Roman Catholic News Unworthy of Rick’s Notice

One suspects that since this news is not conservatives taking exception to the political prognostications of the Roman Catholic Pontiflex Maximus, it failed to move Rick’s outrage meter.  Then again the proportion of Conservatives here in the formerly Golden State is a shadow of what it once was as the middle class has been voting with their feet for decades now.

In California, the Unholy Left Goes After a Saint

Well, Obama did say “punish your enemies.”
By Michael Walsh, PJ Tatler

When I was a kid growing up in southern California, there was probably no more revered figure than that of Father Junipero Serra, the founder of the famous mission trail and the priest who brought Christianity to the West Coast. Today, of course, he’s a figure of hate:

Days after Pope Francis elevated Father Junipero Serra to sainthood, vandals struck the Carmel Mission where the remains of the controversial missionary are buried, toppling statues and damaging gravesites. The vandals, who police say acted sometime Saturday night or early Sunday morning, splashed paint throughout the cemetery and basilica and scrawled “Saint of Genocide” on a headstone.

Carmel police Sgt. Luke Powell said the incident was being investigated as a hate crime because the vandals targeted “specifically the headstones of people of European descent, and not Native American descent.”

Yeah, well, good to know, sergeant. But calling this a “hate crime” misses the enormity of what’s happening in California and elsewhere, where a sickness — no, an evil — is stalking our country. It’s Critical Theory in action, the now-literal tearing-down of our country’s history.

But hey, there can be no real evil from the left in the eyes of the creatures of the left, right, Rick?

"If you have a problem with this message, you have a problem not with Pope Francis, but with Jesus Christ."
Breitbart's Big Distortion
  • So typical of the reactionaries… when I post, I get complaints about turning Wizbang into an all Catholic, all the time blog… and when I don’t, they complain that I haven’t posted enough Catholic related posts.


    Knee-jerk conservativism is all the rage isn’t it.

    In the mean-time, at my place, I’ve put up two stories that I chose not to post here to give the knee-jerkers time to rest their knees.

    But alas… knee jerkers are gonna knee jerk.

    Knee jerk away folks.

    It is however somewhat satisfying to know I’m still occupying space rent free in their heads.

    Thanks for that RG.

    As to this particular story, because I have a personal life outside of the cybersphere, I missed it. Thanks for the find.

    I of course can’t be surprised at stories like this. My only reaction would be… does Jim live in Southern California? Does he have an alibi?


    • Thanks for asking…

      I’m about 74 miles and an hour and a half (with no traffic) from Carmel . Jim can answer, or not, as he sees fit.

      Nice indirect accusation that the right was to blame.

      • It was humor RG… or certainly an attempt… I thought it was funny but I’m also experienced enough here to see that for people like you, humor can be narrowly defined and must fit certain criteria, a primary prerequisite being that people like you can’t be the object (or subject for that matter) of the humor.

        Not a biggie.

        How’d you like my posts at my place… I could post them here if the desire is there.


        (Psst… more humor there…)

        • So, Rick.

          Care to comment on the desecration of St. Junipero Serra’s tomb?

          • I thought I did. It’s an anti-Catholic attack based on ignorance and bigotry.

            What more are you expecting me to say?

          • I was rather hoping you might have some thoughts on “Critical Theory” and the left’s use of it in this case.

          • I’m missing the evidence that critical theory played a role in this… logically it certainly seems plausible but there must be more somewhere that I’ve simply not come across yet…

    • iwogisdead

      Well, I can’t speak for Rodney, but I think the reference to you was intended to be humorous. Thanks for attacking everyone who posts on this blog in response. It confirms for me that everyone is fair game.

      • Rodney’s reference to me was… funny?

        I’m not getting the joke.

        And I didn’t attack everybody, that’s silly and lacking in substance. I attacked those who do nothing more than jerk the knee to every post, every comment of mine.

        And if not every, then how about the vast majority.

  • Paul Hooson

    This pope is able to bring Christians, Jews and mainstream Muslims together in prayer and brotherhood. That gives me hope that he can perform an even greater miracle by bringing Wizbang writers together in peace and harmony…

    • Address the topic or move on.

      • iwogisdead

        On the plus side, Paul didn’t post some odd claim about what he claims are his real estate holdings or who he thinks he’s been dating. He didn’t post any pictures of himself.

        I dunno. I think we should look on this as progress.

      • Paul Hooson

        Jesus, the great Jewish rabbi teacher often spoke in parables to make people think. Rick is a fellow author here at Wizbang, where his features are inspiring and faith enriching. Just because Rick did not notice this news story does not mean that he does not have an opinion in it.

        I understand that some may feel that it was cultural genocide that this priest converted many Native Americans, but the important matter is that he protected these Native Americans from Spanish attacks by his actions. So there is no need if anyone many years later to attempt to desecrate what were honorable actions to save others. Tolerance and mutual respect are the message of the pope in the photo above and tolerance for the honorable actions of this priest are also a reasonable standard of expected conduct.