OBAMA OFFICIAL: Of Course Iran Will Use Sanctions Relief to Fund Terrorism

It’s Susan Rice again. Ms. “It’s The Video” strikes again.

“They’re engaged in bad behavior in the region and they’ll continue to engage in bad behavior.”

In other words, of course they’re going to fund terrorism. Frankly, we’re just waiting for the Iranians to give dirty bomb material to one of their clients – Hamas or Hezbollah – and see a dirty bomb set off in a US city.


You wanted a “legacy” Barack, that’s what it will be.


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  • Commander_Chico

    You charge in and kill those ayatollahs.

    • jim_m

      There is a difference between saying, “let’s go to war” and saying “let’s not let them develop a nuclear bomb so they can murder millions of people, quite likely millions of Americans”.

      But then you favor the murder of millions of Americans.

      • Commander_Chico

        Iran could build a bomb program underground. Only invading the country could find it and stop it.

    • You claim to be taking Uncle Sam’s retainer, that makes it yours to do.

      • Commander_Chico

        In an invasion of Iran on the way to WW III, I can and may very well be recalled to active duty. All hands on deck.

  • Constitution First

    When the inevitable radical islamic terrorist nuclear weapon goes off, I can only hope 0bama is within the kill-zone. Hows that for “justice”?

    • iwogisdead

      It’s only justice if, instead of his 79 virgins, he gets to spend eternity with Michelle.


      What an incredible odd thing to say about the President of your country.

  • Retired military

    “Iran Will Use Sanctions Relief to Fund Terrorism”
    In other news the sun rose in the east this morning.

    • ohio granny

      And we have idiot traitors in the White House and as Sec. of State.