commander_Chico

        Remember, this is about “free speech.”

        • Retired military

          Something that liberals think should only be free if it agrees with their viewpoints.

    • Saif Auditore

      Whatever scumbags. I’m not endorsing the actions of the gunmen but that whore who did this endangered not only her life but the lives of everyone else there. My question is ‘why did she have to organize this lame , ridiculous and offensive event?’

      The gunmen were crazy and stupid – it is unlike any true Muslim to take the life of an innocent . Keyword – True. If I were in their place , I’d have taken a huge, demeaning poster of Christ just to show the people there how it feels . Although I d be commiting a sin coz its a sin in Islam to insult someone else’s deity.

      Warner , shut up and piss off. If u r gonna write a bigoted article u r gonna get the hate u deserve. Shame this page is only viewed by other old ,white Fox News viewing dipshits like urself

      • Sky__Captain

        That’s it – keep showing your true lack of intelligence and bring yet more disrespect upon your religion and upon Allah.

        Warner’s article is not bigoted, merely the truth. But we know that you can’t handle the truth.

        Why was the event organized? Most likely to point out that freedom speech is quite OK in the US.
        The fact that it brought out a bigot like yourself is a bonus.

      • Terror lover.

      • Pig scat be unto you, your “prophet” and any who call him “prophet.”

  • Idahoser


  • Alpha_Male

    Gotta Love Texas!

    Even if the scumbags would have made it to the actual event the hardest thing for the coroner would have been to determine which entry points were made by .40 and which were made by 9mm, because I guarantee about 3/4 of the people in there were CHL holders.

  • Joseph Brandon

    Pam Geller, the organizer of the event is a hero to me in so many ways
    (and way hot to boot!). She stands steadfastly against the Radical
    Muslim radicals as well as pointing out the genocide being carried out
    against Christians as well as Jews by this scum. For this she is vilified and worse by
    the powers that be. Her stand for Freedom of Speech and ideals has got
    to be heeded by all.

    Kudos to her as well as to the police who gunned down the radical scum.

  • JWH

    Ever here that old quote about disagreeing with everything a person says, yet still that person’s right to say it. That’s pretty much my attitude toward Pamela Geller.

  • LiberalNightmare

    Not exactly a huge loss to ISIS.

    Anyone that thinks that attempting a mass shooting in Texas is a good idea, aint exactly the cream of the crop.

    • Retired military

      Except for the gun free zones like Ft Hood.

      • LiberalNightmare

        I heard a rumor, that this shooting was also in a gun free zone (school zone) but I havent been able to verify that,

        If thats the case, those terrorists are in real trouble.

  • Ricky Black

    We are better than Islam because our ideas are better than Islam.

  • tut

    Muslims prey on helpless and defenseless victims, from young girls to the elderlies, that would soon also include Liberal traitors and their offspring, despite their wishful thinking, if the rest in the West let the trend continue, due to ignorance, passivity and denial.

    British girls got raped by Muslims on industrial scale

    1,400 young white girls got raped by Muslims

    2nd generation Muslim beheaded a 82 year-old grandmother in UK

    Muslim stabbed and killed a 96 year-old woman in Denmark

    Muslims beat random couple in Denmark with bottle and iron chains in the face (warning: disturbing graphics) then laughed in court.

    There are now more than 100 Shariah Courts in UK, with Muslim laws allowing honor-killing, stoning, sex-grooming, enslaving women, voiding non-Muslim and women’s rights to properties and inheritances, etc.

    Malaysia have been imposing Shariah Law on non-Muslims.

    Same with Indonesia

    Same with US. Shariah Law has directly challenged the US Constitution in 146 known cases so far (unreported figure was much higher and likely to be higher still in the future)

    US Muslim so-called college students (Brooklyn College) salute ISIS (warning: some disturbing graphics)

    2nd generation US Muslim killed 4 non-Muslims

    US Muslim convert beheaded 54-year-old woman

    US Muslim convert stabbed 2 old men just because they were non-Muslims

  • tut

    The ‘Religion of Peace’ in not so many words …

  • JWH

    In light of a certain person’s (now deleted) comments to this post, I think it’s worth remembering that the wonderful thing about the First Amendment is that it provides a number of avenues to deal with Geller’s cartoon contest. For example, somebody could:

    * Publish and distribute handbills critical of Geller’s cartoon contest (and calling it hate speech).
    * Assemble a group to peaceably protest Geller’s cartoon contest.
    * Sponsor a cartoon contest calling for caricatures of Geller, or of some revered American figure.
    * Offer information and an opposing view on why one, as a matter of etiquette and consideration, ought not to draw caricatures of Mohammed.
    * Advocate for a law or constitutional amendment banning depictions of Mohammed.

    These would vary in effectiveness, of course, but they have the virtue of being peaceable and within the bounds of the law.