Complaint Demands Christian Crosses be Removed From INSIDE Catholic School so as Not to Offend Muslims

A useful idiot named John Banzhaf who claims to be a professor at George Washington University, but really spends his time filing nuisance lawsuits on all sorts of topics, has filed a complaint against a Catholic university because the Christian cross is displayed throughout the school. This loon claims that because there are Christian crosses everywhere, why, goshdurnnit, this must offend Muslim students. So he is demanding that the crosses be removed from the school.

The buttinski prof thinks that he is being an advocate for Muslim students at Washington D.C.’s Catholic University of America. He is demanding that the Catholic school remove all its crosses because he thinks that the crosses will somehow prevent Muslims from praying to their own “god.”

Now, the thing is, not a single Muslim student at CUA has ever complained. None of them have said that their own Muslim faith is somehow oppressed by having Christian crosses displayed inside a Christian school. But professor Banzhaf thinks he knows better.

How this halfwitted “professor” can imagine that Muslims can have their religion oppressed with displays of Christian crosses inside a Christian school, but that a lack of crosses won’t harm the Christians’ religious expression is a mystery to any logical, thinking person.

Here is the inescapable logic that this foolish “professor” can’t seem to grasp: He wants all Christian crosses removed, right? So, he obviously thinks that a lack of crosses won’t hurt the Christian students and their expression of faith.

So, with his “logic,” a lack of symbols of religion means religion is still easily practiced.

But think of this: there is already a lack of Muslim symbols in this school. And here is the thing: if Christians can pray to God without crosses being present, how is it that Muslims can’t pray to their Allah if symbols of their religion aren’t present.

He is essentially attacking a problem that doesn’t exist.

Worse, this Banzhaf character seems think that Muslims are so stupid that they can’t figure out how to pray to their “god” if there are symbols that are not of their faith present in any given room?

He has just infantilized Muslims.

I’m not alone in think this Banzhaf guy is a jerk.

“This attorney is really turning civil rights on its head,” Patrick Reilly of the Cardinal Newman Society noted. “He’s using the law for his own discrimination against the Catholic institution and essentially saying Catholic University cannot operate according to Catholic principles.”

But this Banzhaf nut has a long history of such busy-body, nuisance lawsuits and complaints such as this new attack on Christianity. He has filed suits on such issues as obesity, smoking, discrimination, the environment and a host of other issues in none of which he was wanted nor asked to become involved.

Thomas Peters of the website CatholicVote is mystified by the whole thing but is also worried that this hate-filled, nosey nanny could end up adding to the constant stream of oppression of Christians stemming from both Muslims and fiendishly compliant liberals in our country these days.

“Can you imagine a law professor helping Catholic students to sue a Jewish or Muslim school to demand that the schools install crosses, remove their religious symbols, and allow the Catholics to construct a chapel on their property? Can you imagine the argument being that Jewish and Muslims schools using their religious symbols and following their faith traditions would be described in the legal brief as ‘offensive’?!”

“Normally I would have confidence that this lawsuit will be deemed without merit, but the way things are going these days, I just can’t be sure anymore. Simply incredible.”

If you are interested in contacting the Washington D.C. Office of Human Rights to voice support for the Catholic university, call 202-727-4559 or leave a written message at the office website.

If you would like to send a message of support to Catholic University of America, here is the school’s web contact page.

Now, I’d like to stress that–for a change–no Muslims are complaining about these Christian crosses inside this Catholic university. A publicity-seeking, left-wing, hater of the United States is the one perpetrating this complaint.

But if this maggot wins, you can bet that anti-American groups like the un-indicted, co-conspirator of terrorists called CAIR will be all over this idea. If this complaint is successful it’ll be just one more example of our laws being used against us to aid Islam to defeat the west and destroy us all.

But this story is a perfect illustration that the impulse for wanting despotism and a yearning for an autocratic state isn’t much different in liberals as it is Islamists.

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  • vladtepesblog

    Your reasoning is incorrect because, ironically, it is based on reason and looking at the facts at hand only. When something like this happens that seems to make no sense, often it is because there is a missing datum somewhere that ties it all in. In this case it has to do with a steady progression of events that lead to islamic supremacy. If you look at how this issue was handled in the UK you can see it. Crosses outside are removed based on the same or similar complaints. Things are forced to become ‘multifaith’ which then morphs into islamic. Prayer rooms are the best example. Go to an institution anywhere with a multifaith prayer room and start doing Jewish prayer and see how long it lasts. Or hang a cross or picture of Jesus. The prayer rugs, they stay though along with the thing that points to Mecca.

    Just because you are not aware of the muslim behind this complaint doesn’t mean there isnt one, although there is no question that foaming leftists who loath America as she has been are willing to use Islam as a shield and spear against the status quo. But I would not be so quick to dismiss this as mere lunacy. This tactic has been used successfully all over formerly Christian Europe and wherever political correctness makes false equivalence a legal force.

    • He’s probably a practicing socialist and we know where they stand when it comes to Islam. Anything that helps destroy our freedoms, our constitution is welcome to socialist. He could be working with CAIR or another Islamic organization to try and get the crosses removed. Your so correct, Muslims work their evil ideology into every nook and cranny inch by inch. A prayer room here, a swimming class for women only. Headbags allowed for women where no head dress is normally allowed. Just little steps until their so deep inside our system were unable to get rid of them. UK and most of Europe are good examples of what their trying to do here.

    • hey dumba$$, it’s a private CATHOLIC RELIGIOUS UNIVERSITY…they don’t have to worry about offending Muslims with their religious symbiology…get a life. (btw, I’m a religiously observant Jew and I’m not offended by stuff like this, neither should you.)

  • yetanotherjohn

    I would file a counter suit that the activities at the center for women studies distresses me as a Christian, so they must remove all references there to abortion. That will quickly devolve to “well we like this group and not your group”, which would expose that it is not principle, but bigotry that motivates people like this. If that doesn’t work, start beheading people until the left is scared enough that they start to kowtow to Christians.


      “I would file a counter suit that the activities at the center for women studies distresses me as a Christian.”

      Which you are welcome to do, although it would also be classified much like this one, a “nuisance” suit.

  • Paul Hooson

    Absolutely unacceptable and unconstitutional. This nation was built on the common bonds and friendship of the Christian and Jewish faiths. My menorah never leaves my office, no matter what….And, it’s good for TV reception too!

  • Brucehenry

    There are lots of crackpot loonies who get their kicks filing nuisance lawsuits. We should pity these people but make them stop filing nuisance lawsuits, somehow.

    • File… a lawsuit against them? 🙂

      • GarandFan

        Actually it would be up to a judge. File enough bogus lawsuits and you’re declared “a vexatious litigant”. Once that happens, you file another bogus suit:
        a) It’s thrown out
        b) You’re slammed with court costs

    • EricSteel

      That is why I support “loser pays” legislation. Whoever loses the case pays court and attorney fees for both sides. Kooks like this like to create change using the threat of expensive lawsuits to intimidate people into changing to fit their kooky views. It really doesn’t cost him much to lose, so he goes on and on with it.
      But if he was stuck with the full boat cost of the plaintiff and defense costs, I bet he would stop.

      • Brucehenry

        I can see your point but let’s consider a poor person who sues a big corporation. The corporation can hire a battery of lawyers and simply outlast him, and if they stretch it out long enough and THEN he loses he is on the hook for maybe millions.

        That fact could intimidate people into not filing suit when they should.

  • Commander_Chico

    Chico looked into this. I know this will come as a shock, but Warner misrepresents the facts.

    First, the complaint had nothing to do with removing crosses. It had to do with Muslim students forming a club where other non-Catholic groups were allowed.

    You’ll also be shocked to find out this is from 2011.

    Second, Banzhaf has an impressive record. He was a big force getting cigarette ads off TV and smoking out of airline flights.

    See and

    • Brucehenry

      Ha! Didn’t know this guy helped get the charges dropped against the Duke Lacrosse players and charges BROUGHT against Nifong.

      • Commander_Chico

        Yes, Banzhaf is now a leader in the fight against the campus rape hysteria.

        Not the first hero Warner’s tried to demonize.

        • Brett Buck

          Advocating that the government go into Catholic schools and remove crosses to protect Muslim’s precious sensibilities doesn’t sound too heroic to me.

          • Commander_Chico

            Except he did not do that.

          • It is what he wants.

          • Commander_Chico

            Just like you want to impose a fundie dictatorship.

            See you can put words in anyone’s mouth

          • Nope. I suspect he (and most of the rest of us) would prefer to leave you ruthlessly alone and rejoice at the thought of hearing from and of you no more.

          • Commander_Chico

            I see your hero Zimmerman got a taste of his own medicine.

          • Another fine example of why we care to hear from you no more.

  • Instead of removing the crosses, why not remove the Muslims from the University. In Most Islamic countries, Christian churches are banned or have been removed. No Christian churches or even the bible is allowed in Saudi Arabia where I bet some of the Muslims who attend the University come from. Its time to stand up against the savages and tell them to hit the pike if they don’t like seeing the crosses on the walls of a Christian University.

    • SourLoser

      Islam is cancer

    • SourLoser

      The world will be a better place without muslims.

    • john


  • alohasteve
  • deltamary

    A Muslim going to a Catholic School?

    • Paul Hooson

      I wonder how rare that is. – I know that Jews who attend Catholic schools are far more common than most anyone realizes.

      • It’s the lure of shiksa sex

        • AugustineThomas

          Only if they’re actually secularists, because secularists are always perverts who have no meaning beyond cheap pleasure.

          • WHO’S THE BUSTER

            So if you aren’t a devout follower of a religion, you are a pervert?

          • AugustineThomas

            Recovering pervert.

  • john

    That’s what happens when you welcome a barbaric, satanic sect like Islam to this con try with open arms.

  • If its a private university they can have a cross and a portrait of the Prophet Muhammad depicted as Charlie Tuna in every room if they wished.

    • jim_m

      I wouldn’t blaspheme Charlie Tuna in that way and I think violence should be done to anyone who does.

  • I realize that this will come as a shock to some people here, but chico is correct. Warner is talking about an issue that occurred in 2011. In January of 2012, University of Chicago law professor Brett G. Scharffs wrote the following:

    “We should expect that in due course the complaint will be quietly dismissed by the Human Rights Commission. Nothing more, perhaps, than a tempest in a teacup”.

    [Quote Source: ]

    I find no Internet record of John Banzhaf’s complaint going beyond his initial filing with the D.C. Office of Human Rights.

  • GreggorytheGreat

    How about about Moslems praying in Jewish schools having them take down the star of David. John Banzhaf is a Loony Tune. But the lukewarmness of the Catholic Church towards Christ with the false ecumenicism without conversions Almighty God has allowed this evil to happen.

  • Kenster999

    Oh goodness, let’s not paint all liberals with this guy’s brush (to butcher a metaphor). I’m as flamingly liberal as they come, and can’t imagine *anyone* (left, right, libertarian, breathing) supporting such a motion — because it’s ridiculous on its face. Oh, and there’s the matter of the First Amendment, too, thankfully.