Islam Is The REAL War on Women: 92% of Women in Egypt Forced to Undergo Genital Mutilation

As putrid Democrats continue to promulgate their lie-filled “Republican war on women” campaign theme, they sit by ignoring that the real war on women is perpetrated by Islam. Another reminder of where the real hate for women emanates is in a survey showing that fully 92 percent of married women in Egypt are forced to undergo genital mutilation.

If you are unaware of what Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is, be prepared to be horrified. Euphemistically called “female circumcision” by liberals who want to obviate what it really is, it is in fact the utter destruction of the female pleasure centers in the vagina so that a woman can never gain pleasure or have an orgasm from sexual intercourse.

Many Muslims from Africa to the Middle East think that women are disgusting beasts who should not be allowed to enjoy sex. So, to keep girls pure in the eyes of The “Prophet” Muhammad, in their pre-teen stage, these inhuman Muslims rip out a girls’ clitoris and sew herr vagina shut leaving but a small hole for urination.

Then, when the girl is married off, often times at the age of nine or ten, their “husband” gets the joy of jamming a knife into her vagina and slicing open the sewn shut vagina so that he can consummate the “marriage” with sex.

These scumbag Muslims excuse all this as a “cultural” necessity and a paean to Islam.

This is what the Muslim ISIS terror forces in Iraq have ruled must be done to all women last year.

Now we find that the backwards, savage country of Egypt forces most of its women to undergo this barbaric attack on their most private parts.

A new survey finds that a shocking 92 percent of married women in Egypt has been forced to withstand this horrible, anti-woman procedure.

Where is Hillary Clinton to decry this true war on women? Where is Sandra Fluke to raise the alarm? Where is MSNBC’s manly Rachel Maddow to scream about this outrage?

Well, they are all worried about “Hobby Lobby” and telling their fans lies abut how company owners who don’t want to pay for abortion-inducing drugs are being “just like” Islamic terrorists.

The fact that so-called “feminists” are utterly silent on this issue is proof that they don’t care about “women,” they care only abut liberal politics.

If you are a liberal and prattle on about the “Republican war on women,” you are promulgating a lie. You can be excused for this if yo were misled, but only if you learn the truth and accept it. Otherwise, like every other extreme leftist, you are a dangerous, anti-American liar. There really is just no other way to say it.

Regardless, FGM is how Islam views women. They are dirty, disgusting, unclean, cattle that have no humanity and don’t even deserve to enjoy sexual intercourse. If this isn’t a real war on woman, what is?

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  • yetanotherjohn

    Nonsense. The real enemies of women are republicans … the democrats (in media, academia, entertainment and even the political party kind) told them.

  • Muslimproudtobe

    Lol fgm has nothing to do with islam its african tradition go learn something lol even christians do it in eithopia and eriteria ect

    • Brucehenry

      I first heard of this practice when I read a book more than 40 years ago called “Something of Value.” It was a fictionalized account of the Mau Mau rebellion in Kenya, told from — get this — the perspective of a “heroic” white big game hunter who leads the British “settlers” in a brutal campaign to put the “savages” down. It told of “female circumcision” by the Kikuyu, the largest ethnic group in Kenya, who are NOT Muslims.

      (The book was made into a movie starring Rock Hudson and Sidney Poitier.)

    • Brett Buck

      Well, despite that exceptionally erudite and well-reasoned argument, the point was that while this goes on in many brutal psychotic backwaters, US liberals are completely silent, while going ape-sh*t over having to pay for their own condoms and birth-control pills in a few cases. And even worse, they consider their minor inconveniences more important that systematic mutilations.

      • Commander_Chico

        Just like you are silent on the issue of debt bondage among the Dalits in India while you complain about Ben Affleck.

      • Brucehenry

        LOL as Chico points out one can write articles, etc about one issue while still being concerned about another.

    • Sayydah Garrett

      Exactly!! And, many Muslim clerics are denouncing FGM. It has no place in Islam. Thank you.

  • Brucehenry
    • Sky__Captain

      So, L’il Brucie, do you support ISIS and/or its use of FGM?
      Or have you decided not to participate in any real discussion and attempt to discredit Warner?

      Why don’t you just go start your own blog somewhere. I’d gladly ignore it.

      • Second the motion and call for the vote!

        • I thing we should read its response, and the response of chicka, as supporting both ISIL and FGM.

          • Commander_Chico

            I “thing” you’re DK.

          • That’s the most unkind thing anyone has ever said of me, you fascist PoS.

          • Commander_Chico

            Can I file an FOIA for your peer reviews at ANUS? I’m sure those were pretty caustic.

      • Brucehenry

        Ah yes the guy who only comments in response to me….

        I am pointing out that FGM did not start with Islam, or Christianity, or even Judaism; it appears to predate them all. But there are adherents of all three faiths who practice it. Doing a little googling I discovered that lo and behold it has been practiced in Egypt pretty much continually for 5,000 years, from the days of the pharoahs through its Coptic and Byzantine periods right up to today.

        BTW the link above that I assume documents the charge that ISIS is using FGM as a weapon goes to a “page has been removed” site, so how do I know that this little factoid is true or just more Warner-style hair-on-fire alarmism?

        EDIT: Warner is an entertaining writer and a starting point for discussion or comment, but as a purveyor of fact he needs no discrediting from me.

        • Commander_Chico

          I’ve banged three circumcised women. Two were Muslim, one was Christian. One was passive in bed, two too “try-hard.”

          The practice is widespread among all Egyptians including the Coptics, Sudanese, Ethiopian Orthodox Christians and Muslims and, as you point out, several groups in Kenya and Uganda.

          Al Azhar issued a fatwa against it years ago, but it’s a folk practice and hard to stamp out. Pharaonic in origin, and mostly along the Nile Valley.

          The prevalence of the practice diminishes my attraction to otherwise beautiful Egyptian women.

          • Paul Hooson

            Yes, it’s an awful and barbaric practice. Women are just fine the way they are, there is no good reason to alter them. Vaginas are just fine and beautiful the way they are as nature intended as well. Shaving is the only acceptable change to this beautiful and erotic area of women that I find acceptable.

        • Sayydah Garrett

          Right on, Brucehenry!! You’re absolutely right! Thank you.

    • It doesn’t make any difference at all where it came from. It matters that 90% of those who NOW practice it, do so in the name of Islam and are Muslims. Do some African Christians do it? Sure. So what? But it’s wonderful that you and Chico think it’s no big deal.

      • Commander_Chico

        I do think it’s a big deal, as I said it directly affected my dating habits, but I don’t think we should invade Egypt to stop it like a neocon like you or a R2P feminist does.

        It’s up to them to change it.

        • jim_m

          Since you pay for them to act responsive this really shouldn’t make a difference.

      • Brucehenry

        You have presented no evidence, only allegations, that 90% of those who practice this today are doing so “in the name of Islam.” You say that ISIS is touting it and I don’t doubt that this is so, although you haven’t demonstrated it.

        But most of those who practice it do so as a folk practice, not a religious one. There are no scriptures of any faith calling for it, and many of the people trying on the ground to end the practice are Muslims.

        • jim_m

          This has to be one of your most ignorant comments yet. Female genital mutilation is virtually unknown outside of the Muslim community. While there is no Islamic scripture that endorses the practice, neither is there one that demands the hijab.

          • Commander_Chico

            As usual you are wrong. Egyptian Coptics and Ethiopian Orthodox, comprising millions of people, do it.

            Funny how you can make broad statements about sharia without knowing Arabic, too. All in a day’s work for neocon propagandists.

          • jim_m

            As opposed to the billions of mulims…
            Female genital mutilation is not restricted to the ME It is widely practiced by muslims in Indonesia and the last time I checked it as rather devoid of ME tribalism.

          • Brucehenry

            Actually, no. I was unaware of the Indonesia situation, but FGM is mostly an African practice, as Chico notes along the Nile Valley and the Great Rift, and predates all the Abrahamic religions. Perhaps the practice goes back thousands of years in Indonesia, too.

            In any case just Google it, Jim, I’ve posted a couple of links above, and there are hundreds more. Jesus you’re ignorant. it is NOT “virtually unknown” outside of the Muslim community. Among Muslims ( and all the other practitioners of this barbaric practice) it is almost all in Africa.

          • jim_m

            OK. I will correct that and take the position that it is virtually unknown outside of Africa, with the exception of muslim communities where it is rather common.

          • Brucehenry
          • jim_m

            Wait. You were the one saying that this was localized to Africa. I’m just saying that outside of Africa if there is one group where this is more common, it is within the Muslim community.

          • Brucehenry

            Yes it is, no one has denied that. But it is a folk practice, not one demanded of the faithful in scripture, as male circumcision is demanded of Jews.

            Apparently the practice started thousands of years ago and never died out, and now is intertwined with religion and family life, both among many (not a majority) of Muslims, but also many Coptics and Ethiopian Orthodox who are unlucky enough to be born in areas where this practice is considered “normal.”


            According to my links, there are even some ethnic groups in Central and South America who practice this stuff. I’ve already mentioned the Kikuyu, who aren’t Muslim and never were.It’s a primitive, barbaric practice that has survived the civilizing influence of religion.

            I get why, given the other misogynistic aspects of fundamentalist Islam, Warner uses the rhetoric he has in this article, but the fact is he is as usual using hair-on-fire rhetoric. Plus his point that liberals are “silent about this issue” (they’re not) while using exaggerated rhetoric of their own about the “war on women” is a stupid one.

          • jim_m

            Did I say EXCLUSIVE? No. I said that this was a common behavior in the muslim community. You are coming up with bullshit examples of a very few, isolated, microscopically small communities which practice this. You are actually proving my point that this is a disgusting and aberrant behavior.
            You are also proving my point that you will defend the enemies of the US and western culture no matter what.

          • Brucehenry

            No one has defended the practice or those who practice it. What I have done is take issue with Warner’s contention that this is done “in the name of Islam” when it is not. It is done as a tradition, albeit a barbaric and horrific one, that pre-dates ALL the Abrahamic faiths.

            Similarly, those of Coptic or Ethiopian Orthodox faiths who do this awful thing are not doing it in the name of Jesus Christ. the many-times-greater number of Muslims who do this, are practicing an ancient ritual that pre-dates the founding of their religion.

            And Warner’s claim that liberals are “silent” about this is laughable. Who does he think populates the payrolls of WHO? Right wing conservatives?

          • jim_m

            Not true. In Islamic communities it IS done in the name of islam. Just as wearing the Hijab is not found in the Koran but is considered a religious obligation so is this.

          • Brucehenry

            Well, you may have a point there. In communities so benighted by fundamentalist religion that they would practice this rite, I suppose EVERYTHING they do is done “in the name of” their faith.

            I guess the Copts and Ethiopians do it in Jesus’ name.

          • jim_m

            And again they are not reflective of Christianity in general whereas this is practiced throughout the Islamic world.

          • Brucehenry

            And again, no, it is not, except insofar as it is practiced by members of diaspora communities like the Somalis of Minnesota.

          • jim_m

            There is not a muslim community anywhere on the globe where this has not been documented.

          • Brucehenry

            Funny that you don’t supply any documentation, then, of that assertion.

          • jim_m

            Nor do you supply any that it is not, yet you are willing to admit that it has been seen in the US, Indonesia, virtualluy every EU nation, etc.

          • Brucehenry

            Actually I “admitted” only that I was unaware of it being practiced in Indonesia, not that it “has been seen” there,

            As for the US and the EU, again, diaspora communities; you can’t fucking read.

            When you make the incredibly broad assertion that “This has been documented” in every Muslim community everywhere “on the globe” you should back it up. It’s not up to me to prove a negative,

          • Sayydah Garrett

            Jim!!! My nonprofit works in Samburu, Kenya where the MAJORITY of people who practice FGM are NOT MUSLIM!! People!!! Please visit my website to learn more at

    • Sayydah Garrett

      Thank you, Brucehenry!!!

  • Instapundit Dotcom

    I guess it’s only in the United States that Republicans threaten woman’s rights more than Jihadists. I wonder why American progressives are more worried about – oh wait, I got it.


    Chico, Paul and Bruce. Please don’t stop on the rhetoric.

    Thank you.

    • You can be the first (and only) reader on brucehemorrhoid’s blog.

  • Constitution First

    Because Progressive/Marxists live in their own special “fact-free” world.

  • Sayydah Garrett

    Pastoralist Child Foundation is working to eradicate female genital mutilation in rural Kenya. please support our good work. We are non-sectarian. We care about all girls no matter what religion they practice. The time has come to abolish FGM once and forever. Girls should live happy, healthy and fulfilling lives. Join us and help make this happen.

  • Sayydah Garrett

    To Warner Todd Huston – You are not educated about FGM and I’m surprised you published this article. STOP saying that FGM is a Muslim practice. Many Muslims practice it but it is NOT sanctioned by the religion of Islam. As a matter of fact, an increasing number of Muslim imams/clerics are speaking out against it!!! You make it sound as if only Muslims practice FGM. You are wrong. Educate yourself!!