This Anti-American Pope Strikes Again, Slamming America Over Immigration

The red Pope is at it again. This time, in order to scold the U.S.A. over its already too generous immigration policies, Francis is purposefully giving a Mass in Spanish despite that less than 15 percent of the United States even speaks the language. On top of that, he went out of his way to praise an activist nun who has decided to specialize in giving aid to illegals in the U.S.

This pope has the temerity to attack the U.S.A. over immigration despite the fact that this country has allowed more people to come here than any other nation of earth. And today he praised an activist nun in an act the media is pretending was spontaneous!

During a broadcast hosted by ABC News, Pope Francis went out of his way to praise Sister Norma Pimentel, an activist nun from Texas who is making a name for herself working on behalf of people who break our laws.

During a “townhall” styled meeting the pope singled the nun out before the crowd.

“I want to thank you,” Francis said. “And through you to thank all the sisters of religious orders in the U.S. for the work that you have done and that you do in the United States. It’s great. I congratulate you. Be courageous. Move forward.

And then the pope, 78, said something she could never have imagined: “I’ll tell you one other thing. Is it inappropriate for the Pope to say this? I love you all very much.“

ABC and multiple other news outlets presented this little scene as if the Pope just somehow happened to spot Pimentel on a TV monitor “hiding” in the crowd and that it was all a big, heartwarming surprise. But, it is obvious that this was an orchestrated event and not spontaneous at all. Francis set this up ahead of time in order to give the USA another jab in the ribs, something he has become well known for at this point.

So, who is this Sister Pimentel? She is a the head of Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande in Texas who has decided to become the new face of illegals by “testifying” before the UN, denouncing America’s immigration policies, standing against a strong border policy, and advocating for open borders. Instead of lawbreakers coming here to get freebies, Pimentel insists they are all “political refugees” who are “fleeing for their lives” from their homes south of our border and she is teaming up with Democrats such as Nancy Pelosi to pry billions in tax dollars out of Washington to make illegals more comfortable as they break our laws.

Next Francis has decided to rub America’s nose in its immigration problems by giving his Papal Mass in Washington in Spanish instead of English.

This is a purely political move, one meant as a slam on one of the most generous nations on the planet, one that already ranks number one in the world in the sheer number of legal immigrants is allows in, not to mention illegal ones.

Certainly there is good reason for a religious leader to speak up in the USA–what with the Obama administration’s campaign to put an end to religious liberty and to destroy Christianity–but what is the red pope doing? He’s attacking Americans for wanting to have some control over their own immigration policy and essentially calling the whole country a bunch of racists.

Instead of being a religious leader, this pope is using his position to play anti-American politics.

This pope is a disaster.

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  • MartinLandauCalrissian

    Oh, boy. Rickie-One-Note is gunna loose his little papal enslaved mind with this one.

    • jim_m

      Yep. He just posted a picture of a dead child in the immigration crisis in Europe. Too bad his God, Pope Francis, can’t be bothered to do anything about that. He’s too busy Attacking the US.

      • MartinLandauCalrissian

        In truth Pope Francis is a coward. Attacking the easy target of the USA instead of going after real criminals like the Chinese, North Koreans, and Russians, et al. This coward pope knows that he can bloviate at the USA and revel in his hate for capitalism without the slightest repercussion and without his actually having to do anything strenuous. This pope is a traitor to the west, sure, but worse he is a traitor to Catholicism.

        • Indeed.

        • Commander_Chico

          The Pope’s putting his ass out there all of the time, taking all kinds of unpopular positions.

          His recent predecessor was shot.

          • jim_m

            Recent? 34 years ago isn’t exactly recent.

        • ohio granny

          Typical of all cowards is it not?

  • Paul Hooson

    We are our brother’s keeper….A moral obligation to treat others as a fellow vessel of God…

    • jim_m

      Being my brother’s keeper does not entail being my brother’s victim. Francis seems to think that it does in the case of the US. The US donates more to charity than any other nation on earth. When the Tsunami hit in Thailand it wasn’t the Pope dispatching food and blankets. The RCC didn’t send $2B in donations.

      • LiberalNightmare

        Imagine how different the world might be if the vatican had donated enough money that the parents of that poor child could have stayed home, instead of trying to illegally immigrate in a death trap of a boat.

        • jim_m

          But it is so much better for their god on earth, Francis, to denounce the one nation that has consistently helped the poor and oppressed for the last hundred years.

          Of course, maybe that’s the point. The RCC is tired of being made to look bad.

    • Then you, personally, need to go do something about it.

      • Paul Hooson

        For the last 30 years, I’ve done much for charity and will continue to do so. The The Russian military efforts in Syria might eventually stop the killing only if they crush the antiAssad rebels, which the U.S. does not want, but that probably only means a protracted “Vietnam” or “Afghanistan” mess for Russia if they have both feet into efforts to prop up the Assad regime…

    • jim_m
      • Paul Hooson

        ISIS isn’t a byproduct of the sectarian problems unleashed with the power vacuum created in Iraq with the Ba’athist government taken down by Bush with his notion of “nation building”? Egypt, Syria and Iraq were the three Ba’athist powers in the region, where only Assad hangs on to power through fighting a civil war with his Russian allies, creating so many fleeing the country and civilian refugee deaths.

        • jim_m

          ISIS exists where it does because of the vacuum created by obama. Created by him and no one else.

          • Paul Hooson

            I have to partially blame an American public and the Obama White House for a lack of willingness to maintain a strong U.S. presence in Iraq to help to quell the sectarian mess created as a result of the failed notion of “nation building” in Iraq by the Bush Administration. The principle of “you break it, you bought it”, certainly holds true here. We wanted Saddam Hussein out so badly, regardless of the social and political consequences here. Now, a permanent U.S. presence in Iraq is really needed to stabilize this nation and the region, however neither the American public, nor the Obama Administration have the stomach for all this, so al Qaeda, ISIS, Iran, sectarian war and the civil war in Syria all fill the void now…

          • jim_m

            Bush wanted him out and saw the necessary commitment to make it stick. The dems are driven by an ideological need to see America fail and so they did this deliberately, knowing that thousands would die as a result.

            As I said, obama said that he did not care if genocide was the result. THAT is how important it is to him that America lose.

          • Paul Hooson

            Yes, and that policy made no sense. Iraq was a greatly weakened nation with severe economic sanctions, a military mostly destroyed as a result of the first Gulf War, UN inspections that mandated the destruction of many more weapons and having sold their chemical weapons stock to Syria, which mostly consisted of WWI era technology mustard gas. Bush was hellbent to remove this weak dictator despite the consequences of opening up sectarian conflicts as well as altering the regional balance of power in favor of the far stronger Iran. From so many angles this war made no sense. – Couldn’t Saddam Hussein be brought down peacefully through the international court system, for war crimes against his own people, while allowing for a stable government to remain in place, while the country made reforms toward democracy?

          • Pony up.

          • jim_m

            Wrong. The policy made sense. Saddam was funding terrorism and supporting it in other ways. He was murdering 100s of thousands of his people. He was a constant threat to his neighbors. He was flouting UN sanctions, weakening the authority of that body and making it increasingly difficult for it to have any influence.

            No, Hussein could not have been brought down in any other way. You cannot try a man who holds that power. He must be deposed and tyrants can only be deposed through force. At your age you should have figured that out by now. Only an ass would look at the trail of tyrants throughout the last century and conclude that they can be issued a subpoena and taken to trial.

            The reason The Iraq War makes no sense is that you have a large segment of Americans, called the Democratic Party, that desires a weakened US and wants to see a repeat of their glory days with Vietnam. They will do anything to see the US lose. They revel in pictures of dead US soldiers. They broadcast the US body count nightly on the news (Notice how they stopped as soon as obama became President? Yeah, that’s not a coincidence.

            You are with them. You repeat their rhetoric unquestioningly. You believe idiotic fantasies about the respect of tyrants for international opinion and the power of the International Court. Grow up already. I would expect these ideas to come from one of your strippers.

          • Paul Hooson

            No. There was never a connection between Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda or the Taliban. It made perfect sense for American soldiers to travel to Afghanistan after it was clearly established that this was where the al Qaeda threat came from that resulted in 9/11. The U.S. was attacked by al Qaeda and given a base of operations because of the Taliban. President Bush was exactly right to take the war back to those that attacked the U.S. – Many Americans supported Bush invading Iraq only because they know little of geography or of the complex Mideast politics of the sharp divisions between the Sunni or Shia sects. Further, with a weakened Iraq, Iran’s power in the region only grew where they now run proxy wars such as in Yemen to spread their own brand of Islamic revolution as a now unchecked power. If given the opportunity, Iran would undermine every government in the entire Mideast region.

          • jim_m

            I said terrorism. I did not name groups. It was public record that he was paying for suicide bombers. Go look up the whole evidence that was resented for the Authorization of Force and you will see this is true.

          • Pony up. You, personally, need to go there and do something about it.

          • Ron InPuna

            Bush 2 created ISIS.

        • You, personally, need to go there and do something about it.

    • jim_m

      Funny how that only ever takes the form of accepting refugees from evil regimes but when it is asked to destroy those evil regimes everyone goes suddenly mute or worse you oppose it. You’re all hypocrites.

      • Paul Hooson

        Not at all. The United States created huge sectarian and civil war problems in the region with taking down the Ba’athist regime of Saddam Hussein. “Nation building” involves much more than bringing down a Ba’athist ally of Assad in the region and throwing the area into civil war and sectarian violence. Doesn’t the U.S. share some responsibility to fix some of the problems we created here?

        • jim_m

          The US, with its presence there had quelled those problems. obama, the man you voted for, created these new ones.

          • Paul Hooson

            Sadly, Mitt Romney displayed even less of grasp of an understanding of foreign policy than did this weak current White House. Neither instilled much of a sense of confidence for me.

          • jim_m

            Are you kidding me? He correctly called Russia the biggest threat that we had. Putin has made obama look the fool for the last 7 years.

            Nearly everything Romney said has come to pass. You are a stupid ass fool for denying this.

          • Paul Hooson

            Our relationship with Russia is complex. They are a business partner and ally in many areas, but a foreign policy rival in some other areas, with their own agenda. Mitt Romney’s simplistic view of this relationship was not helpful to the complex relationship of the two nations who often agree to disagree, but must remain cooperative in other areas.

          • What are you, personally, going to do about it?

          • jim_m

            Simplistic view? SO you are going to say that based on a single statement you understand everything that Romney thought about Russia? You’re a fool.

          • Paul Hooson

            Romney’s views on foreign policy in general were very simplistic. It was one of his weakest areas. In the third presidential debate, which dealt quite a bit with foreign policy, a CBS poll of voters picked the president as the solid winner over Romney by a huge 53% to 23%, and scored points with voters by calling Romney’s simplistic views on foreign policy “reckless” several times in the debate. – I tend to vote largely on foreign policy issues myself, which is one reason I strongly supported President Nixon over George McGovern in 1972. I was deeply disappointed that the net result of the president’s “Peace With Honor” was the same as if McGovern simply withdrew troops and allowed the Communists to win that war instead of meaning two nations with their own governments, a North and a South Vietnam.

          • jim_m

            An obama’s are better? He has the foreign policy views of a 12 year old. My son is more sophisticated than he is on his understanding of human nature.

            Voter also thought that obama would bring racial healing but they were wrong on that too. Instead the majority of Americans agree that racial tensions have increased dramatically under obama. He has provoked them.

          • Paul Hooson

            I’m not happy with his foreign policy…It’s only grown worse in his second term…

          • jim_m

            It’s what you voted for. This is the Smarter Foreign Policy &#8482 that he promised you. You have received exactly everything he promised. That you are unhappy with it just shows your lack of discernment.

    • How about the 12 to 15 million Illegals we already have here sucking off our welfare system. How many of these muslim leaches are you going to take into your home? Actions speak louder then words. Im sure Obama can find a few of these savages willing to move in with you. More then half of the illegals in this country are on some form of welfare. Hell their all on welfare since they get free education, healthcare, and much more that we tax payers pay for. The Pope should shut the fuxx up. He’s doing what a good socialist/communist does. Why doesn’t he ask those rich oil muslim countries to take a few million of these leaches in? Not a peep about that. Muslims won’t ever assimilate into a civilized society. They come here and eventually want to force their evil ideology on all of us.

  • Commander_Chico

    First, a much higher proportion of American Catholics speak Spanish than 15%.

    Second, Matt Taibbi: Why Are So Many Pundits Trashing the Pope?

    That the pope’s letter inspires such hysterical stupidities speaks to how deeply upsetting it must be to our guardians of mainstream opinion. But what exactly has all of these people so upset?

    To me, all of this speaks to the weirdly cultist, neo-Randian, Road to Serfdom vibe that is increasingly swallowing up the American cultural and intellectual mainstream.

    Capitalism and competition aren’t merely thought of as utilitarian systems for delivering goods and services to people anymore. To people like Brooks and Rand Paul and Charles Murray (also known as Jeb Bush’s favorite author), the free market is also a sort of religion that can address every important human question.

    • FOAD, puta.

    • jim_m

      Idiot. It isn’t anything like a religion. It is an understanding that the free market is the best mechanism to solve problems.

      A free market provides the ability to try many options and the ones that work bet will rise and the others will fall.

      In the command economy and totalitarian state that you favor and constantly promote you must rely upon the ideas of the very few or even just the one. Almost always that one is a corrupt, ignorant and paranoid psychopath.

      The idea of Plato’s philosopher kings is a fantasy maintained only by the far left who, when they attempt to put it into practice, elevate people like Stalin, Pol Pot, Kim Jong Un, and Mao. It’s ironic that the left cites 1984 as a caution against evil and yet treats it (and it’s offspring like Terry Gilliam’s “Brazil”) as how to manuals.

      • Brucehenry

        Did you read the Taibbi link Chico posted? That wasn’t his main point.

        • jim_m

          It was seemingly important to Chico as he made the assertion that belief in free markets is a religion, based on his anti religious positions here one can presume that he is concluding on that idea as a criticism of free markets.

          Why conclude with it if it is not your point?

          • Brucehenry

            That’s a Taibbi quote, and Taibbi is employing a figure of speech, not laying out a case for an assertion that “capitalism is a religion.”

            EDIT: Read the link you might learn something.

          • jim_m

            It’s a frequent lie used by leftists. He wasn’t laying out an argument, he was postulating it as a given. You obviously agree with it otherwise why are you arguing with me about it?

          • jim_m

            I’ve read it. It’s a piece of crap left wing BS from the same POS mag that gave us the bogus rape hoax story.

            He attacks people who attack the OWS movement. He sees capitalism as only about money when it is about motivation, choice and personal freedom.

            For those that want to see the results of communism and socialism that cannot bear to look at the enormity of their failure over the last century, I suggest reading up about the importance of private property and personal enterprise (and communist tropes in religion) and stop seeking ways to freeload off of others.

            What you and Chico and Tiabi call for is that you should be able to freeload off of others both for your personal gain as well as allowing you to have the luxury of not actually giving a damn about others and forcing someone else to foot the bill for taking care of others in need.

        • Only fools and its sycophants follow the puta’s links.

  • “A strange fanaticism fills our time: the fanatical hatred of morality, especially of Christian morality.”

    G. K. Chesterton

    • jim_m

      Yeah, and Francis just fills me with the impression that he is about morality when he attacks the one country in the world that has stood for freedom, democracy and human rights in this world. The US has done way more than the Vatican to advance those in the last 100 years, hence why the Vatican and its sycophants find the need to attack an institution that makes the look bad.

  • angrybeyondreason

    This Pope has more in common with the Muslims and Obama than Christians.

  • Mjolnir

    I don’t see why Pope Francis doesn’t recognize that illegally entering a country and then accepting benefits they are not entitled to which were paid by someone else’s taxes are not acts in accord with Christian faith. Trespass and theft are not blessed activities, to my knowledge.

    • jim_m

      Does the Pope get the Italian equivalent of a green card? Or is he just another illegal doing the jobs that Italians won’t do?

      • Commander_Chico

        The Pope has his own country, he is a head of state.

        You and the three who upvoted you are ignorant of fifth grade geography.

        • jim_m

          It was a joke you feeble minded jackass. Like all lefties you lack anything like a sense of humor. F off.

        • Scalia

          You’re so busy playing “gotcha” that you missed the joke.

        • Jwb10001

          Then explain please the pope’s immigration policy? Does it include allowing millions of illegal aliens to invade and live off the taxes of others? If not then perhaps he should should point his finger elsewhere.

          • Commander_Chico

            The Vatican is pretty small. Maybe if he still had the Papal States.

  • ohio granny

    Pope Francis doing to the Catholic Church what Obama has done to America. Fundamentally transforming the Catholic Church to being unrecognizable.

    • jim_m

      Rather than being a spiritual leader he wants to be a political one

    • You should not have sent forth to ask for whom the Bell tolls…

    • jim_m

      Yes, and so far all the Pope has offered is a Rodney King-esque “Can’t we all just get along in Iraq and Syria?” , while he simultaneously attacks the nation that has done more for refugees in 239 years than his church has in 2015.

      • Interesting statistic, from where was it pulled if you don’t mind my asking?

        • …it tolls for thee.

        • jim_m

          If you cannot calculate the age of the United States yourself then you really are beyond help.

    • One can hope that it is not a manifestation of تقیة.

    • jim_m

      They’re converting to evangelical Christianity so as far as you are concerned they are still going to Hell.

        • jim_m

          You claim that you are a Catholic. The RCC says that there is no salvation apart from the church. It does not recognize protestant denominations as part of the church. Are you saying that you deny something that the RCC has declared to be true and that denying it is anathema?

        • jim_m

          Your link is weak RCC bullshit. Only those in the RCC can be saved but in order to not look like some lunatic cultist we will say that there is a way for others to be saved, but we don’t know what that is or how or even if it exists really. We just don’t want to be perceived as the self righteous assholes that we really are.

          • Jim, with all due respect, not all is as you believe them to be. And you do understand that the Church is the Body of Christ, broken because of its humanity but divine because of Who indwells her and your continued smearing of the Body of Christ does not bode well for you personally. There are tons of faithful Catholics that you’re calumniating and you will be held accountable for it.

            I’m praying that you’ll begin to see the beauty within the Church (that is Christ) rather than focusing on her warts (for they are human). The beauty is immense and deep and awe-inspiring and you’re missing out.

            You can disagree with the Church’s teachings without smearing her adherents. There are many Godly non-Catholics who do so.

            Be another.

          • jim_m

            I’m just saying what the RCC has said for centuries, that there is no salvation apart from the church and that there are no Christian churches apart from the RCC. There RCC has never recognized the sacraments of Protestant Churches. Since partaking of the sacraments is necessary for salvation, the members of those churches cannot be saved.

            You can twist the language all you want to make yourself not seem like an insufferably pious kook but the plain reading of what the RCC has declared is out there for everyone to see.

            Sure, there are probably many Catholics who disagree with the official stand of the RCC. But then, you are here defending RCC doctrine so don’t go defending it and then claiming that it doesn’t apply to you.

            There are plenty of churches who (wrongly) believe that they are the one and only way to Heaven. The RCC is no different in this. I don’t understand why you get so upset when I point out the truth.

          • You’ve pointed out partial truths while continuing to wrongfully proclaim what you believe is the whole truth, either in ignorance, which is excusable or willfully, which is not.

            You decry this Pope and his authority while in fact acting like a Pope yourself and claiming your own authority.

            It’s past time people held you accountable for it.

          • jim_m

            Show me where I am wrong. Show me where the RCC didn’t condemn Luther. Show me where people like John Hus weren’t murdered for disagreeing with Rome. Show me where Wycliffe wasn’t declared a heretic for saying that people should be able to read the bible in something other than Latin.

            Show me one Protestant denomination that Rome has officially recognized as co equal as art of Christ’s Church. Just one. The RCC does not even recognize the Eastern Orthodox Churches.

            So don’t go lying about how I’m wrong here. Lying is a sin.

          • jim_m

            I think it would do you far more good to acknowledge the fact that many Americans see him as anti-Captialism and anti-American. Rather than picking fights with the rest of America why not admit that he has a problem?

            His popularity is in free fall. The more he talks the more people dislike and distrust him. The more he talks the more he confirms that he hates the US and hates democracy and capitalism. In fact the only people that like him anymore are the poltical left and that is precisely because they see him as anti-capitalist and anti-American.

          • A man of God’s popularity wanes… and Donald Trump’s soars… what is it again I’m supposed to conclude from this Jim?

          • jim_m

            Nothing that I am aware of. They are unrelated.

            However, when this man of God makes purely political statements condemning the one political/economic philosophy that has done more to lift mankind out of poverty and ignorance than any other in history his popularity is going to fall. He claims to want to help the poor but he promotes the one politica philosophy that has made more people poor than any other. If you want to see socialism/communism in action go to Venezuela where it has gone from the wealthiest nation in South America to one of the poorest all because of their communist leadership.

            Promoting poverty is never popular but I guess he gets a pass because he is your god.

          • jim_m

            When your Pope allies himself with the socialists he should see who else he allies himself with. Socialism is a lie, He spreads that lie. He allies himself with people who don’t belief in truth. He makes himself an enemy of truth.

          • You seriously think that Donald Trump’s popularity and the unpopularity of the Pope is unrelated? I would beg to differ.

            And yet again, I point out that because you claim something to be true doesn’t necessarily make is true. You continue to smear and misrepresent what the Pope has said about capitalism. Either you have a serious comprehension problem or you are willfully, purposefully and unequivocally deceitful. Neither are good.

          • jim_m

            I have yet to see where he has made any differentiation between “Unfettered capitalism” and the capitalism of today. He makes a charge against the robber baron industrialist of over a century ago. While that may exist in the third world and in places like China, it no longer exists in the one nation he targets with that criticism, The United States.

            Show me once where he explicitly exempted the US from that criticism and showed his understanding that we had moved beyond that.

            You won’t because you can’t. He has never differentiated his comments in this way.

          • Brother Jim… glass houses… glass houses on the lying thing man.

          • jim_m

            Indeed. Stones… you should stop throwing them, Rick.

          • I ask God’s forgiveness for any I’ve thrown Jim… you?

  • Why is the Pope speaking Spanish in DC?

    “He is coming as the first pope from the New World and Spanish is the predominant language in this hemisphere,” said Cardinal Donald Wuerl at a Wednesday breakfast for about 20 reporters sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor. The mass takes place Sept. 23.

    Francis, Wuerl added, is also a native Spanish speaker himself, and the choice of language also reflects the huge presence of Latinos in the American Catholic Church.

    • MartinLandauCalrissian

      Nice try.

    • John Albertson

      The Pope can’t speak English. These days, that’s a serious deficiency.

      • The Pope speaks English but Spanish is his native tongue. And he is the leader of the the global Catholic Church, not merely those who speak English.

        • jim_m

          Hispanics represent approximately 1/3 of Catholics in the US. Francis just said fuck you to 2/3 of his followers.

          That’s the fact. The majority of Americans and US Catholics do not speak Spanish.

          • The Pope speaks in a transcendent language that in fact supersedes any native tongue and the faithful are aware of this.

            It is in reality you who are saying f*ck you to the Pope and to his followers and by extension to Christ who dwells in him and in those followers.

            I implore you Jim to repent of your hatred so that peace can dwell in your heart and so that you can fulfill God’s plan for your life.

          • jim_m

            What The Heck? No. He speaks in Spanish, or English or Latin (I’ll wager he also speaks Italian).

            So you understand him no matter what language he speaks? Is this some miracle of tongues not witnessed since the Pentecost? Incredible!!!! Why haven’t the media caught on to this and declared it for the world to see and marvel at? You’re so full of crap it’s funny.

            Christ dwells in all His followers. So what are you saying when you say that to me? Christ doesn’t like hypocrites.

          • He speaks in the language of love Jim… the very language spoken by your Savior and mine. And Jim, please, do you think there won’t be translators working overtime to help us ‘hear’ what the Pope has to say? C’mon man.

            Christ does indeed dwell in his followers, many of whom are Catholic, most of whom you’re besmirching. I urge caution and prudence on anyone who would willfully and with malice besmirch Jesus Christ to His face… or at least urge some serious introspection.

            Wouldn’t you?

          • jim_m

            Sorry. I don’t think that claiming that if you insult the Pope you insult Christ is a very useful argument when you are already being accused of being a nut case papist.

          • If Nut case papist = Catholic… then I’m certainly a nut case papist but far more importantly are those who’ve gone before me, those who uphold Catholic teaching, those who are truly saints, even in the eyes of many a Protestant, who are indeed Catholic and in whom dwells Christ and who by extension are on the receiving end of your banal and ignorant insults. You are insulting Christ Jim… and it’s baffling how you want to cling to denying the same. Baffling.

          • jim_m

            All nut case papists are Catholic but not all Catholics are nut case papists. Can you follow that? The idea that you think that Christ and the Pope are one and the same is sick, sick, sick.

          • To quote Ronald Reagan, there you go again.

            I’ve not once nor ever would claim that the Pope and Christ are one.

            I ask again, do you have a comprehension problem or are you simply willfully, purposefully and unequivocally deceitful?

            Christ dwells in every believer, the Pope is a believer, Catholics, by and large, are believers. We are to see Christ in every person. This is a Scriptural tenet. You are, by extension (read that and the previous lines aloud and slowly) insulting Christ when you insult a fellow believer.

          • jim_m

            I’m insulting the Pope, not Christ. If you cannot see the difference, and you apparently cannot, then you are the one with a problem.

            By your claim you are saying that you never, ever insult or offend anyone because to do so is to insult and offend Christ. You are a buffoon and a fraud. Such hyper pious BS is why people hate Christians. You don’t go a day where you live up to that and your declamations that you try to live up to that are as transparent BS as everything else you say.

          • jim_m

            If you don’t believe me, take it from one of your fellow Catholics:

            He is who I hear every time you go on like this. You are as much a hypocrite and a fraud as this fictional character.

          • That’s beautiful… and revealing… you take a fictional character, in other words, a person made up, a person not real, and you project that person onto me (and by extension other faithful Catholics).

            Thanks Jim… I rest my case.

          • jim_m

            I’m illustrating how you look to everyone else here. I think Brett Buck did a marvelous job of telling you how you look and correctly points out that you have brought this criticism on yourself.

            Ironic it is that you fail to see the illustration of your hypocrisy

          • Wrong yet again Jim. As a sinner, I insult and offend far too often. Thank God he instituted the Sacrament of Reconciliation by which I can have that slate wiped clean.

            And there you go once again, besmirching the beauty of the Catholic faith, a faith founded by Christ Himself.

            I plead again, prayerfully. Tread carefully brother.

          • jim_m

            When you come to the understanding that I can criticize the pope without criticizing Christ I will. You say that if I insult the Pope I insult Christ, then how is it that there is any meaningful difference between the two. I cannot say anything to or about him without saying the very same things to Christ.

            You are a cultist and a loon

  • Plinytherecent

    I’m so glad to hear that the Catholic Church has volunteered to fund in perpetuity all of the welfare programs that the U.S. (and the individual States) will have to take on to support the illegal immigrants who arrive here without marketable skills in a leftist (i.e., bad) economy. He did that, right?

    • MartinLandauCalrissian

      LOL. Like all communists, the red pope wants everyone else to pay for his grand ideas.

  • Tell the Socialist pope to stay home. How about you Pope opening the Vatican to a couple thousand Muslim savages. Im sure they would enjoy ransacking the place in a hurry.

  • jim_m

    Just wait. The commie Pope will address Congress on 9/24. Expect that he will once again say things like Capitalism is the “Dung of the Devil” and that capitalist economies “kill” the poor and that Capitalism is a system that has “the mentality of profit at any price, with no concern for social exclusion or the destruction of nature”.

    The papist, Rick, will claim that this is about “unfettered Capitalism”, But Pope Francis makes no such distinction between that and the Capitalism in America today. So Rick’s apologetics are all lies and he knows that before he even says them, but he is beholden to defend his Pope lest he go to Hell.

    • Many are on the road to hell Jim.

      I plead His mercy on their behalf and on my own.

  • Ron InPuna

    The U.S. is nobody’s victim, the U.S. is a Victimizer; a brute, a cruel malacious failed rogue state just like Israel, Somalia, North Korea and Saudi Arabia. The U.S. is the Terrorist Elephant in the room.