The Fruits of Single Party Governance

Corruption, Racism, and Violence.


It’s not a coincidence.


Republicans Must Save the Cities

by KEVIN D. WILLIAMSON, the National Review, November 29, 2015 4:00 AM

Chicago is a city under impeccably progressive governance. Its mayor is Rahm Emanuel, former right hand to President Barack Obama. So in response to the shooting of a young black hooligan by a police officer in one of the nation’s most corrupt cities and the dodgy handling of that by the city’s Democratic mayor, we have a thousand protesters harassing shoppers and blocking retailers’ entrances down on the Magnificent Mile, wherein is found Neiman Marcus and Cartier. It takes a special kind of nose to detect the connection between Cartier shoppers, police shootings of young black criminals elsewhere in Chicago, and the municipal maladministration of Mayor Rahm Emanuel, but such a nose has the Reverend Jesse Jackson, who can sniff out a payday with the reliability of a French hog hunting truffles. Our friends in the community-organizing racket — whether from Chicago’s South Side or the campus of Yale — are a remarkably consistent bunch: Whatever the real or perceived social problem, the answer is the same: Write a very large check that eventually will make its way into the pockets of such people and organizations as those that organize these protests.

Community Organizers, it seems, are rent seeking grievance mongers.  Which, at this point, should be a news flash to no sensible and informed person.

This is where progressive urban governance leads: The combination of over-promising and under-delivering, corruption, institutional ineffectiveness, and clientelist politics ruptures the relationship between so-called public servants and the public they purport to serve. Chicago isn’t Detroit or Cleveland: It isn’t some lost city that has in effect been left to weed over. But employing the same kinds of institutional approaches with the same values and the same assumptions will produce — surprise — the same results. The Jesse Jacksons of the world instinctively respond by threatening to immiserate the functional parts of Chicago. But Jackson et al. shouldn’t be leading a march on the high-end retail district — they should be leading a march on the Democratic-party headquarters, which is the actual locus of malice in this sorry affair.

Indeed.  But the Johns that reliably vote Democrat tickets choose to be misled and refuse to face facts.

Mr. Williamson concludes that the Republicans must save these cities.  I’m not sure they are worth the effort.

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  • jim_m

    I’m going to disagree slightly here. DuPage county in Illinois has been run by Republicans since the Civil War. One party rule is fine when that one party isn’t a party bent on corruptly profiteering at the expense of the citizens the dems.

    • It’s remotely possible that there is somewhere in the United States a metropolitan area contolled by the Republicans for 40 or more years which is a hellhole, but I don’t know where…

      • jim_m

        DuPage county is one of the most prosperous counties in the state. While it is theoretically possible that there is a GOP controlled hell hole it is not likely.

  • jim_m

    The cities are not worth saving. In fact they should be preserved as left wing sanctums so that they may serve as a warning to future generations of what the end of leftism is.

  • yetanotherjohn

    Gentlemen, I present Texas. Over 20 years without electing a democrat to statewide office. We have the economy to prove it.

    • jim_m

      Indeed. It is not the single party, it is the ideology of the party in charge.

    • Who Ya!

      • retired military

        Come on down Rodney.

        About 15 years ago one of the state legisaltors was talking about instituting a state income tax. They had numerous shots fired through the state Capital windows. I havent heard another proposal of a state income tax since.

        • I lived in Bryan back in the mid 90’s, so it will be something of a homecoming.

  • Mjolnir

    Yes, they are worth the effort. Cities are cultural and business hubs.
    The point is to make the effort, to put forth good candidates with a strong narrative and viable solutions to turn cities around, to make them flourish again. And to take them away from Democrats as reliable vote centers.
    The whole point is that Republican and conservative policies and ideas can be really beneficial to cities, and the only way to make that happen is to go there and keep repeating the narrative of how the policies will improve the lives of the people, as well as how the Democrat policies are failing. It needs to be a long-term commitment.
    It’s been a mistake to write off these cities, IMO.

    • JWH

      I’d be fine with voting for Republicans for local office as long as they keep the hot-button social issues out of the rhetoric (and I want Democrats to do the same). When I vote in a local election, I care about property taxes, roads, sewers, and schools. Everything else is (or ought to be) a state or federal issue.

      • jim_m

        The hot button social issues are why these cities are hell holes. It’s the wealth redistribution driving out the affluent, it’s the rampant crime and inability to protect one’s self due to idiotic gun control laws, it’s the hyper regulation that drives out business in the name of social progress and “fairness”, it’s the opposition to school choice which condemns generation after generation of black children to ignorance and poverty. (apparently the only choice black people should be allowed to have is to murder their inborn children).

    • Is modern Urban culture in the United States worth preserving? I see little value in it.

      • Mjolnir

        Not preserve it – transform it.

  • cathymv

    The biggest problem seems to be the people keep electing the same losers over and over again and expecting different results. The people have to put the liberal/socialist/marxist agenda to the wayside and go the opposite direction. But it seems to be hard for those who have abdicated the responsibility for their own lives to the government and the government continues to fail them. the people have to wake up and vote in changes. Without that, they will continue to fail.

  • retired military

    Here is another example of one party rule

  • retired military

    Those areas don’t need republicans in office. They need conservatives in office.

  • twolaneflash

    The last Republican Mayor of Atlanta, GA was 1901. No wonder Reconstruction from the War of Northern Aggression never happened here. The city is a welfare ghetto, an illegal invader sanctuary haven, a Democrat cesspool of corruption. Nuke it from space along with the other Democrat urban Sodoms and Gomorrahs! Get on with God’s work, People!

    • Congratulations. You found one metropolitan area which the Democrats have not yet run into the ground.