Megyn Kelly, Donald Trump and the Tweet of Frustration

On Friday afternoon at 4:43 PM I Tweeted what to me was just a funny Tweet about Megyn Kelly, Donald Trump and the first 2016 GOP debates. But nearly 24 hours later it is still getting tweets, re-tweets, messages, shares, and favorites and it doesn’t seem to be slowing at all. Despite that I thought it was just a throw away Tweet, it has revealed a deep cynicism about the media (including Fox News) and a frustration with the Republican Party that has proven to be a major problem that I think will doom any Republican candidate in 2016.

So, on Friday evening I threw out this Tweet about Megyn Kelly’s slap at Donald Trump in the debates on Thursday…

Now, let me get my own intentions explained. To me, I just thought this was an amusing statement of irony. I often post funny quips or photo memes just to get a rise out of people and to see what sort of impact I can make. To me this was just a funny juxtaposition. While Megyn was attacking Trump for being sexist, here she was objectifying herself in these photos. It was just a quick comment on Kelly wanting to have it both ways.

I have nothing against Kelly. She seems to do well enough on her show and her ratings are very good (note I don’t much watch TV news so I have never seen a full episode of her show). It does appear from the clips I’ve seen that she is a tough interviewer. I don’t want her fired and I see no reason to have her kicked off future GOP debate programs–as many do (see this petition demanding Kelly be fired from future debates).

On another note, Kelly was slamming Trump for a comment about a woman being “on your knees.” But it turns out that the woman Trump said that to is defending Trump saying she was not offended and that they were just trying to be “funny” with each other. So, Kelly made a big deal of nothing in this one case.

Now, I also must say that I am not a supporter of Donald Trump for the presidency. In my opinion he has no core principles. His businessman-like tendency to do “whatever works” is not the best idea for leading a country that is based on a particular ideology, a Constitution, and a Judeo-Christian ethos. His penchant to try anything that works is dangerous in the White House and is an unguided philosophy that does not work for a national leader.

However, I fully admit–and appreciate–Trump’s ability to tap into a deeper cynicism and mistrust of the political class. It is a mistrust and frustration I share. I also feel that the Republican Party is a failed party, one that left its own principles in the dust years ago, one that hates half its own constituents, and one that seem to see no reason to oppose the Democrats. And I will say right here and now that if these morons put liberal Jeb Bush against Hillary Clinton, not only will Jeb lose to Hillary, but the GOP will cease to be a national party afterward. Half the nails in that coffin were pounded in when they picked liberal Mitt Romney in 2012. The rest will be pounded in by another stinking Bush in 2016.

Let’s face it. Donald Trump is far and away the leader of all GOP nominees not because he has the right philosophy, the right policies, and the right prescriptions for the country. He is leading because he has tapped into this anti-establishment nerve. Donald Trump has excited people less for what HE is doing and more for what the Republican Party is not doing, and that is refusing to recognize that it is failing to serve the American people and refusing to fight for conservatism.

Anyway, that all being said, the whole point about this Tweet I sent Friday is that it reveals this deep frustration. 90 percent of the re-tweets and messages about the Tweet that I got with this thing agree 100% with what the Twitter users who saw it think I meant by it. Many more are showing that they are all fired up by Donald Trump.

A small few took me to task for slut shaming Megyn Kelly, of course. Their point is certainly valid, too. I see no reason for Kelly to be ashamed of her photos. Oh, and these photos are real, by the way, not photoshopped like some few complainers Tweeted. They are from a GQ photo shoot from around 2010.

Anyway, the whole point, here, is that millions of Americans who vote center right are sick and tired of the Republican Party. They are tired of the lies, tired of the failures, tired of the timidity, tired of the empty words, they are just tired of feeling as though the GOP claims to represent the center right coalition but in practice bends over for the far left in the halls of Congress.

The GOP never fights. Every fight is “not the right time,” and after the party establishment caves in to the far left, anti-American Democrats, the GOP then swears that they will fight hard on the “next” issue because that one will be the right issue to fight for. Only that time never arrives.

The people are tired of the show votes that mean nothing. Tired of the bluster that withers in the face of liberal opposition, sick of a GOP that cares more about what The New York Times thinks than what Joe Six Pack thinks, the voters are simply done with the liberal, weak sisters of the GOP establishment that have proven to be liberals in Reagan’s clothing.

Center right voters can’t name a single issue that the Republican Party reliably stands for. While a whole raft of issues can be assigned to the Democrats, no one feels that the GOP stands for anything in particular, expect, perhaps, for some vague notion that they are “for the rich.”

Republican voters simply do not feel that they have two parties. They feel that they have the extremist, far left Democrats, and that the GOP is just another wing of that far left party. There just doesn’t seem to be any reason at all to vote GOP.

A vote for Democrats is certainly a vote to send the USA hurtling down the path of self-destructive socialism. But most feel that a vote for the GOP is a vote for walking instead of running down that same path.

The Tweet I sent–one that to me was just a quick, throw away quip–has truly revealed a schism in the center right that the GOP had better fully understand and take measures to deal with or it will absolutely lead to the end of the Grand Old Party.

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  • jim_m

    “Center right voters can’t name a single issue that the Republican Party reliably stands for.”

    The GOP establishment stands for “go along to get along”. It stands for the status quo and not disturbing that. I likes big government but doesn’t want to take the heat for creating bigger government so it is prepared to live in perpetual minority (and the Senate GOP would clearly prefer to do so) in order to reap the gains from graft while avoiding the blame for it from their constituents.

    The GOP establishment is the dead center of the party. Until it is replaced with a cadre of people with ideals and the willingness to work to achieve those ideals, the GOP will continue to stand for absolutely nothing.


    Trump “was” the leader in polls, but I would guess that he will fall quickly.

    By the way, what kind of person would go after the queen of Fox News when they are purportedly trying to gain the GOP nomination?

    Perhaps he wasn’t using his best judgement and the fact he was tweeting about it all night was, well, odd, for a grown man.

    • jim_m

      Trump’s a progressive, not a conservative. He’s also a liar. But then everyone already knew both of those things.

      • Commander_Chico

        You didn’t say a word against him until today – you said he was a stalking horse for the GOP to raise issues.

        • jim_m

          I said that he was effectively acting as such. I have also said that he is not going to last, nor will he win the nomination.

          I think there is ample evidence to suggest that he is not a conservative and the only issues where he may elicit conservative support are on immigration control and taxation.

          • Commander_Chico

            He’s a “conservative” all down the line – including being a warmonger.

          • jim_m

            You didn’t bother reading the link. He is pro abortion, Pro single payer healthcare, against entitlement reform, Anti-free trade, favors eminent domain abuse, is all over the map on taxes.

            Yeah, those are all conservative positions. You are a fucking imbecile.

          • Commander_Chico

            OK, I read it.

            I can see how he’s for eminent domain – he probably benefited from it as a developer, especially in Atlantic City.

            “Free trade” is bullshit, it’s “free” only if you’re importing into the USA – if you’re an American exporting you find their markets closed.

            “Entitlement reform” means “defaulting on social security debt whilst paying Chinese and Saudi t-bondholders.”

            All of the GOP candidates are “pro-abortion” unless they make a constitutional amendment banning abortion or a massive pregnancy and childcare subsidy program part of their platforms. Mouthing weak platitudes are just bait for pro-lifers, same shit they always fall for.

          • In the eye of a racist sexist pig such as chicka.

      • Less everyone than all those paying attention…

    • Commander_Chico

      Can you imagine that guy with the nuclear keys?

      • Retired military

        Cant do worse than Obama.

        • Commander_Chico

          Really? I missed where the Russians and Chinese launched a massive countervalue strike against the USA during Obama’s presidency.

          Trump will probably fry the world within a month of inauguration.

          • jim_m

            The Chinese conducted the OMP hack. The Russians have backed Syria and Iran, two of the biggest foreign policy setbacks of the obama Presidency.

        • jim_m

          Trump would lose them in a bankruptcy proceeding. We will be lucky if obama hasn’t given them to our enemies before he leaves office.

      • Jwb10001

        Can you imagine Obama giving the nuke keys to Iran? I can.

        • Commander_Chico

          Blah, blah, whatever your boss Netanyahu says. . . .

          • jim_m

            Having no rational response Chico goes with the antisemitic slur.

          • Commander_Chico

            That shit is so old. It’s identical to calling criticism of Obama “racist.”

          • jim_m

            Every time someone disagrees with you on ME policy you accuse them of being in the pay of Israel. It is irrational and demonstrates a deep seated bigotry on your part.

          • jim_m

            Seriously, Iranian leaders are leading chants of “Death to America!” they are busily sanitizing their military research sites, they are denouncing the US and declaring how they will not adhere to the plan, they are flouting the plan and saying how it does nothing to stop them from getting a bomb, and obama is attacking his opposition to this plan at home as traitors.

            ANYONE who supports this deal is advocating a nuclear war both in the ME and here at home, because this deal advances Iran’s nuclear ambitions and guarantees that they will get the bomb. ANYONE taking obama’s side with this is either ignorant, or an enemy of the Untied States.

          • jim_m

            Here; Read this you America hating traitor.

            He accuses his opponents of wanting another war — like the last one they caused in Iraq — and “making common cause” with Iranian hard-liners who chant “Death to America.” This goes beyond the questioning of patriotism. Critics of the agreement are, in Obama’s depiction, the bloodthirsty allies of theocratic butchers. Thanks so much, Mr. President, for your fair-minded words.

            In the meantime, the Iranian regime has celebrated the nuclear agreement by defying it — blatantly sanitizing (with bulldozers) its military research site at Parchin and denying promised access to key scientists and military officials…

            Second, we are seeing dramatic evidence of the incentive structure that is now in place. The deal must be preserved, according to the president, because the stark choice is “diplomacy or some form of war.” But does Obama not think that the Iranians can also tune in to C-SPAN? He has granted them a tremendous advantage. They know that his argument will always be: How can we blow up the Iran deal over this or that violation if the only alternative to maintaining this agreement is war? Nearly any concession, any humiliation, is presumably better than that. And the Iranians seem content to cause Obama considerable humiliation, presumably reflecting their own internal, political dynamic. If you can’t destroy the Great Satan, make it look pathetic…

            let’s recall a little history. In 2009, in the aftermath of a disputed
            presidential election, a Green Revolution raised the possibility of regime change — by popular uprising — in Iran. Obama did nothing to encourage it, for fear of undermining a nuclear deal. He effectively made common cause with Iranian hard-liners because they were at the negotiation table. And they are now rewarded with money, arms and global legitimacy.

            obama is on the side of our enemies. obama has decided that his legacy (such as it is) is more important that our national security or national interest. He and his supporters are willing to risk nuclear war by arming a state that has previously declared that once in possession of such a weapon they will immediately use it against another nation.

            The choice is not sign the deal or go to war. The choice is refuse the deal or go to war. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar.

          • Commander_Chico

            Fuck something written by a neocon clown “aide to Bush.” He’s another God-damned foreign agent, like you.

            I’m a traitor? Pat Buchanan says you and Gerson are traitors:

            Pat Buchanan: Obama v. Bibi — Fight to the Finish

            . . . Israel, the Israeli lobby AIPAC, and all its allies and auxiliaries in the think tanks and on op-ed pages will conduct a full-court press to have Congress override the Obama veto and kill his nuclear deal.
            Has Bibi, have the Israelis, considered what would happen should they succeed? Certainly, there would be rejoicing in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, and Bibi would be crowned King of Capitol Hill.

            But they will have humiliated an American president by crushing him by two-to-one in his own legislature. Such a defeat could break the Obama presidency and force the resignation of John Kerry, who would have become a laughing stock in international forums.

            The message would go out to the world. In any clash between the United States and Israel over U.S. policy in the Middle East, bet on Bibi. Bet on Israel. America is Israel’s poodle now. . . .

            One can only imagine what President Eisenhower would have done had he seen Bibi at the rostrum of the U.S. House of Representatives, ripping apart his Middle East policy. Or had Ike learned that an Israeli ambassador was working the halls of Congress to kill an arms deal he and John Foster Dulles had just negotiated.

            Lest we forget, Ike told his wartime colleague, Prime Minister Anthony Eden, to get his army out of Suez or he would sink the British pound. Ike then told Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion to get his army out of Sinai or face U.S. economic reprisals.
            Eden and Ben-Gurion did as they were told.

            That was an America respected by friend and foe alike. . .
            Yet this president and John Kerry have been wimpishly seeking for weeks to placate Netanyahu. . . .

            Time to stop acting like wusses.

            The president should declare Dermer persona non grata and send him packing, then tell the Israeli government we will discuss a new arms package when you have a prime minister who understands that no nation interferes in the internal affairs of the United States. None.

            That could bring Bibi’s government, with its single-vote majority, crashing down. And why not? After all, Bibi was a virtual surrogate for Mitt Romney when Mitt was trying to bring down Obama.
            Obama and Kerry are never running again. Deep down, they would surely relish taking Bibi down. And they could do it.

            Deal or no deal, it is time America started acted like America again.

          • John, the soi disant cognoscenti veteran, anti-semitic, reliable contra-indicator.

          • jim_m

            Pat Buchanan, one of your favorite fellow antisemites

          • Jwb10001

            What the fuck are you talking about? You don’t make sense.

          • jim_m

            That’s right because if you disagree with obama you are in the pay of Israel and they everyone knows that Israel wants war with Iran, because, you know, that’s what Jews do: start wars with other countries, or get big, Gentile countries to do their warring for them.

            Yep. Chico sounds the very same antisemitic bullshit that the Nazis did 80 years ago.

          • Commander_Chico

            I know you’re confused about things – you did say “Netanyahu is the leader of the Jewish people,” which is false. You can’t separate one Jew – Netanyahu – from all Jews. You’re on your knees to him. I guess extending your logic, opposing Bernie Sanders, or Bernie Madoff, is anti-Semitic.

            Netanyahu is only the parliamentary leader of the Likud government of Israel, a foreign country. It’s pretty clear he has a strong lobby in the USA. Only an idiot or liar would deny that AIPAC and satellite groups have a lot of power in Congress.

            Even though most American Jews and many Israeli Jews oppose Netanyahu, some support him. He also has strong support from Bible-beating fundanmentalists who want to bring Armageddon and apocalypse now. There are also the usual crowd of neocons who brought us the Iraq war urging war with Iran now. These are facts.

          • jim_m

            There is no “crowd of neocons” advocating going to war against Iran. You cannot distinguish rejecting this deal from going to war. They are not one and the same. Take your lips of of obama’s member for a minute and face the reality that this deal gives Iran the bomb and makes war more likely.

            Nor is this about Israel. While they have a sharp interest in Iran’s not getting the bomb, the nuclear threat to the US and Europe from an Iranian bomb is very real. You want that to happen. You want an islamic bomb to be detonated in some major city.

          • Commander_Chico
          • Commander_Chico
          • jim_m

            Wow. So Bill Clinton bombed any number of nations and never went to war with them. So your point is????


    My guess, based on the first debates is Rubio/Kasich.

    Rubio, because he might just win, and I thought Kasich was impressive and just happens to be from Ohio, which is always important.

    His stance on Medicaid, however, will have to be explained to conservatives.

    • Kasich is one of the worst of the bunch. He is as bad as Christie or Bush. I would not vote for Kasich.

      • Commander_Chico

        Kasich is a competent reasonable guy, always a disqualification amongst the right-wing nutballs. They prefer candidates that will bring the apocalypse.

        • Kasich is not “reasonable.” I am from Ohio and I know people who have had to deal with him. He has a sharp temper, a bloated ego, and doesn’t play well with others. He also makes snap decisions to spite people. He’s a class “A” ass hole. But even that doesn’t bother me as much as his fake “Christian” view of his lousy big government programs. His expansion of Medicaid has been an abject failure and how does he defend it? He calls anyone who opposes his plan anti-Christian and hides behind a thoroughly flawed interpretation of the Bible. He’s the worst of all of them all.

          • Commander_Chico

            OK, I will take another look at him, did not know he was justifying himself with the Bible.

            The problem is that the other candidates except for Rand Paul are warmongers 4 Israel and police-state apologists.

          • jim_m

            Once more Chico cites his fear of the world wide Jewish conspiracy.

          • Commander_Chico

            Most American Jews are for the Iran deal and against war. Not even all Israelis are against it.

            But there is an obvious lobbying campaign by the Netanyahu government against the deal and for an American war on Iran. Obama was right to call out foreign agent organizations like AIPAC.

            These GOP clowns except for Rand Paul are 100% behind making Netanyahu Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. military, though.

            Murray Polner: Iran, Israel, and American Jews

            Polls indicate that American Jews largely support the Iran Agreement and do not accept that American foreign policy in the Middle East should be determined by Israeli lobbyists or that of any foreign government. Nor are Israelis completely united against the deal. Former officials of Mossad and Shin Bet, the ex-deputy director-general of the Israel Atomic Energy Commission, and many in Israel’s national security establishment, as the [Jewish] Forward’s J.J. Goldberg has reported, have broken with Netanyahu on the Iran Agreement.

            “As unanimous as the politicians are in backing the prime minister,” he wrote, “the generals and spymasters are nearly as unanimous in questioning him. Generals publicly backing Netanyahu can be counted on – well – one finger.”

            To reject the Iran Agreement means that sooner or later the hopes and prayers of American uber-hawks that the U.S. would be drawn into a war with Iran may well be answered. For those who love the idea of fighting such a war with sons and daughters not their own, the old saw still applies: “If they loved Iraq, they’ll love Iran.”

          • jim_m

            Like I said,

          • jim_m

            I take it that you are now considering Chuck Schumer to be a warmonger and a traitor to the US, since that is what obama is calling him.

          • Commander_Chico

            I’ll just leave it at “asshole.” The word is he will vote against the deal, but won’t vote to override the veto.

        • Thus spake the reliable contra- indicator.

  • Commander_Chico

    Your tweet was spot on, Warner.

    But Trump deserves what he is going to get, which is ignominious loss. The guy can’t control himself. A real “alpha male” would have stopped at Rosie O’Donnell and “not having time to be politically correct” in answering Megyn’s obvious question. If he made a a jab at Megyn, he should have been oblique and funny.

    Instead Trump made a threat – “maybe I won’t be so nice” – like a thug, then ranted about Megyn for hours on Twitter, and kept on the subject with the “bleeding” shit. What a fool. Megyn is some kind Marilyn Monroe to you right-wing nutballs and he decided to beat her like Chris Brown beat Rhianna.

    I see some “conservative” group is excluding Trump from a candidate gathering now. The guy’s going to find out money can’t buy everything.

    • Yeah, I’m not a Trump guy, so I can’t really disagree with you.

      • Failing to disagree with chick is always a mistake.

        • Commander_Chico

          You’re a great guy, Rodney.

          • You’re an anti-semitic scumbag.

          • jim_m

            Putting it kindly.

          • Been hanging out with the RedState folks over the last four days, it tends to restore some civility.