Asking the Wrong Question.

The Question posed “Is there room…” as regards Syrian refugees is largely meaningless.  Certainly there is room.  Take for example this tent city in Saudi Arabia:


It is irrigated, sanitary, and air-conditioned. It currently houses zero (as in not one) refugee from Syria.  Why?  Because the Saudi’s believe the Syrian refugees would pose a severe threat to their internal security.

Nor is this a recent phenomenon.

None of the Mohamedean nations bordering Israel were willing to take in their fellow religionists who fled the founding of Israel.

The questions thus are:

Why aren’t their fellow Mohamedeans taking in the Syrian refugees?

Given the events of the Friday the 13th Massacre, why would any Western Nation believe any such wave of Syrian Refugees would not be thoroughly infiltrated by Jihadists?

A few more reasons to verify first…

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  • yetanotherjohn

    Dalenda est ISIS

  • Although the Tanakh instructs the Israelites to take care of the resident aliens among them, it doesn’t say that the Israelites were to allow all resident aliens to enter their borders.

    In the New Testament, Jesus tells his disciples to keep a sword or two handy in case they need to defend themselves.

    When Jesus told people to turn the other cheek, he didn’t mean that they should allow themselves to be viciously attacked.

    In short, I can’t think of any biblical reason not to use common-sense safety measures when deciding whether or not to allow particular refugees into one’s nation.

    Perhaps the USA should take in only those refugees who are women with small children.

    • yetanotherjohn

      ISIS is recruiting women. Solve the problem, not the symptom.

      • That is why I said women with small children.

        • yetanotherjohn

          So a woman with a small child couldn’t be recruited by ISIS? ISIS would never be so inhumane as to kill a toddler’s mother and then send a recruit to the US with the toddler?

          • I’m curious… do you believe Christ would adopt your mindset? To turn away a mother and child seeking refuge because of fear?

          • Jwb10001

            Do you honestly think our government is capable of properly screening these refugees? What criteria do we use, just women with small children? Do you think these people are stupid and won’t figure that out? Or do you believe it’s beneath them to send women to blow themselves up and take out as many Americans as possible? So does Christ believe we should expose ourselves to violence in the name of Islam?

          • Christ I think was clear… and interestingly enough, he and his mother were refused refuge as well by those who found one reason or another to do so…

          • Jwb10001

            Well thanks so much for that total non response. Should I assume you think we can screen these people and they won’t send women to kill us? I think Paris proves that a very small number of committed terrorist can cause a lot of death. You want to take that chance fine, but I’d just as soon you didn’t sign me up for it. You want to have the last words you hear to be Allah Akbar?

          • Paris proves that it’s past time for the West to completely defeat and decimate ISIS. Not all Muslims… but ISIS like radical Muslims…

            And no, I don’t want your last words heard to be Allah Akbar… neither do I want the last words heard by innocent women and children to be the same.

            Do we or don’t we give in to fear?

          • Walter_Cronanty

            I posted this on the earlier thread, but it seems especially relevant here – The US simply doesn’t have the ability to vet Syrian refugees:

            “Another DHS Official Confirms: No Way to Vet Syrian Refugees”

            During a recent congressional hearing a director with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), which operates under the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), confirmed that the U.S. has no method of vetting the new refugees because the Syrian government doesn’t have an intelligence database to run checks against. …

            Emrich’s testimony before the Senate panel comes on the heels of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Assistant Director Michael Steinbach’s revelation that the U.S. government has no system to properly screen Syrian refugees. “The concern in Syria is that we don’t have systems in places on the ground to collect information to vet,” Steinbach said. “That would be the concern is we would be vetting — databases don’t hold the information on those individuals. “You’re talking about a country that is a failed state, that is — does not have any infrastructure, so to speak. So all of the data sets — the police, the intel services — that normally you would go to seek information don’t exist.”

          • jim_m

            I’ll say this about Rck’s imbecilic response: Christ told his followers I Luke 22:36

            He said to them, “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.

            Rick, the closet leftist, believes that Christ wants us all to lay down and die and to let other innocent people be slaughtered like cattle while we standby looking holy and preserve e opportunity to treat others with smug self-righteousness like he does every fucking day.
            He neglects the fact that Christ actually took violent action against the money changers in the temple and told his disciples to arm themselves against danger
            Rick’s view of Christianity is as a vehicle for self-righteousness and not as an actual expression of Christ’s teachings.

          • jwb… Rodney is marking my responses as spam so I doubt they’ll be staying up much longer…

            Christ believes we should not fear and be ruled by that fear… would you agree?

    • LiberalNightmare

      Why take in any of them?

      I like the idea of creating a safe zone, in Syria.

      • Sounds like a plan.

      • iwogisdead

        obumble said something about rejection of these refugees being “a betrayal of our values.”

        There are no such “values.” There is no foundation of those “values.” It is not part of our “values” to take in every unfortunate person in the entire galaxy.

        I understand that we took in a lot of “wretched” people for many years, back when we had something like a million square miles of empty space that needed to be settled. Not anymore. The cupboard is bare.

        We turned away the St. Louis, unfortunately. Now, we are supposed to take in a bunch of people which might include 40 or 100 or 1000 meatheads who want to blow us up?

        It’s silly and stupid, just like braq obumble. Lord, please put the grown-ups in charge again.

        Oh, and Hillary is fat, stupid and ugly.

  • Walter_Cronanty

    Sorry, another cross-post, but I think this deserves attention – 31% of Syrian refugees oppose [20 % oppose, 11% strongly oppose] the effort to destroy ISIL. The question was posed as follows: “To what extent do you support or oppose the declared objectives of the anti-ISIL campaign to “degrade and ultimately destroy ISIL”?” http://english.dohainstitute.o
    Given that we don’t have the ability to vet Syrian refugees, how do we keep the 31% out?
    Which leads to the next question – Why the hell doesn’t the 31% stay there?

  • Retired military

    The title of the thread is asking the wrong question.

    I have a question that Obama and the libs should answer.

    Obama and the libs say we shouldn’t punish the Syrian refugees for the action of a few because 98%ish of Syrians are not Islamic fanatics. So why is it every time we have a nutball do a mass shooting in the US Obama and the libs want to confiscate guns from the 99.99% of the folks who are law abiding gun owners. llibibs