Recall the Recall! Scott Walker is a Proven, Tested Leader

Scott Walker hasn’t declared his candidacy for President. Yet. One look at his latest video and you’ll know it can’t be far away.

There are things we don’t like about Scott, namely his sort of unknown stand on illegal immigration and amnesty. We also know there are no “true conservatives” out there, your candidate included.

Walker’s been tested by fire, the left shut down the state of Wisconsin for weeks when he worked to pass Act 10. After it passed, unions and the left dumped millions and millions into a repeal effort.

Walker won the repeal election by a bigger margin than his initial victory and then won reelection by an even larger margin.

He said what he was going to do, he did it, and it’s working big time for the people of Wisconsin.

He’s got better executive experience and experience by fire than any other candidate. You may love Rand Paul or Ted Cruz but neither of them has ever run anything bigger than a Senatorial campaign. Where have we heard that before?

Scott Walker is a man to watch. When he takes on a challenge he doesn’t lose.


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  • Commander_Chico

    He’s got no chance, negative charisma and will ensure a big democratic turnout among union members and government workers.

    • Retired military

      So he is the anti Hillary and will do for libs what Hillary will do for the right.

      • Commander_Chico

        Maybe. Nobody except the “first woman president” crowd is enthusiastic for Hillary.

        • Retired military

          But if she is nominated and elected we get about 5 years of you defending her to the death.