Remember that prediction of less snow?

Cleveland Blizzard of 1913

As residents of Kansas dig out from the snow that fell on that state (20 inches in some places), let’s recall a snow forecast from the year 2000. That is the year in which a British newspaper published a story titled “Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past”.

Oops Snowfall Prediction

That particular newspaper story has been scrubbed from that newspaper’s website, but not before it was archived on other sites.

In a September 2015 story, another British newspaper reports, “Britain braced for long, snowy winter as strongest El Nino since 1950 expected“.

Apparently, Mother Nature didn’t read that 2000 story published by The Independent.

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"Fear is easy. Hope is hard."
  • Walter_Cronanty

    Who will be hardest hit by the impact of climate change? Rural Australians? Sydney urban areas? Papua New Guinea? Bangladesh? The continent of Africa? Vietnam? Small Island Developing States? Thailand? The Maldives? Scandinavian countries such as Denmark, Norway and Sweden? Australia? South-east Asia? Bulgaria, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece? Southern Europe and the Mediterranean, including Malta? The Arctic? China’s Poor Farmers? The Middle East and African Countries? YES, YES, a thousand times YES!

  • iwogisdead

    Here’s a radical idea–our climate is not controlled by minuscule fluctuations in carbon dioxide levels in our air caused by the industrial age, but rather by a huge thermonuclear reaction going on in our backyard (galactically speaking). You can usually see it at daybreak every day. Not always.

    The sun is going into a ‘Maunder minimum.” Get ready. We’ll be freezing our butts off, those of us still alive.

    This isn’t obscure stuff. It’s been circulating on the internet for years now.

    In the meantime, Al Gore is living large off of his global warming fraud, the Solyndra cheaters are counting their money, and we’re burning up our corn in some goofy effort to save the planet. We are a silly society. People will be laughing at us 20 or 30 years from now. Those people who haven’t frozen to death.

    • jim_m

      Yep. The sun is powerful enough to determine the orbit of the planets (even giants like Jupiter millions of mile further out.) but it cannot affect temperature on earth.

      Astronomers claim that the sun affects temperature on the moons of Saturn but Warmists calim that it hhas no impact on Earth.

      The dishonesty is epic. It’s almost as bad as Rick

      • Worse, but not by much.

      • Hank_M

        The dishonesty is indeed epic but then again, there’s a fortune to be made off of this scam.

  • yetanotherjohn

    Truth belongs to the revolution. Just because global warming isn’t supported by the facts and the predictions don’t match the facts doesn’t mean it isn’t true … at least to the faithful.