More Fruits of 0bama [mal]Administration Policies

This time, Law Enforcement:


Americans are watching crime surge up from the inner cities and into their neighborhoods, from the scorched QuikTrip market in Ferguson, to the burned retiree-housing in Baltimore, to spiking murder rates in Kansas City and New York, to the Texas border where federal officials wave past mass-immigration from violent countries.

Many communities are suffering from rising crime. Chicago is experiencing the deadliest month in 13 years, with shootings increasing 50 percent since last September. Since the April riots in Baltimore, homicides spiked 39 percent while non-fatal shootings doubled since September 2014. Shockingly, Baltimore’s murder rate grew by 52 percent and non-fatal shootings leapt by 80 percent in 2015. As number-crunching blog FiveThirtyEight calculated, 482 Americans been been shot, clubbed, stabbed, or beaten to death since President Obama began to demean and delegitimize police. That’s 77 extra dead in Baltimore and 60 extra dead in St. Louis, as Breitbart News previously reported.



Now engendering crises to take advantage of.

One can but hope that the blow back is a political catastrophe for the Left.

"Anger only becomes a sin when..."
Political Death By Non-debate? Let's Hope So.
  • Sky__Captain

    It appears to be a feature of the Progressive way of government, not a bug.

    • And in true Progressive form they insist on trying the same failed policies over and over again.

  • jim_m

    I blame the racist governments in those cities for creating cesspools of poverty and unemployment that forces the people of those cities into lives of despair and crime. Oh, what’s that? You say that those are all Dem run cities? Yeah, well, like I said.

    • Wendy Smith

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  • Paul Hooson

    Here’s an interesting crime story. Check this out and draw your own conclusion….

    • jim_m

      I recall an article from more than a year ago with the statistic that over 80% of the rapes in Sweden where the rapist was apprehended were performed by muslim immigrants.

      But as the left wing reaction clearly demonstrates, the left believes that the women asked for it.

      • Paul Hooson

        Sadly, there appears to be something in that culture among some that fosters a psychology in which women often end up being harmed by violence of one type or another.

        • Scalia

          Indeed, the notion that all cultures are equal is itself a cultural prejudice which deems that position superior to its opposite.

          • Just another symptom of the psychosis which is liberalism/progressivism.