Liberal Liars, Mass Shootings, And Making Excuses for Muslim Terror

A Twitter user named Kevin Schaffner found the absolute perfect example of how the left lies about Americans while at the same time making excuses for Muslim terrorism. His example lies in two headlines from the ultra left-wing website, one saying how all white people must answer for the shooting at the church in Charleston and a second saying that no Muslim needs to answer for the Boston marathon bombing.

Schaffner was apparently driven to look for examples of Salon’s hypocrisy after the website’s June 19 piece garishly entitled “Charleston church massacre: The violence white America must answer for.”

In his search he found this headline from 2013 that insisted that Muslims don’t need to apologize for Islamist terror. Salon’s 2013 Tweet read, “Muslims don’t need to apologize for the Tsarnaevs.”

So, because we have a dozen or so murderers like Dylann Roof among whites, all of white America needs to “answer” for Dylann Roof and the other’s murders of perhaps dozens of people, but the millions and millions that have been murdered by Islamists are no reflection at all on Muslims.

This is the self-hatred that all liberals have for America, folks. They hate America far, far more than they hate actual, sworn enemies to western civilization, freedom, and modernity.

This is proof yet again that no liberal deserves to be in a civilized society. They are corrosive, dangerous, and destructive. A liberal is worse than our avowed enemies because they side with avowed enemies. They are the enemy within. Sadly, too many rank and file Democrats follow right along behind these dangerous liberals, just like foolish useful idiots.

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  • jim_m

    The answer is simple. It’s because the left are on the side of the muslims. The islamists have declared war upon America and western values. These are the same things that the left wants to destroy. They see the enemy of their enemy as their friend. They will excuse and cover for the islamists in any way they can.

  • Commander_Chico

    That is a good catch. Salon is mostly full of shit.

    Of course, if you reverse their point, you have the hypocritical right-wing (Warner, Jim and Becker) position.

    I don’t think all whites have to answer for Charleston nor do I think all Muslims have to answer for Boston or 9/11.

    • Brucehenry

      Of course you are right about both things.

      What kills me is FOX trying to make this Charleston attack about their invented “War on Christianity.” Know what the chyron said at the bottom of the screen on FOX and Friends? “Attack On Faith.” The hosts were discussing it as if the motivation for the attack was hatred of Christianity, when the evidence is that it was a white supremacist attacking blacks for being black.

      These fuckers are shameless.

      • jim_m

        Don’t like it when the shoe is on the other foot, do you?

      • Commander_Chico

        I can imagine the Fox strategy meeting with a mixed bunch of Ivy and Liberty and Bob Jones grads.

        • WHO’S THE BUSTER

          Yeah, and lots of discussion about mental health.
          I do, however, find their whole “War on Christianity” incredibly amusing.
          Flipping between the morning shows sure did

      • Make no mistake. Fox News is a Fascist propaganda network. This Liberty News is stoking the flames of Civil War. I’ve seen the narrative go from , Saddam and bin-Laden are evil, to Muslim extremists are evil, to ALL Muslims are evil, to ALL Muslims and Liberals are evil. The only left for them to say is START SHOOTING LIBERALS AND MUSLIMS. and if you think that’s not coming, then you don’t understand how hard it is to stop a train.

        This Warner Todd Houston shows all the characteristics of a killer, including using three names to identify himself. Liberty Anything these days is a fascist front. Want to learn something? Go to your search bar and type in THE 12 SIGNS OF FASCISM. There, you will find the far rights platform to a tee.

        Now, the originator , this Breinbart had a blog that suggested that Liberals were performing the mass shootings and even today there are millions of people who believe that. There’s a famous lying Facebook Meme regarding it. They name off five mass shootings and suggest that they were liberals. How insane, but how calculating. In fact, none of the shootings have been politically motivated. None of them had ANY affiliation to any parties (except one they left out) and four out of the five were not even registered to vote.

        These guys are on a mission and I sure that the NSA has them in their crosshairs. They have bloodshed in the agenda and only time will tell if they are successful.

        Liberty. Ha. This all started with their idol, Reagan.

  • jim_m

    Wait… I thought that Dear Leader said that this kind of stuff only happens in America.

    A seven-year-old boy is reportedly among the three people killed in Austria by a man who ploughed his car into crowds in the country’s second-largest city and then reportedly started stabbing people.

    I guess it was just more anti-American, ideological bullshit from the liar in chief. Amazing how when people don’t have access to gun they can still commit mass murder when they want to. (The death toll in this incident is expected to rise)

    • jim_m

      The man was Bosnian , which means that this is possibly islamic terrorism, but they are claiming that he is just mentally ill. Is there really a difference?


      “Amazing how when people don’t have access to gun they can still commit mass murder when they want to.”

      Not nearly as efficient, however.

      • jim_m

        Actually, nearly so and many, many more injured. And as I have previously pointed out they killed a million people in 100 days in Rwanda with machetes.

        Gun control has nothing to do with the safety of the private citizen and everything to do with the control of those people by the government.

        • WHO’S THE BUSTER

          What gun control?

          Despite the howls of many there is almost no gun control in the U.S. Heck, even something like background checks, which 70% of Americans supported failed to gain traction because both parties lacked any political fortitude.

          There are Wal-Marts that sell guns that are open 24 hours.
          Yeah that seems like a good idea, because you never know when the need for a gun can strike at 4AM.

          Let’s see, if the guy in Austria had a gun instead of knife you think it would be the same outcome?