OPEN THREAD: Muslims Take Out Lie-Filled Billboards in Seattle

OF course, this is the weekend’s open thread, but first…

A group of Muslims in Seattle have started a new billboard campaign claiming that their terror god is for “peace, social justice,” and… and this is the biggest howler on the sign… Muhammad was for “women’s rights.”

The most oppressive, backwards, anti-human religion in human history? For “peace”? For “social justice”? And.. hahaha… WOMEN’S RIGHTS??

Who said Muslims can’t be hilarious?

But I thought we had laws enforcing truth in advertising in this country?

I guess truth is just another law that Muslims feel they are exempt from, eh?

Get a load of the BS on this billboard…

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  • mikegiles

    The majority of Muslims on the planet DON”T speak Arabic, especially the antiquated Arabic the Koran is written in. For example read Beowulf in Old English, or Canterbury Tales in Middle English. Not to mention the incredibly high level of illiteracy among Moslems. It’s my opinion that the majority of Muslims don’t have a clue what their religion stands for. The go through the forms, but that’s about it. IOW it means whatever their “Holy Men” says it means.

    • Interesting point, one I hadn’t thought of. This would affect my feeling that all Muslims are terrorists in waiting. But if many really don’t even understand the religion, then I would be wrong and a large number don’t understand their religion well enough to understand that they should be terrorists. I’ll have to think on this more.

    • jim_m

      I’m not sure what your point is. So the common man among muslims believes what he is told by his local imam. How does that make the definition of islamic motivated terrorism any different? They are still motivated by religion. They are still killing in the name of that religion.

      And if the religion is not defined by its adherents then what defines the religion? In the absence of an official church hierarchy the local imam defines doctrine. If a large number of those imams are preaching the same hate then should we not just accept that fact that islam is a religion of hate and murder? What else should we consider it? Perhaps another death cult that should be outlawed and eradicated? Not much difference really.

    • Commander_Chico

      Most of the “Holy Men” who tell Muslims to fight violent jihad are paid for one way or another by our “allies,” Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and the UAE.

  • The_Raider

    Verification if needed

  • If those particular Muslims are lying, then I’m sure that PunditFact (a branch of PolitiFact) will give them a rating of “Pants on Fire”.

    • jim_m

      Seriously? So you believe that the way women are treated in Muslim society, can’t own property, can’t vote, can’t in many cases go to school, are treated like property… you believe that this represents a belief in women’s rights? You sir, are an ass.

    • jim_m

      How many gays need to be executed to ensure social justice?

      You are one of the biggest dumbasses on this board. How in God’s name do you believe this crap?

      • jim, you have read into my comment something that isn’t there. I have not defended the religion of Islam. However, I have defended the freedom of religion of Muslims who practice their faith in a peaceful way.

        Anyway, the “Pants on Fire” rating is something that PunditFact gives to liars. So, if the above-mentioned Muslims are lying, then they should be given that rating.

        • jim_m

          Your comment implies that you will only consider the billboard to be a lie if PunditFact calls it so. It suggests that you are either unwilling or incapable of making a rational judgement on the subject yourself.

        • jim_m

          I have never claimed that muslims should ot have the freedom to practice their religion. But I believe that stops when it means treating women like chattel or murdering gays, or frankly, murdering everyone they consider an infidel. I really don’t care what their religion teaches at that point. I reserve the right to do unto them before they do unto me.

    • Ken in Camarillo

      Interesting point, one I hadn’t thought of. This would affect my feeling
      that most Muslims are liars. But if many really aren’t, then I would be wrong.. but I thought at first that you were using sarcasm. Then I thought PolitiFact could clear it up for us.. but then I realized you might be using sarcasm again. So by now I’m somewhat confused and wonder whether they are naturally liars or only because their “Holy Man” tells them to be liars. I’ll have to think on this more. (with apologies to Warner.)

  • jim_m

    This week at Netroots Nation, a gathering of racists and bigots on the left, Democratic candidate for President Martin O’Malley was booed off the stage for saying “White lives matter”. Let’s lay to rest any doubt that the left has promoted a brand of racism amongst the black community that is deeply repugnant. Merely recognizing the fact that ALL lives are important and not just black lives is somehow an offense.

    It puts Bernie Sanders’ stupid comment in the shade: “Black people are dying in this country because we have a criminal justice system that is out of control,”. Um.. no. Black people are dying because other black people are murdering them. The justice system is putting them in prison for doing so. One presumes that what Mr Sanders is protesting is the fact that we insist on putting people in prison for murdering black people.

    Black lives matter, but the left wants to lay the blame for those lives being lost anywhere except where it belongs: On the black community.

  • ohio granny

    Muslims surely do believe in women’s rights as long as they stay subservient to men.