“The shooter was lining people up and asking if they were Christian”

We should all be livid that a debate about guns breaks out before the dead and injured quit bleeding, led by the President of the United States, while the elephant in the room is completely ignored:

The gunman who opened fire at an Oregon community college was forcing people to stand up and state their religion before he began blasting away at them, survivors said Thursday.
A woman who claimed to have a grandmother inside a writing class in Snyder Hall, where a portion the

Authorities carry a shooting victim away from the scene ... (Mike Sullivan/Roseburg News-Review via AP)

Authorities carry a shooting victim away from the scene … (Mike Sullivan/Roseburg News-Review via AP)

massacre unfolded, described the scene in a tweet.
“The shooter was lining people up and asking if they were Christian,” she wrote. “If they said yes, then they were shot in the head. If they said no, or didn’t answer, they were shot in the legs. My grandma just got to my house, and she was in the room. She wasn’t shot, but she is very upset.
The Twitter user then recalled how her grandmother attempted to save the life of one of her close classmates.
“She tried to perform CPR on her friend, but it was too late,” the woman said. “I hope nothing like this ever happens again.”
Kortney Moore, an 18-year-old student at Umpqua Community College who was also in the room, told Oregon’s News Review that the shooter was indeed on the hunt for Christians.
Moments after hearing a bullet come flying through a window, she said the 20-year-old shooter made his way inside and targeted their teacher, pumping a single round into their head.
As the young man ordered people to the ground, Moore laid patiently with her classmates and waited, according to the News Review.
Once they all got down, she said the gunman began asking people to rise and say what their religion was. After they stood and gave their answer, he started shooting.

God rest the souls of those martyred in His name.

And a pox on those attempting to score political points on this while being ignorantly oblivious as to what really went down.

Yes, a pox.

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  • JWH

    When I saw the headline this afternoon, I could only think, “Here we go again.”

  • Not a pox. I pray that God may judge him without benefit of Mercy.

  • Retired military

    “We should all be livid that a debate about guns breaks out before the dead and injured quit bleeding”
    That is those democrats that David seems to have a love affair with.

    • Jwb10001

      It’s one of the many merits of the democrat party.

      • Jeanette Pickett

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  • Paul Hooson

    I’m a Jew, so they would probably put double bullets in me…

    • Sky__Captain

      And I bet that every single one was in a gun-free zone.

      Gun-free zones must be outlawed.

      • Paul Hooson

        I’m usually “packin'” something myself. I’m sure not opposed to guns. I just wish the bad guys didn’t always own one…

        • Scalia

          But bad guys do. That’s why good guys need to be ready when they come.

          • Paul Hooson

            Sometimes in business I’d have a little money on me and never want to get robbed, so I’d pack heat to keep what’s mine. No one has ever successfully robbed me even though I’ve been involved in family businesses for 55 of my 60 years.

    • nanny

      You with a gun or knife is a very,very scary thought.

  • Commander_Chico

    Another young male psychotic with a gun in Madhouse America.

    • Deep blue Oregon in a Gun Free Zone.

      • Commander_Chico

        It’s not the gun laws but why these guys go on rampages that is the issue.

        • LiberalNightmare

          we should probably look at these guys and see what they have in common …

          • Commander_Chico

            Most have been young men having a psychotic episode, going into schizophrenia. Loughner and Holmes clearly.

            There is a broader issue of the place of men in Girrl Power America. Is that a cause of mental illness?

          • Brett Buck

            Tend to be liberal nutcases who are, essentially, self-hating. Frequently drug users, also a liberal cause.

          • Commander_Chico

            Not everything is political in the strict sense. This has more to do with young men not getting laid and not having good jobs or the prospect of a respected place in society than politics.

            But, since you insist on blaming “liberals.”

            An online dating profile, linked to Harper-Mercer’s email address and featuring another photo of him, says the 26-year-old was living with his parents and searching for the “yin to my yang.” It identifies his views as “conservative, republican” and lists “organized religion” as one of his “dislikes.”


            Loughner attacked a liberal Democratic congresswoman. Not to mention the all-time world champ mass shooter, Breivik, who was extreme right wing. And the guy who killed six Sikhs, thinking they were Muslims.

          • Sky__Captain

            “Not everything is political in the narrow partisan sense. ”
            It is with 0bama.

        • Crazy control would wound the Democratic base.

  • Scalia

    Thank you, Rick.

  • Commander_Chico

    Talk about jumping the gun . . .

  • Vagabond661

    The common thread in these shootings is “gun free zones”. How many more laws can you add to prohibiting guns? Double secret probation?

    Obviously the issue is not being able to protect yourself when the loonies strike.

    • Paul Hooson

      Guns are good. But, I know I could have taken this guy out with a knife in close combat. I like knives. You go for the stomach, then nearly take their head off. Quick and effective street combat in a life or death situation only…

      • Jwb10001

        Yes Paul it’s always a good idea to bring a knife to a gun fight…..

        • Paul Hooson

          You have to work with what you have in some circumstances. Even if I have a gun at the time, I like a knife because there’s some satisfaction in engaging the criminal in hand to hand combat. Guns are pretty sterile, knives more personal…

          • Jwb10001

            The main problem with your idea is that people with guns rarely allow others to engage them hand to hand, you know they kinda shoot them where they stand knife or no. On the other hand if a good guy (say you) has a gun too perhaps the bad guy gets dropped before there’s too much carnage. Sadly it might not satisfy your blood lust but might just save lives.

          • Paul Hooson

            If you are not relatively close in range, then the chances of taking them out with a knife become more remote for sure. Maybe it’s just me, but I constantly access every moment each day in case of some dangerous situation, partly because my business is in a bad neighborhood with a lot of drugs and crime. But, I like this neighborhood and walk my dog without fear night or day here. Maybe it’s part of my biker mentality too…

        • Commander_Chico

          Quick aggressive action in close quarters can do a lot.

          • Jwb10001

            Good lord guys, I’m not debating the value of a knife. If you want to carry a knife for protection have at it. At least to this point you won’t have the freakin’ president trying to take your knife away. Of course if Australia decides to confiscate knives well that could always change I suppose.

      • Vagabond661

        They also don’t expect armed opposition. Hence “Gun Free Zones”.